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Nemo House, Container Residence

The Nemo house was designed for a family looking for a new home in the Korea’s typical rural area surrounded by farmlands and mountains. At the same time it aims to become an alternative solution for the economical houses in Korea where the typical flat living type dominates.

Nemo house design combines three shipping containers. The properties of the container allow to be a living shelter with its structural strength and weather-tight envelope. Recycling empty containers for houses is one of the ways to create modern and inexpensive homes today worldwide.

Still it was challenge to realize as a permanent residential. Nemo house may be the first achievement for the decent living condition quality with freight containers in Korea. It provided good opportunity of a smart choice for people looking for eco-consciousness. It proved the portability and flexibility through the process of assembling, disassembling, and reassembling in a short time of period.