Country dressing room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes a perfect country style dressing room?

A dressing room is one of the most luxurious rooms in a home and one in which you should enjoy spending time getting ready before the beginning of your day! A perfect country dressing room should include many aspects which create a homely and welcoming feel. For example, having wooden furniture, a large mirror and flowing curtains.

There are hundreds of different options to choose from when it comes to dressing rooms depending on how you would like to decorate your country style space, with homify you can browse many different pictures in order to get a feel for what you like!

Options which make a perfect country style dressing room could include having classic wooden cabinets or wardrobes, in order to store all of your clothes, soft lighting, and warm walls. If the space is tight, then having good storage is essential!

Where can I find country style dressing room ideas and inspiration?

There are many different places which you can find inspiration for a dressing room, whether this is online or in magazines. You may also consider asking friends to see how they have changed their space, especially if they have a particularly good eye for country style. One of the best places to look is here on homify. You can check out many different rooms in different styles, this brings you an extensive range of dressing rooms ideas and inspirations to choose from.

Designs and information have been collaborated by experts to give you some of the best pictures online! Everything has been put together in an easy and convenient platform for designing and remodelling your existing dressing room into a country style dressing room. Here you will also be able to find a broad range of dressing room colours and dressing room furniture to choose from that helps you build an ideal country style dressing room.

Remember that you can save your favourite pictures into an ideabook and even add text so that you remember exactly what is was that you liked about each piece when it comes to designing later!

How can I decorate my dressing room in a country style?

There are many variations on country style, if you like a more traditional look then darker colours work very well. However, if you prefer to have a country style with a modern twist then it is important to decorate your room in brighter colours so that it encourages more light to enter the room. You should also include mirrors in your dressing room – this is crucial but can also make a space look bigger than it is, always a plus for a small country style room!

Getting enough lighting into your dressing room is important too as you will be preparing yourself for the whole day here! Natural light helps in easy understanding of colours and also provide a soothing environment for you to dress up your look. You should consider making use of hanging and suspended lamps to generate an ideal country style dressing room look.

If you are truly trying to create a country style which has old fashioned touches then make use of vintage mirrors or mirrors with wooden frames! You may be able to find some of these options very cheaply too! Wooden furniture is a major plus when it comes to creating this look easily! Make use of wooden dressing room furniture that includes a wooden chest of drawers.

Also, remember that for a country style dressing room you should include a good amount of storage so that the space is uncluttered.

What wall colour should I choose for a country style dressing room?

With the country style, you will be able to choose from a range of different colours. This is definitely one of the benefits of this look as opposed to that of the neutral colours needed for a modern style. Depending on whether you like an old fashioned style or something more up to date, you will find that your colour choice can determine this a lot.

Often darker colours are not suggested in a small space as they can make it look unappealing, which is not ideal in an already smaller room. However, if you would really like to use one dark room then the idea of having just one wall in this colour could still mean your space remains tasteful.

It is often wise to opt for subtle colours and shades—these colours not only give an illusion of space but also add to the brightness which is a highly desired feature in a dressing room. This works very well for the more up to date country style! White, off-white, pale white and even ivory is a perfect choice for a country style dressing room.

What type of flooring should I put in a country style dressing room?

Choosing the right flooring for your country style dressing room is important as it plays a huge role in the décor. You will find that wooden flooring can create a very sophisticated and up to date look, however, it can be an expensive choice depending on the material which you use. If you feel that wooden flooring is not for you, then carpeting works very well – often in a lighter colour! The country style dressing room also works well with rugs as they accentuate the overall look and feel of the room. They not only provide soft flooring, but also help you in easy standing while you try your clothes. For a country style dressing room, bright colours like brown, orange and golden can also work perfectly with the wooden décor.

You may want to consider speaking to a professional. With homify you will be able to find many different people with the directory who are willing to help you with your flooring needs! If you have a vague idea of what you would like but feel that having more information is better, then you will be able to check through many people who are near you.

Are there any specific tips for decorating a country style dressing room? 

A great idea for a country style dressing room which works well if you have the option is leaving wooden beams bare or even the doors and window frames too! This draws attention to the colours of the room and works very well! Other tips for decorating a country style dressing room are making use of the earthy and natural feel of the room by allowing more light and fresh air to enter this area.

You should also include mirrors, perhaps a large wooden framed mirror works best for the style but make sure it does not overcrowd the room! You may also want to include small touches if you have the space as these can bring a major change. Try including family portraits and pictures on one of the shelves.

The dressing room furniture also holds a lot of importance in the overall design of your room too. You should try to have some bright and vibrant colours on a brown base or golden base!

How do I accessorize my country style dressing room?

There are many different ways in which you can accessories a country style dressing room, from using mirrors and pictures to having the right colours. Perhaps you could also make use of colourful planters as they add beauty which is ideal in a dressing room.

Furniture such as dressing tables and chairs also work well if you have the space – you could add country style cushions to your place to sit and include a vanity mirror too. Adding lights around a vanity mirror is a simple accessory which works well!

What can I do if I have a small dressing room?

A small dressing room does not need to cause you any problems and can even help add to a country cosy feel if done correctly! With homify you will find an enormous amount of designs and patterns to choose from!

Small dressing rooms require you to be more creative and utilise all of the space so you are left with an efficient space! Ideas such as instead of bulky wooden cabinets and cupboards you could opt for wooden wall mounted shelves to store and hang all your apparels.

Storage is extremely important too so remember to make use of vertical storage space to stack up organizers and boxes as per use and convenience.

Which dressing room design is right for me?

There are many different designs which you can choose from other than just the country style! With homify you can find inspiration across the website. Remember to save all your favourite pictures to an ideabook so that you know exactly what it was you liked about each! The perfect design is dependent on the available space and the location of the dressing room but with planning and time you can create a beautiful home easily! Here are some more styles and ideas to choose from.

Classic dressing rooms

A classic dressing room should provide a glamourous room to get changed in with elegant décor and efficient lighting! You may decide to invest in more expensive furniture for this look and employ love seats and darker colours. This syle will be in fashion for years to come.

Rustic dressing rooms

A rustic dressing room also creates a homely feel but also adds a vintage touch with antique designs and a beautiful interior. Other great options for this look include flowery prints and the use of different colours – unlike that of the minimalist style.

Modern style dressing rooms

A modern style dressing room should be kept to light colours and you should make sure that the room appears large and comfortable but also very stylish! Including mirrors and strategic positioning of lighting, such as behind mirrors or hidden under cupboard, works very well!