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NBA 2K21 Shooting Tutorial—Experience On Shooting And Aiming

This post talks about the experience of NBA 2K21 dream team and the skills of NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode and NBA 2K MT Coins.

MT of each generation is the most fun at the beginning, and it has the feeling of opening up wasteland. In the middle and later period, it becomes a little difficult, and the government tries its best to earn money. Anyway, new year's game is much cheaper than other games.

Nba2k21 Shooting And Aiming Skills Sharing

This generation's shooting has become very inaccurate. The shooting percentage without green is miserable, but it's green and extremely difficult to press. Practice with Thompson. Without green, I haven't entered. Maybe I haven't mastered the knack. It's estimated that the official needs to correct this point.

How to play:

In the early stage of choosing Zach LaVine, the evolutionary motivation of choosing sports is to accelerate. Speed is more important than anything. First, get familiar with the playing method, especially the pick and roll dislocation. Anyway, it's good to use Zach LaVine to call pick and roll. You can have a try. When you meet a defensive center who is not muscular, you can play directly, and sink to the bottom of the basket.  Play 5 Vs 5, the guard assists more, the computer will also pack clip, first seek stability, familiar with in the fight for hegemony, first pick weak center play, will play better. As for substitute players use bronze.

When you are familiar with pick and roll dislocation, you must feel that the rhythm is very slow and it is not good enough to play. Next, you need to practice the designated basket pass: when the direction key of the ball holder is facing the teammate, there will be a circle at the foot of the teammate. The circle is not obvious, just a transparent white one. To see clearly, press the triangle key (PS4), That teammate will rush to the basket, and then grasp the right time to let go, if you feel that the time is not good, press the fake pass to cancel (triangle + full), and then start again.

There are many uses of this method

For example, the back court serves to the point guard. Most of the point guards run to the fast midfield. Most of them want to play fast. If the point guard sees the small forward moving forward, the direction key should first point to the designated player and press the triangle key to rush into the basket.

If the small forward is not in the front position and the controller is close to the player you want to pass, the controller can attract the attention of the computer and cause a group of people to mix in the triangle and make him protrude.

Pay attention to the designated player's running position to prevent the ball from being copied. If you practice more, you will be able to master it and reduce the error rate. You can play in this way in three, three, five and five. It's a good way to play red and blue cards online. Player's speed is very important, especially the small forward, the deduction will be the best.

Finally, in terms of NBA 2K MT coin, this generation has a lot of tasks to upgrade. The curry given by level 40 must attract a lot of people. After all, at any time, if there is no weekly challenge, the reward is really low. There are also a lot of hall of fame players on the opposite side. They have to brush 50 points or more and send hundreds of NBA 2K21 MT Coins. they would rather play three or three, at least much faster.