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Country conservatory design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect conservatory?

A perfect country style conservatory is one which you want to come back to at the end of a long day. It should be a place in which you are happy to spend hours with friends or family, whether you create a small games room or a place to chill out, there are hundreds of options which you can choose from! Incorporating the country style into your conservatory should be easy to as you will be able to use simple tips and tricks which you can find on homify! If you have a small budget there is no need to worry as you will find that the country style is one which is not high maintenance, unlike other styles such as the classic or modern looks. In order to truly have a country style look, all you need to do is make sure the space is comfortable and cosy! Bring in rugs, lamps and country style patterns to complete this look! If you have a large conservatory then incorporating book shelves, large comfortable sofas and tables are a great way to make sure the space doesn't look bare.

Remember that a perfect conservatory is a comfortable place which you can enjoy the outdoors from, while staying in the warm. So creating a space which has many different aspects in which you can relax, is a great idea – having space for your favourite chairs and a heater which will ensure you are warm during the winter months is essential! Making sure your conservatory is properly heated should be a top priority, as if you find it is too cold, you are unlikely to want to spend any time here! If you have a large enough room then you can even effectively build a dining area into your conservatory to make sure the space is properly used!

Country style conservatory ideas and inspiration

If you are unsure of where to begin with your country style conservatory, there is no need to worry. With homify you will be able to find many ideas which you can then use to create a perfect country style conservatory. In order to have the best ideas, though, it is worth checking many different sources from magazines to friend's homes! Chat to professionals to get a good idea of how much your country style conservatory could cost you. Inspiration can strike from many different places, visiting old country estates is also another great way to get ideas. The more time you spend researching your conservatory in advance, the better the end product will be!

How do I design my conservatory in country style?

In order to truly have a country style conservatory, there are many things for you to consider from the wall colour to the flooring! This can often be overwhelming if you have not been through the process before, but homify are here to help! There are also many professionals who you can enlist in order to help you out with the whole process. If you do not know where to begin with your conservatory design, then perhaps you should consider hiring an interior designer as they will be able to show you some of the best ways to make your home truly welcoming and cosy! If you do not have the budget for this, then make sure you do enough research before the process begins as this way you will find it is less overwhelming and perhaps even highly enjoyable!

With the expert guidance which you can find on homify, you will soon have a design which is perfect for your whole family. By using our directory, you can get in touch with the right people easily. You can even check out their Facebook pages, reviews and contact information before you even speak to them! Always remember to ask for a quote and make sure you have agreed upon a price before any work is done or any money is handed over. This way you will know you are not being scammed!

What does a conservatory cost?

As with everything in the home building process, it is hard to put a price on your conservatory. If you have a design and plan which are perfect, then you may be able to get an accurate quote, but always make sure your budget can cover extra if need be. It is important that you take into account the fact that prices may change so that you are not left surprised. If you are working with a professional then you will often find that their work can be more expensive that if you do everything yourself, however, they will be more knowledgeable and this may mean you do not have to redo anything in the future – which can be a very costly problem to have!

What do I need to consider when building a conservatory?

If you are building your conservatory from scratch, then it is a wise idea to first speak to an architect if you have no experience in home builds. An architect is the best person to help you create a space which is beautiful and functioning, as well as structurally sound – which is very important! You can use homify to find architects who are local to you. By using homify you’re able to check out their contact details, review and even Facebook pages to make sure that they are accredited and experienced! In order to build a conservatory, you may find that you need planning permission – an architect can help you through this sometimes difficult process to make sure you are doing everything above board! Once you have planning permission, then you are able to decide on the structure and materials which you would like to use for your conservatory. Would you prefer an oak frame with large windows or would a traditional style conservatory work better for your needs? Make sure that you have worked out your budget well in advance so that you do not have any nasty surprises when it comes to sending your architect and builders money! A good idea is to always add some contingency cost to the actual amount to be on a safer side.

Decorating ideas for small conservatories

If you have a small conservatory, then you may find it is actually easier to create a country style, cosy space, without having to worry about heating or filling a bare room. Everything should be well planned in advance to make sure that your country style conservatory is welcoming and comfortable. It is essential to measure your space before you begin buying furniture to make sure that everything fits properly and the space is not cramped. Ideas which make your conservatory appear bigger include using mirrors and lighter colours. Make sure to use lighting which creates a sense of warmth too, whether this is from using lamps or softer lights. In order to have a conservatory which is not cluttered, you should invest in storage which is effective, whether this is a bookshelf or strategically placed boxes! There are many great ideas for small conservatories on homify, so make sure you check out some of the best options and don’t forget to save some of your favourite pictures into an ideabook to help you out when it comes to designing your small conservatory.

What other style guides are there which I can use for my conservatory?

When creating a perfect conservatory, it is extremely important the space reflects your personal taste so that you enjoy spending time here and relaxing! If you are unsure of whether the country style is right for you, then you have many other options instead! On homify we offer hundreds of ideas from a very broad range of styles. Use the filter function on the left hand side in order to find the style which you are most interested in. Below are some of the more popular choices on homify for you to check out. Another idea which may be worth considering is incorporating two looks into one as the country style works well with aspects such as modern rugs or minimalist features.

How to: Modern style conservatories

A modern style conservatory is a place which should inspire a feeling of elegance and warmth. Your look should include neutral or light colours but also works well with the occasional bold splash of colour to show off your personality! Whether this is red, green or orange, making sure you incorporate your favourite colour tastefully is important – perhaps on just wall or used in statement accessories. Your furniture should be streamlined and chic, which can often be expensive if you have not done ample research before you begin your design!

How to: Scandinavian style conservatories

A Scandinavian style conservatory is a popular, modern choice which works for many homeowners. You will find that the use of light colours is essential, then you can bring in colours such as blues and greens for a Scandinavian effect. The look should be minimalistic and clutter free so having good storage is essential – whether this is bookshelves or boxes hidden under sofas!

How to: Classic styles conservatories

A classic style conservatory should be chic and welcoming. You should want to spend time here with family and friends, and it should be a place which you are happy to show off. If you are creating a classic style home, then you may find that the look can become expensive so make sure to research your options – from furniture choices to lighting – well in advance. Remember to include classic windows, such as large glass choices with beautiful frames, and sofas which are chic yet comfortable.