Mediterranean bathroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Creating a Mediterranean style bathroom:

A Mediterranean style is perfectly suited for bathrooms because it incorporates warm colours such as terracotta and carmine, making the room comfortable and relaxing. Both warm-coloured walls and features can shine in a Mediterranean bathroom to create a fresh but homely look.

Mediterranean style walls and floors:

Decorating the bathroom in this style is an opportunity to do something interesting with the floors: plain white tiles are rarely found in Mediterranean climates. Instead, you’re more likely to see natural stone underfoot. The natural material comes in a variety of colours and textures that fit perfectly with the Mediterranean look. To see how you could transform your bathroom with natural stone flooring, take a look at this article.

Intricate, colourful patterns on the walls and floors can add extra flair to a Mediterranean style bathroom. Coloured tiles can be used on the floors, and handmade mosaic tiles can provide some authentic embellishment on the walls.

Decorating a Mediterranean-style bathroom:

With the right decoration you can recreate a calming Mediterranean vibe that will turn your bathroom into an exotic retreat. Here, everything is reminiscent of sunshine, sea and relaxation. Shells, sand and maritime decoration should be at the top of your list when you start shopping around for the finishing touches. For example, accessories such as toothbrush tumblers or soap dispensers are available in classically Mediterranean marble or glass mosaic designs.

Advice and help from the experts:

For those who want to achieve a unique Mediterranean style in their bathroom, our experts are here to help. Should the bath be made from marble, and have a distinctive Mediterranean charm? Not sure if the style suits the particular layout in your bathroom? No problem. Our interior designers, bathroom designers, and tile experts, can offer tailored advice and guidance to ensure your bathroom is decorated to the highest standard.

If you want to implement the Mediterranean style in the rest of your home, check out this ideabook for inspiration.