Country bathroom design ideas & pictures l homify Country bathroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Country bathroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect country style bathroom?

A perfect country style bathroom is one which you can spend time relaxing in at the end of a long day. There are many options for the country style and so putting time in to research your choices in advance is the best idea!

One of the most important features of a perfect country style bathroom is to create a spacious and harmonious feel. This will ensure you want to spend your time here. The inclusion of a free standing bath is often a perfect choice for a country style bathroom! You should aim to create a space which feels like it is out in the countryside, whether this is by using large glass windows or having beautiful pictures of nature. The country style bathroom can be a very comfortable and relaxing place when done correctly!

Where can I find country style bathroom ideas? 

There are hundreds of places in which you could find bathroom ideas and inspiration. Whether you prefer to get your ideas from online or in magazines, it is important to keep pictures of the things which you like the most so that you can refer back to them later!

With homify you are able to browse your favourite styles easily and then save your favourite pictures into an ideabook which you can then use when it comes to designing your perfect country style bathroom. You will also find that there are many professionals who are able to help you with your bathroom! If you are a first time home builder, then this is definitely worth the expense! With homify you can find people who are in your town too!

How can I furnish my bathroom in a country style?

In order to create a perfect country style bathroom, you should take into account many different things. Choosing the right cupboards, bath tub and shower are all very crucial to your bathroom, but first make sure you have enough space for the choices which you are hoping to make!

A large bathroom is great when it comes to designing using the country style. If you are renovating your bathroom then having large spaces works wonderfully. However, you can also create a great country style in a small bathroom – it just takes more planning and care!

Large wooden beams and furniture work best for this look. If you can, then always try and keep some parts of the wall or ceiling showing, if there are beams! You should also try and include wash basins in your home as well as rustic sanitary ware like stone basins and a freestanding bathtub to further accentuate the look of a country style bathroom.

Something which is great to look out for, if you have the time to design and plan, is vintage furniture like painted cabinets, wooden shelves and bathroom cabinets. These work in perfect harmony with the subtle interiors of the country look!

What wall colour should I choose for a country style bathroom?

You will find that for a country style bathroom, you are able to include many different colours with this look – unlike a modern or minimalist bathroom! However, the experts at homify suggest the use of clean white or nude pastel shades for your bathroom as they do not go out of fashion quickly!

You should also aim to include wooden beams in your bathroom though and have a wall colour which compliments these! Pastel shades assist in highlighting the wood.

However, unlike the modern look, having warm toned wallpapers and textured paints for walls works very well too. You may want to consider incorporating red and orange tones for a complete country style bathroom look.

What type of flooring should I put in a country style bathroom?

Flooring is extremely important in a bathroom, especially if you are choosing a bathtub which is heavy or lots of furniture which needs support! If you have little experience with the right type of flooring then you should speak to an expert – there are many at homify!

You should take into account your budget before you begin choosing your flooring as this can seriously affect your choice. Remember to make sure that your country style bathroom ideas are strong, sturdy and anti-skid. If you choose wooden tiles you should ensure that they can with stand water and humidity and at the same time!

Are there any specific tips for decorating in a country style?

If you are unsure where to begin then checking out some of the specific tips on homify is a great idea! There is a broad range to choose from whether you prefer the idea of using stones and tiles or wood for a more traditional look!

There are many small things for you to consider too, from the shower heads to cabinet handles, these can add a lot to a country style room! If you are trying to create a country feel then you should choose carefully and make sure you find finishes that can blend in well with the country style bathroom interiors depending on the tone you choose.

You will find that for this, homify provides many tips and tricks too. A country style bathroom should always be kept airy and fresh so try and include lighting which works for this look too! Whether you prefer fixed wall lights or subtler options, you should check out what is available for your budget in advance!

What country style accessories should I choose?

Accessories are extremely useful when you are trying to create a certain look. They can change the style of a room drastically. There are also many different options to choose from so make sure you have a clear idea of what you would like before you begin buying!

For a country style bathroom, the small details are very important – the choice in colours, textures and pictures is crucial. For example, the use of metal based or wood based bathroom accessories work very well for a country style bathroom.

Options such as wooden or metal frames surrounding a simple bathroom cabinet can also work very well. Make sure you take into account the colours you are using to ensure that they work well together. Mirrors should be used in a bathroom and for a country style those which have large frames also work well – if you have a smaller space then including many mirrors can be a good idea, so long as the look is uniform and tidy. Another idea which you may enjoy is using metal or stone racks as towel holders and toothbrush holders.

You should use metal handles on bathroom cabinets and shelves as this will add a chic feel and appearance to your country style bathroom. Use of ceramic based soap holder and hand soap dispenser are also ideas which work very well here. If you are including a shower curtains, then you should include colours such as neutral browns or yellows and include various natural and organic designs.

What should I do if I have a small bathroom? 

A good country style bathroom can also be built in a small space, as in a compact and functional city apartment. You need to be more careful with your design choices but the option is definitely possible! For example, taking into account the lights and mirrors in a room is a good idea. You could decide to have concealed bathroom lights which are kept dim for a warmer effect. Including a large mirror on one wall is also a great idea as this can give the impression of space.

If you have a small space, then you should take into account the use of colour – more neutral and lighter colours will work to create the effect of a larger room. Tiles also work well here and can create a more spacious feel too as they reflect the light which eventually makes the room look much brighter. Use of elongated wooden bathroom tiles works well with the style and may be worth looking into!

Using every space wisely is a good idea as it can create the impression of a lot of space when done correctly. Options include using corner sinks and basins along with a freestanding tub for a spacious look. Remember to check out homify for some more of these ideas!

How to: Modern bathroom style

modern bathroom is something which should be chic and bright. This style should encourage you to spend time in here relaxing! Good ideas for this look include luxurious fittings, a large bath and lighting which creates a stylish look. The look should create an expensive feel, but there are many cheaper options which you can use in order to create a luxurious and modern feel – just make sure you plan in advance!

How to: Rustic bathroom style

In order to create a rustic style bathroom, you should take into account the size and shape of your room – if you have beams and large windows then this look is very easy to create. However, smaller rooms may require more work. The use of wooden furniture and metal frames is important for this look and stone walls also work very well. You should aim to create a space which gives the feel of an old farm house!

How to: Mediterranean bathroom style

Mediterranean bathroom style should create a very calming atmosphere. You are able to include many different colours for this look too, from tropical to more natural. Accessories are very important here and you should aim to include anything which feels Mediterranean – from sea shells to pictures of beaches! This look can be a lot of fun to create, but make sure your choices are tasteful and not too garish! You should also take into account the use of lighting and soft yellow options work well here.