Double garage design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How big is a double garage?

With space at an increasing premium here in the UK, having room for a garage is somewhat of a luxury in itself. Being able to park your car securely, away from the street, is a dream for pretty much every homeowner. What’s more, garages often double up as a convenient storage zone for all manner of odds and ends, keeping unsightly clutter away from the house. If you’re blessed with the space for not one but two garages - good for you! Here in the UK, the recognised standard size for a double garage is 6m x 6m, which is exactly twice the size of a normal residential single unit. These dimensions allow for easy opening of car doors on both sides of a vehicle, even when two cars are parked side by side.

What materials can I build a double garage from?

The list is relatively endless, but the most common garage materials include:

Wood. This gives a pretty and rustic aesthetic but can be extremely costly, depending on the variety of wood used.

Metal. Generally speaking, metal builds are prefabricated garages and have an industrial look to them.

Concrete. Again, this tends to be a material used in the prefab world.

Bricks or blocks. These are the generally preferred building materials, when constructing an on-site addition and should be utilised by a professional team of contractors.

How much does it cost to build a double garage?

According to recent studies, you should be willing to spend in the region of £15,000 for a double garage and that would actually only cover a very basic build. When you think that you need to pay someone to build the walls and also dig the foundations, lay a concrete pad and then finish everything in an aesthetically pleasing way, the sky really is the limit as to how much you could spend. Of course, the materials and professionals that you choose will have a huge bearing on the final cost, as will any optional technology, such as electric doors and lighting.

Which door types work well for double garages?

Given that your garage will be at least 6m wide, you need to think about whether you’d prefer a single door or two smaller ones. From there, you can start to narrow your criteria down according to the materials you like and can afford, as well as the finished style that you are hoping to achieve. For example, if you are building a rustic double garage, in a rural location, you might like two sets of double stable doors, to tie the look together. Other commonly selected styles include:

- Retractable doors

- Roller doors

-Hinged doors

- Electric doors

Who should build a double garage?

This is a tricky question, as naturally, you’ll want to save money where possible and might consider building your own garage, if you aren’t a stranger to DIY projects. While we commend your courage, we only really recommend this course of action if you know exactly what you are doing and have selected a prefabricated design, as these are typically very simple to construct and have little margin for error, given that they arrive in a number of large panels and simply need screwing together.

For anything a little more involved, such as a double garage with a pitched roof design or one that needs to be built from bricks or blocks, hiring an experienced and talented professional could save you time and, in the long run, money. You’ll get certain guarantees of quality craftsmanship when hiring a recognised expert, which will give you exceptional peace of mind.

Where do I find the right contractor to build my garage?

References are key, which means asking family and friends if they have any contractors that they can recommend, but don’t be shy about knocking on somebody’s door, if they have the perfect garage! Most people will be only too happy to tell you who they had build it and if they would recommend them.

Always ask for quotes from a few different contractors, to see what average price you will be looking at and don’t forget to check on the internet if you want to find some objective reviews of their work.

If you are still unsure of where to start looking for the right contractor, the homify directory is a top resource for locating nearby tradespeople