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House Rushworth: Downsizing Project by Baufritz

Baufritz has been paving the way to a more conscious lifestyle for generations by building sustainable eco homes. If your heart is set on a beautiful small-sized home, but you don’t want to compromise on quality, take a look at this inspirational modern house.

Looking to downsize in retirement, the couple who built this home in Devon were looking for something contemporary, ecological, easy to run and maintain. As they researched, they, in their own words fell in love with Baufritz, and have never regretted their decision.

Measuring just under 200 m², this modern home enjoys all the advantages of the healthy green construction, eco-luxury and precise engineering mastered by Baufritz, and certainly benefits from the natural beauty of the spot.

The new-build was positioned in such a way that the north-western corner corresponds to the same corner of the original house. It forms an elongated slender shape positioned along the north-south axis, thereby maximising the views of the cliffs and the sea to the east. Large vertical windows connect the interior with the exterior. Along the eastern façade a free-standing balcony serves as a visual diffusion as well as providing privacy for bedrooms on the first floor. A compact design keeps visual impact to a minimum and increases energy efficiency, as well as reducing construction cost. The new-build was significantly smaller than the existing house which had a width of approximately 8.95m and length of 23.6m. The new-build has a width of 6.95m and a length of only 16.95m while keeping to the same height. The living space for the new-build was exactly the same, with a footprint reduction of thirty percent. Given the fact that the site is situated within a Coastal Preservation Area, the dimensional reduction was sympathetic to this policy as it represented a significant decrease of visual impact.

Baufritz Rondo external cladding in horizontally mounted high-quality timber, treated with a pre-weathering coat allows weathering over time into an attractive silver-grey colour. Doors and windows in grey complement the overall appearance. All sea facing rooms boast expansive glass, allowing seamless access to the terraces and gardens. Views of white cliffs running to the sea enhance the location. Access is via a covered area to the rear of the house. The juxtaposition of the design becomes clear when accessing the interior. Darker colours are superseded by bright light warm finishes. The kitchen and dining areas are located on the ground floor along with a library and studio designed against Walter Gropius's principal that natural light is key to creativity. In a shift from the norm, the living room is found on the first floor where the additional elevation provides uninterrupted views of the beach, bay and white cliffs. Both master bedroom and guest bedroom with corresponding ensuite bathrooms are located here.

  • House Rushworth: a dream home with beautiful views Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Prefabricated home Wood Grey

    House Rushworth: a dream home with beautiful views

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    The project is based around a handful of simple ideas: shape and scale, material and texture, and form and function. And the final touch: a beautiful serene landscape.

  • House Rushworth: elegant modern architecture Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Modern houses Wood Grey

    House Rushworth: elegant modern architecture

    This stylish eco-friendly house enjoys spectacular views across some of Devon´s most beautiful countryside.

  • House Rushworth: stylish silver grey façade Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Front garden Wood Grey

    House Rushworth: stylish silver grey façade

    The clients wanted their house to be energy efficient, sustainable, built using high quality materials and, of course, to make the most of the views.

  • House Rushworth: form follows function Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Balcony Wood Grey

    House Rushworth: form follows function

    A continuous balcony across the front of the building on the upper floor offers a beautiful garden view.

  • House Rushworth: downsizing in style Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Modern style bedroom Beige

    House Rushworth: downsizing in style

    Elegant blue, beige and natural wood with a twist of patterned mosaic wall create a lovely homy feel.

  • House Rushworth: a cozy bathroom Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Modern bathroom Beige

    House Rushworth: a cozy bathroom

    Large floor tiles combined with the decorative elements create harmonious look-and-feel while the large triple glazed window is inviting the beautiful outdoors in.

  • House Rushworth: an elegant interior Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Small bedroom Beige

    House Rushworth: an elegant interior

    A calming bedroom that is filled with natural light offers a great space for relaxation.

  • House Rushworth: German handcrafted quality Baufritz (UK) Ltd. Modern living room Wood effect

    House Rushworth: German handcrafted quality

    Baufritz uses highest quality German materials and componentry. The company has received multiple quality seals and awards for its outstanding achievements in production of eco-homes.