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Top 7 On Budget Living Room Updates

The living room is the space that serves multiple purposes, and most of us spend the majority of the daytime doing various activities. Sometimes it's hosting the guests, or organizing a family table tennis tournament, watching movies together, or whatever else, really. After a while, the living room outlook becomes stale, which affects the enjoyment of staying in. Luckily there are numerous ways to freshen up the look of your room without having to dish out extensive amounts of cash. This article will present to you some of those ways.   

Change the Layout

Rearranging the furniture is most definitely the least expensive way to update your living rooms look because it's completely free. Shuffling the furniture will rearrange the occupied and empty space, giving your room a refreshed appearance. If you're not able to move all the heavy furniture, you can revive your living room by mixing up accessories and bookshelf displays. A simple change, but an effective one. 


The most obvious method to renew your room's appearance is to repaint it. It is quite an inexpensive action, costing you only a few dollars and a couple of hours of time. Another great aspect of paint is that you have absolute freedom to do whatever you want with it. According to your affinities, you can paint your room in a single color, or paint an accent wall, some patterns such as stripes, stencil work or anything else. The only limitation is your own imagination.  


A great way to add color and texture to your living room is to throw pillows and blankets all over it. This move will accentuate your room and provide it with some visual impact. It's even better if you change your pillows and throws with the seasons. Following the seasonal mojo can really bring some extra coziness.


There are various things you can do with the artwork. You cannot find the appropriate art piece for your living room you can create one that suits your likings. People tend to underestimate the impact of wall decorations. If you are out of options you can frame fabric samples or wallpapers. You can even create some artwork with washi tape or old books/newspapers. It doesn't really have to be anything expensive, but rather visually peculiar. 


In the reimagining of your living room, don’t focus on the walls and the floor only. You can get creative with paint, dyeing your ceiling in sky blue, to make it feel more airy and open. You can also install one of the motorized lifting devices, and turn your living room into a home theater, without having to mount the projector in the middle of the room.  

Cull the Clutter

As they say, perfection is achieved by cutting the surplus. If you squeeze too many items into one room, it might feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. In order to lighten a space, just remove some items in order to give you a room a breather.   


The most effective way to simply change the mood of your room is to change the lampshades. A change in shape, color or texture will make your room shine in the different light. There are a plethora of options available, so you will surely find something to fit your room’s visual identity.


The living room is a space you will spend most of your day in, and it's easy to get bored by the same surroundings. There are ways to revamp your living room quickly, easily, and most importantly, cheaply. With some creativity and resolve, you could make your living room into a cozy centerpiece of your house.

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