Modern dressing room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes a perfect modern dressing room?

A perfect modern dressing room is a place which should inspire you in the mornings before you begin your day! The choices for a modern style dressing room can also be endless, for example, it could be a place of lavish style with elaborate expression or just a simple room with just a basic dressing table and dressing closets.

You should remember that there are many different components to designing a modern dressing room, from the furniture to the colours used, everything should be taken into account! For this look you have the ability to experiment with the closets, walls, and cabinets to make sure you have a place which you enjoy changing in! You should keep in mind that everything in your modern dressing room should be chic, so researching some options in advance is a good idea.

The use of modern style means you should keep the choices of colour in your dressing room to neutral options, these work best and you will find that the look will stay up to date for a long time, unlike if you choose brighter colours! Another simple tip is to use wallpaper which is of a modern style too. If you plan your modern dressing room correctly, then you will find the design can enrich the whole experience of dressing for daily and special occasions!

Where can I find modern dressing room ideas and inspiration?

Once you begin looking, you will find that there are many places from which you can find ideas for a modern dressing room. Options include magazines, friends’ homes and even online. Online, you will find that a great option for searching for inspiration is here on homify. There is an extensive range of modern dressing room ideas and inspiration!

Everything on homify has been put together in order to create an easy and convenient platform to help you design your perfect modern dressing room. Here you can also save all of your favourite pictures into an ideabook. One of the great features of this is that you can also add text to help you remember what it is that you liked about each picture!

Other options which you should take into account could be viewing show homes and even speaking to professional interior designers as they will have extensive knowledge on how best to use your space! Although their work may not be cheap, they can be invaluable if you are at a loss for where to begin!

How can I decorate my dressing room in a modern style?

The modern style can be one which is fun to design. You will find that the look is pretty simple to create, so long as you stick to the styling guide. Extensive research is a great idea for this look though as it means you can be sure you know exactly what you would like before you begin the process!

There are some key tips which you should keep in mind before you begin though, so making sure you know your budget is essential. Before you can properly plan out your design, you should be aware of how much decorating your perfect modern dressing room will be. This will save you from recalculating the budget. You should also make sure to accurately measure the space in your dressing room before you begin buying furniture too! This way you can make sure to find options which are suitable.

If you have a large dressing room then you could include closets, a vanity table and storage. However, if you have a smaller room, this does not mean that you cannot create a perfect modern dressing room, as the look is often about minimalism anyway! Always remember how important lighting is in your home too! The right illumination is something which you should work on to make sure you enjoy spending time changing in your dressing room!

A good idea which you should adopt for your modern dressing room is the use of mirrors. For example, you could choose a full length mirror for one wall and if possible incorporate another mirror to help make the room look larger too. This will ensure space illusion and will help you in getting the right view of yourself!

What wall colour should I choose for a modern dressing room?

For a modern dressing room, you will often find that the best choices, not matter which room you are decorating, are those which are neutral or light!

However, for a modern dressing room you could also include bolder choices which may add a more personal touch. Options such as having wallpaper just on one wall work very well but do remember to arrange colours in the right combination and contrast to ensure your room has a good atmosphere! In order to make sure your room remains of a high standard, you should always make sure that your paints and wall paper should be of good quality, although this option may be more expensive, it will last longer and will provide a right finish to the dressing room.

What type of flooring should I put in a modern dressing room?

There are many choices for modern flooring and these all depend on your personal choices. The options may be overwhelming if you have not designed a home before. However, with enough research, you should easily find the best choice for you! Depending on whether you prefer carpet or wooden flooring, there is always a suitable option and both of these work very well for the modern look. As well as your options with the type of flooring you may like, there are also options in the colours which you think will fit best for your modern dressing room! It is important that colours of flooring should be chosen with care as they should also supplement the wall colours too! It is a great idea to consult a professional if you find there are too many options to choose from and with homify you will be able to find many people who are close to you!

Are there any specific tips for decorating my dressing room? 

In order to create a perfect modern dressing room, you need to make sure that everything in the room reflects your personal tastes. This way you can know that your dressing room will be a desirable place for you to spend your time changing! Ideas which work very well for the modern style include using colours that appeal to your eyes and accessories that are useful and minimal.

Remember to take into account the specifics of a room too, for example, the height of your furniture should work within the space and storage should be sufficient for your personal needs. You should also take into account the lighting which you are using in your room as it should be bright enough to allow you to dress to impress!

How do I use accessories to make my dressing room modern?

In home design, you will find that the accessories you choose can seriously change the style of the room. So making sure you only use modern style accessories is important! For example, you should include pieces which are chic and white – from lipstick cases to vanity boxes, everything should fit neatly into the style! Remember your accessories are used for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the dressing room, not to clutter up the space unnecessarily.

What if I have a small dressing room?

You should not view a small dressing room as a problem! Instead, you will find that it can be a great way to make sure everything is kept compact and your style is truly modern. Sufficient storage is very important for this look, so if you do not know how to create a truly modern style, you should consider enlisting the help of an interior designer as they would be the perfect person to help make sure your room is fit for your needs! In order to make the room appear larger, you should consider using bright lights and mirrors! You should also make sure not to clutter up your space by including many different accessories.

What are the other different styles of dressing rooms?

Once you begin looking into designing your dressing room, you will find that there are many different options out there. With homify you’re able to choose the room which you would like to decorate and then choose the style; this makes browsing ideas and inspirations a lot easier! Make sure you have explored many options so that you know exactly what you would for your home! Below are some of the popular options which you should consider too.

Industrial style dressing room:

The Industrial style dressing room is one which requires a lot of work in order to get the mood correct. However, it is becoming increasingly more popular among home owners. This look requires using colours which are more metallic and sometimes darker than the modern look. You should also include more wood and metal in this look too as it works very well here! There are many different examples on homify for you to check out!

Scandinavian dressing room:

The Scandinavian dressing room is one which incorporates a feeling of homeliness but also style. This look should be fun to create as you can include neutral tones but also mix it up with blues and greens. Options such as having white wicker chairs with comfortable cushions is also a good idea for this look, so long as you have the space! Make sure to include small Scandinavian accessories too – check out homify to give you some inspiration!