Country dining room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect country style dining room?

The country style works wonderfully for a dining room as it is welcoming and comfortable – the two things you want when socialising around a table. A perfect country style home should be planned in advance as there are many aspects which you need to get right!

There are many different variations which you can have on a typical country style dining room, whether you prefer a darker look or something which is more modern. Everything can be built around your personal preferences! If you have a large room then you will be able to choose from many different options; such as having a large table and a bigger space for family gatherings, or even adding shelves for interesting ornaments.

The perfect country style dining room is one which makes you want to invite people over to your home to enjoy the space with you! So make sure you put in the research to make sure your dream can become a reality!

Where can I find country style dining room ideas and inspiration?

Depending on how you prefer to find inspiration, you can either find pictures online or use magazines. You may find inspiration in other more random places, from old country homes to home interior design shops. Having conversations with those who are interested in interior design or country styles is also a great way to pick up some tips and tricks!

With homify you have the option to browse hundreds of pictures without leaving the website! This way you can search for your preferred room and even choose the style that you would like to see too. From here you can save pictures into an ideabook which you can use for later planning. In your ideabook you can add text to the pictures you save so that you remember exactly what it was that you liked about each picture!

How do I design my dining room in a country style?

A country style dining room can be designed in many different ways. You should not feel restricted due to your budget, however, this can mean that you need to spend more time researching your choices if you have expensive tastes. A large wooden table is important for the country style look but it can be a very expensive if you are buying first hand.

Before you begin choosing the perfect table for your country style room you should decide how big you would like it to be, do you have the space in the room for a large table? You should also take into account other aspects such as chairs, lighting, wall colours and flooring as these also all depend on the space. If you are remodelling a dining room, then one of the best ideas is to try and make the plan as open and as large as possible, especially if you have a big family who need to be accommodated!

What to watch out for when designing in a country style

There are many mistakes which can be made when creating a country home as it can be easy for the look to appear old fashioned and out of style. So making sure that you are well aware of this is important when it comes to choosing furniture and colours! Something very important to watch out for when designing a country style dining room is a rustic dining table that holds the focal point of any dining room. It is worth looking into ways in which you can buy cheaper furniture if you are on a budget as the focal point should be something which you take pride in! With homify you can find many different country style dining room ideas all in one place and a varieties of country style dining room tables that are suitable for both larger and smaller spaces.

The second aspect to consider is the lighting that focuses on the country style dining room décor. If you have the option, then you may want to try and create a rustic fireplace. You should also try and make sure your dining room will catch the light in the evenings, making it a nicer place to eat dinner – that is if you are building your home from scratch!

Tips for furnishing a country style dining room

Make sure that you have lighting in a country style, this is soft for eating dinner but also not too dark – you may want to consult a professional here if you do not know where to begin. With the country style, you have the option of including ornaments and plants – which is unwise to include in a modern style room. Opens which are often popular for this look include rickety metallic candle stands, plush rugs and even family portraits.

You should try and add character to your country style dining room, perhaps with the use of wooden artwork and handcrafted flower vases. Knick knacks work well for this style – unlike with the modern or minimalist looks.

Which wall colour should I choose for my dining room?

In order to create a welcoming room which you would like to spend time eating and socialising in, it is worthwhile choosing lighter colours! You can then contrast these with darker patterns and looks such as a wooden table or flowers or colourful table linen.

Often, a country style dining room design involves very pale walls with strong wooden beams showing – this also works well for the rustic look too. A good idea is to check out all the options on homify for this look as there will definitely be something that catches your eye! Just remember to try not to go with brighter shades as they might be too overwhelming.

What flooring should I put in my dining room?

Flooring is another essential part of country style dining room design ideas. There are many options here which depend on your personal preferences! Often, a wooden floor works very well for this style, but it can be an expensive choice depending on the wood which you intend on using.

Another great option for this look includes tiles as they really work well with the idea of being in a home somewhere far in the country! If you do choose stone walls or brick walls, you could also look into stone finished tiles. Rugs can be added to tiled floors to create a homely ambiance too. On homify you will be able to find many different professionals who are able to help you make a decision on what is best for your home! You should take into account your budget and choices before you make any decisions!

What to watch out for when buying country style dining room furniture

When buying country style dining room furniture, you should make sure that you research all of your options first! A country style dining room is very expensive piece of furniture, and so making sure you are happy with your choice is very important. Considerations should be given to the shape and colour of the dining table and chairs!

Your choice of chairs should be something which is comfortable especially if you will be spending long amounts of time at the table! Choose the right mood lighting for your room to, this will encourage a cosy atmosphere!

Decorating ideas for small dining rooms

Small does not always mean less. Homify provides you with a plethora of small dining room design ideas that are extremely easy to incorporate and will suit your budget as well. For a smaller area, focus on light pastel shades like white or shades of white. For the flooring, go with elongated rectangular wooden tiles that make the place look spacious. Also, a minimalistic approach in terms of only the essential furniture can do wonders to this area. Make maximum use of even the minutest spaces to add personal touches like wall hangings and suspended lamps. For a roomier look, have a cathedral ceiling with wooden pergolas projecting outwards, creating a perfect country style dining room décor. For maximizing the seating area, you can even build platforms resembling rustic benches along the walls, which create enough space for the dining table in the centre. Also, the use of fold-down tables or winged tables is another amazing space saving technique.

Which dining room design is right for me?

With homify you will find that there are many different styles which you can choose from for your dining room. Taking a look at some of the other ideas is wise as you will be able to make sure that the country style is definitely the right one for you! Below are some of the options which you can choose from.

Modern style dining room ideas

modern style dining room should be both on trend and very chic! One of the downsides to this look is trying to keep it up to date though, this can be a difficult or expensive task. You will find that adding stylish and intricate lighting will instantly change the feel of a room, and there are many small tips and tricks which work wonders! Tables which work well for this look include glass options!

Eclectic style dining room ideas

With the eclectic style dining room, you can easily bring personality and creativity to your home. It works very well for a family and is not restricted to trying to keep up with trends – unlike the modern style. You may want to consider comfortable and interesting patterns for cushions and accessories, strategic colourful lighting will help to focus on important features in stylish ways and tables and chairs can be quirky and interesting!