Balcony design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The balcony is the most direct outside area of the home; accessible immediately and often an extension of the kitchenliving room or bedroom. For some, the balcony is also the only outside area of the home and, subsequently, it should be treated with extra love and attention because of this.

How should I do with my balcony?

What do you like? Do you have green fingers? If so get yourself a few potting trays and plant away. Want an outside living area? Get your self some garden furniture and enjoy (don’t forget to buy an awning as well!). Want to drink coffee on it in the morning sun? Get yourself a table and chairs and soak it up! There is a world of possibilities of what one can do with their balcony -hammock, viewing platform (should you be in a good natural location)- so ask yourself, ‘what would I like to use my balcony for?’

North-facing balcony/south-facing balcony?

Depending on which compass direction it faces, you should use your balcony accordingly: north and east facing will be best in the morning sun, whereas south and west facing balconies will be best for use in the afternoon and evening. You can also plan your plants around the amount of average light your balcony is likely to receive.

The feeling of privacy I receive on my balcony leaves something to be desired…. what to do?

With lower level and adjacent balconies, this can be a problem. One option for railed balconies is to line the railings with an opaque material; preventing neighbours from being able to look through them. Another option is to line your balcony with reeds that protrude above the given barrier, offering you more privacy and looking good at the same time.