Country bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect country style bedroom?

Your bedroom should be a place which you want to come back to at the end of the day – it should be somewhere which you spend lazy Sunday mornings and happily collapse into after a hard day. This means you should always try and create a warm and welcoming space, which is both cosy and comfortable. An ideal country style bedroom should include a beautiful wooden bed frame, the perfect lighting to help you read before bed and curtains which block out the light to help inspire better sleep. Remember to make sure your bedroom space is personal to you and that it shows your character and personality too! When you begin designing your bedroom, you may find that all the choices are overwhelming, so remember that homify is here to guide you through the process from the wall colour to the flooring!

Where can I find country style bedroom ideas and inspiration?

The country style is one which can be found in many places, from friend’s homes to many different specific websites and blogs dedicated to the look! Make sure you spend time finding some of the best tips and tricks before you even begin putting your room together. You will find that there are hundreds of places in which you can find bedroom ideas and inspiration, from magazines to online, you should have no problem finding something which works to your tastes. With homify there is a huge range of pictures which you can check out to help you find your favourite country details. Once you have found some ideas which you like, you’re able to save these into an ideabook and add text to help you with the whole design process. Make sure to use the filters so that you are looking at just the room and style you prefer!

How can I design my bedroom in a country style?

If you are hoping to creating a country style bedroom, you should make sure you know how to begin designing this space! There are many tips and tricks which you should collect too in order to make sure that you have a room which is welcoming and comfortable. Having the right lighting for your bedroom is very important so make sure to look into your options here, having softer choices and lamps beside the bed are popular options. Before you begin buying any furniture, you should figure out the layout which you would like to have and if you have a small room then making sure you have sufficient storage is very important. Work out what you will be using your bedroom for - would you like just a relaxing spot or a highly functional area. If you like using wood in your room, then there are many ways for you to incorporate this tastefully too and this works very well with the country style look!

Which bedroom colours are right for me?

Deciding on the right colours for your country style bedroom is very important as you will find that they can drastically change the feel of the room. A bedroom should be welcoming and cosy, so choosing colours which reflect this is important. You will find that cold colours such as shades of blue do not work well for your country style bedroom whereas, creams, oranges and yellows creating a cosy feel. Other great choices for a country bedroom include white or shades of white like off whites and egg shell shades. Remember to do your research first as repainting can be very expensive.

What type of flooring should I put in a country style bedroom?

There are many great options to choose from when it comes to styling a country bedroom, whether you prefer the wooden look – which can be quite expensive depending on your materials – or a cream carpet option. Choosing something which absorbs shock is a good idea and making sure your choice isn’t slippery would also benefit you in the long run. If you are unsure of where to start, then speaking to a professional may be the best way to go about this.

What type of bedroom accessories are right for me?

Your bedroom accessories should be very reflective of your personal tastes. This can include different patterned cushions, an interesting duvet cover or country style curtains and most importantly pictures of your loved ones! For the country style, many different accessories work well and it really becomes your own personal choice of what and how much you want to include. Ideas such as wall hangings or abstract paintings would also work well for this look if you choose carefully! Remember to include country style carpets, curtains and bed linen in order to truly capture this look. Before you buy anything, make sure that your colour scheme is chosen and that everything works well together, so that you are not left with a room which is mismatching and unattractive!

How do I furnish a small bedroom in a country style?

A small bedroom should not be a problem so long as you spend time carefully planning in advance. If you are hoping to create a country style in a city apartment, then this should not be too difficult. Making sure the space is comfortable and cosy is the best way to go for this look but you may also want to try and make the room appear as spacious as possible. In order to do this, you should pick colours which are light and neutral as well as incorporating mirrors as they create an illusion of space. In order to make sure you room is not cluttered, you should opt for beds which have ample storage underneath, this also means you do not need a large wardrobe and can instead store things easily. If you have a TV in your room, then a wise idea is to mount it to the wall so that you save on space too. Every little storage change helps!

Tips for decorating a country style bedroom

One of the best ways to find tips for decorating your country style bedroom is to check online; there are hundreds of blogs, magazines and sites which can help you find tips and tricks to create the perfect country style room. Before you decide on your wall colours, floors and accessories, you should make sure you know which is your favourite colour scheme and make sure that everything works well together. Make sure you have enough storage so that your bedroom is not cluttered and also assess whether having a book shelf is worth the space and money for your room – if you read a lot before bed, this is a great idea.

Style guide for designing & decorating a bedroom

When you are first deciding on the style which you would like for your bedroom, it is a good idea to take into account the many different options which are available to you. With homify you will be able to peruse many choices very easily meaning that you can see inspiration for your space before you even begin. Below are some of the more popular choices for bedrooms which it is worth considering before you decide on your country style! Having a style guide to follow is often the best way to make sure you are on the right tracks with your look, they also help you out if you have limited ideas! So make sure you find the right look for you before you begin designing.

How to: Modern style bedroom

The modern style is a very popular choice currently and creating your bedroom to fit this look is a great idea. In order to find lots of ideas, you should scroll through the modern section on homify. In order to truly create a modern style bedroom, you need to keep in mind the most important aspects of the style guide such as having neutral colours for the walls and floor. The layout should be as simple and minimalist as possible and you should also incorporate tasteful accessories too. A modern bedroom can create a very shabby chic feel which is hugely popular!

How to: Scandinavian Style Bedroom

The Scandinavian style bedroom should incorporate many neutral colours as well as having blues and greens – these colours work very well for this look! Having simple pieces such as wicker chairs and wooden framed mirrors are also accessories which work very well for this look too. The Scandinavian style is one which has been covered by homify and you will be able to find many different ideas for your bedroom. This look is one which should inspire a feeling of homeliness and comfort, but is very different to the country style in terms of colours! Making your choice between the two may be difficult as both are beautiful and welcoming!

How to: Classic style bedroom

A classic style bedroom is one which exudes elegance and comfort. Your bed should be the centre piece of the room and the frame should be a beautiful choice! You may also want to include a large elegant wardrobe and chest of drawers. You will find that the style guide for this look allows you to incorporate many pieces of furniture and therefore it works best in a large room, rather than a smaller space. Remember to keep your accessories elegant and tasteful – whether this is a large mirror, paintings or pictures of your family and friends. With homify you will be able to get a general feel for how the room should look and once you have decided on whether it is right for you, get saving your favourite pictures into an ideabook!