Modern bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How to create the perfect modern bedroom?

A bedroom is one of the most used places in a home, so making sure you are happy with yours is essential! It should be a place of comfort and solace. A modern style is a great choice for this as it can create a peaceful feel thanks to the lack of clutter!

Having a comfortable bed which is the centre piece of your room can be a great way to create a perfect place for solace. The use of neutral colours works well to create a calming room but is also very modern, from whites to beiges, you have a huge range to choose from. It is important that the interiors of a bedroom should match the taste and choice of the person living there.

Where can I find modern bedroom ideas & inspiration?

If you have decided that you would like your bedroom to be in a modern style, then finding inspiration is not hard as there are so many places to look! From magazines to friend’s homes, you can draw ideas from anywhere. The style is extremely broad, and so making sure you keep track of everything you like is a good idea.

With homify you’re able to peruse the modern section and save any pictures which you like into an ideabook. With your ideabook you will be able to keep track of your favourite pictures and even add text so that you can come back to them later! It is important to keep track of your favourite ideas for this style so that you are not overwhelmed when it comes to the many choices you will later face.

What exactly can I do to my modern bedroom?

Modern bedroom designs are extremely broad, so your choices may seem limitless. From colours to furniture, there are hundreds of options which you can choose from. Take into account the fact that a modern style looks best with a lot of natural light. Windows are a key feature, faking natural light is a lot more difficult but not impossible.

You don’t need to have a huge bedroom to create a modern look though, there are many tips which you can take into account to create the style instead, from wall colours to wooden flooring and large mirrors! Your choices are limitless.

Tips for decorating a modern bedroom

A modern bedroom should be a combination of colours, classic furniture and elegant artwork so that you are able to relax easily.

If you are designing a room for yourself then take into account your favourite colours in order to create a comfortable and peaceful room. Painting your room is a good way to keep costs down, however, there are many great modern wallpaper styles out there if you prefer to include a pattern. Patterns often work for the modern style if they aren’t too garish. For this style furniture should be minimal supplemented by open spaces to facilitate movement.

A big factor for a modern style is keeping the place uncluttered so remember to invest in storage options so that you do not have to worry about a messy bedroom!

How can I choose bedroom colours?

Bedroom colours should be soothing so the inspire sleep! Unlike other styles, your choices are not limited by the modern style. If you would like to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere then this is doable by using yellows, oranges and beiges, usually in lighter tones, however. You could also use blues and darker colours for bathrooms, creating a different feel to the room. White is often associated with modern houses, however, this does not have to be true if you feel another colour would work better for you. If you have picked more unusual colours, you will find that the right design and accessories could provide and interesting and modern room just as easily as using the colour white!

Choice of colors also depends upon the age group for which the bedroom is being designed. Whether a person is male or a female should also be given due consideration while choosing colors for the bedroom. For toddlers, the color of the wall should be kept white as it will give freedom to add decors and accessories of different colors to the room. A bedroom for a toddler may require soft colors with minimal décor and low height furniture. A choice of purple and pink is best for young girls. A bedroom for a young girl will look good in pretty pink or purple with mixing and matching the upholstery. Neutral pastel colors in combination and shades will look good for a feminine look, interiors done in contrast will appeal to the younger generation.

What type of flooring should I put in a modern bedroom?

One of the most popular choices for many homeowners now is to have a wooden floor – this works well for many different styles and is very durable, so you don’t have to worry about updating your floor if you feel like changing the style of your room.

However, it is also worth carefully considering each type of flooring; carpets are good to use and give a luxurious look, but they are difficult to clean. Hardwood is attractive and durable but may be colder! Concrete or pebble floors may also be an interesting choice for homeowners as they can bring an interesting new feature to your home and as they are a neutral colour they do not disrupt the modern look of the house! Speaking to a professional is a good idea for deciding which floor is right for you.

You should also make sure you choose the best flooring for your modern bedroom depending on the budget allowed!

What types of bedroom accessories are right for me?

There are many options when it comes to bedroom accessories. Drawing upon your favourite activities is a good idea. For example, having a book shelf is a good idea if you spend time reading before sleep, you can find many modern ideas for bookshelves on homify. You could also include plants or chairs and one of the best accessory options for a bedroom is a mirror! Mirrors make your room appear larger but are also necessary for changing in the morning and evening!

How do I furnish a small bedroom?

A small bedroom does not necessarily have to be difficult to furnish. You could create a modern style easily! Furnishing a small bedroom is not a difficult task in this era of innovation and ideas – just remember to keep the furniture minimal and avoid clutter.

Options such as a storage bed with height in a small bedroom mean you have a great place to hide away any mess! Cupboards work perfectly too. Use items that can be fitted in the wall or folding furniture, consider mounting your TV to the wall along with lamps and lights too!

Check out some small room ideas on homify if you are struggling. Alternatively, interior architects are brilliant at creating beautiful rooms from small spaces. Their work is not often cheap but it could be invaluable when creating a small modern bedroom!

Which wallpaper & wall colors should I use in a modern bedroom?

In a modern bedroom you have the choice of creating a small safe haven! So having walls which you like is important. Modern styles do not work well with dark and garish colours, so look into your options in advance. Bedrooms work well with neutral colours too as this inspires sleep!

An option is to have floral prints on one wall and white walls surrounding this. A feature wall works very well for this look. Wallpapers should be chosen with care and future durability should always be considered while choosing one. For a child’s bedroom, care should be taken that they are laminated and washable.

Using homify to find ideas for wallpaper and colours is a great idea as you are able to save pictures and come back to them later when you need reminding of your favourite options!

Which style of bedroom should I choose?

Choosing a style for your bedroom can be difficult if you do not know where to begin. However, if you have something in mind then checking out the many options on homify is a great idea to draw inspiration before you begin decorating! Below are some other ideas for your bedroom!

How to: Classic modern bedroom style

Elements of the classic style can be brought into your modern bedroom, these two styles compliment each other very well. A classic home style is often chosen by those would want to spend more money on furniture and create a lavish and chic home. However, it does not often go out of style so is a very good choice! With homify there are hundreds of ideas for classic furniture. Colours often include neutral and bright shades which give off the impression of more space.

How to: Eclectic modern bedroom style

The eclectic style can work very well for those who have a young family as it incorporates many different elements. You can choose from different colours, which work well together, and accessories don’t need to be kept to a minimum! This can allow for creativity, which can be limited when just creating a modern style bedroom.

How to: Industrial modern bedroom style

The Industrial style is becoming more popular among homeowners. Visible brickwork and beams also work well here, as well as metal tables and chairs. Silver finishes are also a great idea and having industrial style hanging lights works perfectly. With homify you’re able to explore a huge range of choices here!