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Mediterranean bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The magic of a Mediterranean bedroom

As far as Mediterranean style goes, delightfully charming décor style is enduringly popular because of how easy it is to achieve. Think sand, the sun and the sea with a touch of the ornate and exotic, and you’ll turn your Mediterranean-inspired bedroom into exactly what it’s supposed to be: heaven on earth.

Mediterranean style influences and signature

There is no single set influence to draw from when styling your Mediterranean bedroom. The best way to go about it is to think about that idyllic Med break you’ve been dreaming of or recently enjoyed, and to emulate the charming, earthy look that is both casual and dramatic.

Mediterranean style comprises elements of Greek, Spanish, Italian, French and North African Moroccan interior décor. As such, you could choose to lean towards the styles of any one of these countries with their sunny, by-the-sea climates, or fuse elements of the various styles as you please. It is almost impossible not to achieve an enchanting, soothing Mediterranean ambience. Best of all, it is easy to tweak almost any existing style you already have going in your bedroom!

Feel free to mix modern and traditional, muted and daring. As the climate in these countries is warm and moderate, the idea is to keep an airy, soothing ambience no matter if your style leans towards Moroccan or Monacan.

Choosing your colours

It’s not surprising that one of the favourite foods on the Mediterranean coast – the humble olive – also stamps its superiority as one of the predominant colours. Olive greens and earthy over- and undertones are common, as are azure and aqua sea hues.

The colours you ultimately decide on will be based on the style of the region your emulating:

Spain – lots of earthy and terracotta tones plus daring and bright Moroccan-inspired flashes of colour. If you like the work of famed Spanish artist Salvador Dali, you’ll be happy to know that you could go for those same vivid, rustic colours and basically turn your bedroom into its own work of art.

Italy – think dark wood, and rustic old-world charm.

Tuscany – incorporate elements of nature such as a marble floor, crumbling stone-textured walls, intricate wrought iron furnishings and complementary colours.

Greece – sea and sky hues, with white or patterned walls will fit neatly.

Moroccan – daring without being clashing is the order of the day. Think ochre, fushia, marine hues, sunset orange, cobalt blue, emerald and other enticingly intense colours. This is true not only for your Moroccan bedroom accessories, but for the walls themselves, not forgetting those richly woven rugs!

Mediterranean bedroom style pointers

The great news is, you can be as indulgent as you like without fear of achieving a mongrel of a Mediterranean look! Rich wool and silk textures, brocade, lace appliqué, embroidered linen – these are all within the style parameters of Med design not only for your bedding, but for your drapery lampshades and rugs as well.

Hanging up ornamental rugs rich in vibrant colour and pattern is a wonderful way to achieve a Moroccan-inspired focus wall above your bed, or even adjacent to it. As Moroccan décor also draws on Persian influences, you would not miss the mark with gold, orange and green statement pieces if you’re into opulence and grandeur. Although your drapery can be ornate, it should not be so heavy as to filter out too much light.

Accent windows that are simple, airy and stylish and window embellishments that can play in the breeze are important. I central idea in Mediterranean-inspired décor is to ensure and abundance of natural light.

Keep your walls neutral and white and utilise wall sconses and local artworks, such as what you’d find at a typical fleamarket. The market here would be one in the Med country you’re using as your style base. Remember that if you’re going with spicey Moroccan your walls could also be painted with intense, vibrant colours. It’s best to start with neutral walls, and then to build up the texture and colour accents.

You can’t go wrong with exposed beams, an ornate wooden bed base and wrought iron touches. As for the ceiling, exposed beams add a stylish element of Mediterranean enchantment. Add to that ornamental, filigree lighting and you’ll be winning in the Med bedroom style stakes.

As for your floor, think indulgence once more: warm wooden flooring that’s not too dark, inviting stone tiles, neutral tiles with a mosaic motif in places or a grand and opulent – how you express yourself here is almost endless, as long as it works for your lifestyle!

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