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6 Top DIY You Can Do In Your Backyard To Add More Value To Your Home

Although many people associate increasing a home's value with expensive projects that require a professional's help, it doesn't have to be.

You can make several DIY improvements to your backyard that can add substantial value to your home.

These are not major renovations that will strain your budget. You can remodel your outdoor and convert it into a more liveable space yourself without breaking the bank.

Remember, as much as your home's interior is important, the outdoor appeal is what peaks the interests of most buyers and will likely play a major factor in their decision.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves, get a little grease on your elbow and take your productivity to the next level with some DIY backyard projects this blog will show you.

1. Patio Deck

Creating a patio with composite boards has been made easier with the new age composite decking boards that are being produced. Although it may take a little more time than a professional would, you can still do it yourself.

New composite decking boards have a 'hidden clip system', making it easier to fasten the boards together. A patio deck ensures you can enjoy your outdoor living space together with your family and friends.

Creating a patio deck in your backyard is also a great way to catch up with your family on weekends, especially the kids, as they pass you the composite decking boards and help you with a few measurements.

It also increases curb appeal and makes your house marketable to prospective buyers or renters. Simply select a few weekends to get the job done, and you will be saving yourself a lot of money you might have otherwise spent on hiring a contractor to do it for you.

2. Freshen up Backyard Walls with Paint

One of the fastest ways to give your house and backyard an instant face-lift is a fresh coat of paint. A fresh paint job injects a renewed sense of life into your outdoor living space and makes your house look brand new.

Painting your backyard walls is an inexpensive project that you can do yourself and will also add more value to your home.

3. Outdoor Seating 

An outdoor seating area is also a great way to increase the value of your home. As we discussed earlier, if you have a patio deck, you can have in-built tables and chairs to reduce unnecessary furniture dragging.

Although a project like that may require some extensive knowledge and many online resources, it is nothing you can’t do if you really want to.

An easier choice would be to invest in chairs and tables where the family can sit and unwind in the evenings. It can also serve as an outdoor dining area for days you and your family want to enjoy the beautiful weather while eating.

Overall, an outdoor seating area can be incredibly functional because it will serve many purposes, making it a great way to increase your home’s value and strengthen your bargaining power.

4. Install Water Feature

A water feature in your backyard can remarkably shoot your home’s price up. A pool would be superb, but it can be very complex to make yourself so you may settle for a hot tub or spa.

If those may prove to be too much of a task, there are also a few DIY water features like a fountain, a few sconces, etc., you can consider.

Water features in your backyard make your outdoor living space look elegant and luxurious, which can positively affect your home's value.

5. Fireplace

You can also build a fireplace in your backyard to add value to your home. A fireplace in your patio deck is a fantastic way to inject an air of extravagance into your backyard, which is certainly going to draw potential buyers.

It is also a great way of ensuring you can enjoy your backyard even beyond sundown.

6. Improve Lighting 

Great lighting is critical in creating entertainment scenery in your outdoor living space. While choosing lights, ensure you go for energy-efficient ones, which will also catch any potential buyer's fancy.

As you only need to connect the strands of bulbs to a plug inside the house, artificial lighting in your backyard is a great DIY that will also improve your home's value, especially if done right.