Modern bathroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are the basics of a modern bathroom?

Gone are the days of chintzy pink bathroom suites and doilies over your toilet rolls. The bathroom style choice for most homeowners today is sleek, chic and modern - and for good reason. The bathroom is primarily a room of practical functionality. It’s where we begin and end the day, and it needs to work. Cluttered surfaces, clashing colors and dated fixtures are not conducive to a speedy or relaxing morning wash. If you take a peek inside any stylish modern home, you’ll be sure to notice minimal fittings, neutral tones and efficient storage solutions. Lighting is also key, and has a huge impact on the feel and functionality of the room. Opt for ceiling spotlights, recessed strips around the basin or washstand and some smaller, brighter lights around the mirror. If you can’t act like a star in your own bathroom, where can you?

How do I create a modern bathroom?

If you’ve decided it’s time for a modern bathroom in your home, you’ll probably be wondering where to start in terms of design and planning. First things first, think long and hard about your basic fittings and fixtures, as these will form the heart of the room. Do your research, shop around and, ultimately, consultprofessional to ensure you get things right. Ask yourself a few simple questions: Do I want a bathtub? If so, what style? And do I want a shower attachment in the bath or a separate cubicle? What type of washbasin and vanity is right for me? Remember to keep things simple, understated and neutral if you want to perfect that modern aesthetic. Next up, it’s time to consider your palette. Are you going for monochrome drama, all-white class or some natural earthy tones? Of course a little color is fine, but avoid going too gaudy if you want to keep things timeless and chic. Next up, have a think about the flooring you’d like. Bear in mind that your options will be somewhat limited in this room due to dampness and humidity, but still ensure you pick a look that works for you. Finally, make some prudent lighting decisions, shoehorn in enough storage space, throw in a couple of pot plants and - voila! - you’re good to go.

What are some flooring options for a modern bathroom?

When it comes to deciding on your bathroom flooring, you pretty much have free rein - as long as your chosen material can withstand the inevitable wet and humid conditions. Untreated wood is never going to work, let’s be honest. Instead, opt for tiles or natural stone (if you have the budget), or go for a vinyl or laminate. The choices are many and varied, with an array of colours, textures and patterns at your disposal. It’s really important that your flooring is installed properly, and is thoroughly watertight - so seek professional help if needed.

How do I accessorize my modern bathroom?

The best way to accessorize a modern bathroom is to keep it functional. Remember that the overall look and feel should be calm and uncluttered, so avoid too many trinkets or those beach shells you collected from Cornwall when you were nine. First things first, you need to nail your storage options. Bathrooms can be inherently tricky to furnish with adequate storage due to their damp conditions and awkward spaces. But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible - you’ll just need some strategic thinking if you’re to effectively house all those cosmetics and cleaning products. If there’s an airing cupboard, make the most of the internal space with plenty of shelves. Opt for a vanity with hidden storage if possible, or some in-built shelves alongside the bath or one wall. If you’re still in need of extra space, try a wall-mounted unit or some free-standing shelves. Once your storage is sorted, you can turn to those decorative features that make it your own. Will you be needing a shower curtain? If so, this you chance to inject a little flair into the room. The same goes for curtains or blinds, and any (minimal) upholstery you’ll need. Finally, turn your attention to the practical aesthetic details like mirrors, soap dispensers and plants. The more thought you put into these things, the more cohesive the whole look will be.