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Eclectic dining room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Creating an eclectic style dining room

Anyone who wants to implement an eclectic style in their dining room should use it as an opportunity to be creative and express their personality. There are no limits when it comes to the eclectic theme – it’s a mixture of any and all styles, and the usual rules of design simply don’t apply.

Furnishing an eclectic style dining room

Usually, a typical dining room would contain a standard table and chairs. In an unusual dining room, you can replace the chairs with upcycled furniture made from everyday items that you wouldn’t normally consider using in a seating area. You could even do away with the table and chairs completely and sit on cushions or beanbags during meal times – be as quirky as you like!

Materials in an eclectic dining room

You would normally expect to find wood, carpet, or maybe tiles, in a standard dining room. If you want something a bit more unusual in your dining room, strip the floors back to the original boards in a nod to the currently trending industrial style. Alternatively, you could purchase some exotic looking patterned rugs that can be mixed with a variety of other prints and colours.

Eclectic home accessories

You should shop around at second-hand shops, flea markets, antique stores and even high street outlets to find a selection of home accessories that, when brought together, create a distinctive eclectic style room.  If you want to steer clear of mainstream styles, flea markets are a great place to find some unusual treasures. Here you will surely find one or two rarities: shooting lodge style antlers and hides, or intricately decorated crockery and pottery, amongst many other gems. One off furniture pieces can also be found at flea markets and in second-hand shops. Having changed hands many times, expect the furniture to be a bit scratched and worn – this is all part of their charm and character!  

Eclectic colour scheme

Anything goes when it comes to colour. Ignore the rules about what matches and what clashes, and feel free to pair up as many colours as you like. The mixing of the different colours is a key element of the eclectic style. In addition to bright neon shades, why not choose a red chair with yellow cushions, or some vibrant colourful curtains? Perfect. If that is too colourful for your tastes, you can create an eclectic look with a more restrained palette. For example, a dining room completely furnished in red or purple is just as unusual, and can create a totally different but equally eclectic impression.