Eclectic bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What is an eclectic style bedroom?

What is the perfect eclectic bedroom? Everyone will probably have a different answer to this question, and that is the beauty of the eclectic style. Because it is impossible to pin down the look, the imagination knows no bounds when decorating or shopping around for furniture. For example, both a carved wooden bed or Asian rattan furniture would fit into an eclectic style bedroom. You can introduce elements of Scandinavian, Mediterranean or vintage design—it’s actually this mix of styles that qualifies the room as ‘eclectic’. It’s all about combining different looks freely for an original, unusual room.

Printed Textiles 

Textiles should be as colourful, patterned and as striking as possible. The look can be achieved instantly with bed sheets, pillow cases and rugs. Anything goes, so go ahead and mix floral with animal print, and red with turquoise!

Special lighting 

The right lighting in the bedroom is especially important, as this is the most influential element when creating an optimally comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Naturally, you will want to avoid anything plain or inconspicuous: this is your opportunity to pull out all the stops. Asian inspired lampshades with fringing, futuristic lamps or modern lights that change colour could all be that finishing touch to your eclectic style bedroom.

Unique Decoration 

Select your decoration carefully when adding the finishing touches. You will probably need some time to collect a mix of interesting furnishings that are all equally as special: this isn’t something that will happen over night. An open mind and a good eye for design are required, whether you’re shopping in a flea market or a designer store. The effort is most definitely worth it, because you will end up with a totally unique space that suits your personality. Maybe you will choose to combine a Persian rug with striped wallpaper? or maybe a magnificent vintage chandelier with art deco vases? Let your imagination run wild and soon enough you’re perfect eclectic style bedroom will be complete.

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