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Garage door design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How many types of garage door are there?

Whether you need doors for a single or double garage, there are a standard number of styles to choose from and it is generally just the size that will differ. With double garages, things get a little more complex, as you have to decide whether you want one door, spanning the entire width, or two, to break up the façade. The most common types of doors are:

Retractable. Often electrical and also known as ‘up and over doors’, these, like rollers, maximise the amount of usable space inside, once the door is open. They are also known for being some of the easiest styles to hang and give a very contemporary look, though you can select a more rustic material, should you not want the standard metal finish.

Roller. These are similar to retractable doors, but are faceted in a way that they do not open as one static slab, but instead, properly curl up, to minimise wasted interior space. They can be made to almost any size and are extremely cost-effective.

Sectional. These operate like a roller door, look like a retractable, but ‘fold’ in the middle as you open and close your garage. They are very suitable for larger garages.

Hinged. Generally made from wood, these might seem like the simplest style, but their fitment is rather specialist. Fitting inside the frame, you need to be sure that you’ve made allowances when you order hinged doors, otherwise fitting will be very tricky. Many people opt for glazed panels in hinged doors, to mimic the look of the main house.

What materials are garage doors generally made from?

While we’d like to say that anything goes, you need to be thinking about security, weight and weather resistance, when it comes to selecting the perfect garage doors. The most frequently chosen materials include:

Wood. Great for a sturdy and stoic finish, wooden doors look best outside a more traditional home, though modern sleek styles are fast becoming very popular too. Easy to personalise and carve, wood remains a firm favourite.

Steel. Heavy-duty and great for security, steel garage doors have long been popular, but can be a little bit too heavy, if you need an exceptionally large door.

Aluminium. A modern alternative to heavy steel doors, aluminium will never rust and is light to operate. You’ll find this is a cost-effective solution as well and aluminium can be used to make basically any style of door.

Fibreglass. Pretty, light and easy to maintain, fibreglass garage doors were designed to offer a little more glamour, as they can be moulded into a variety of very attractive styles, if you’d like to mirror a decorative front door. These can be very cost-effective too.

Vinyl. Rigid, rugged and easy to finish in a more beautiful and textural style, vinyl garage doors offer the convenience of fibreglass and the customisation potential of real wood.

What are standard UK garage door sizes?

Although many people will have a custom garage built, leading to a bespoke door as well, for a more standard installation, UK garage doors are generally set to the following dimensions:

Height:  7 feet

Width: 8ft for one car: 16ft for two cars.

Naturally, if there are any building restrictions or difficulties with your design, this is changeable, but these are the widely accepted UK standard sizes.

How much does a garage door cost?

So many factors will affect the final cost of any garage door, but if we start with a really basic, single door, you should be expecting to pay in the region of £300 as a base minimum. For a double garage, prices will start at around £500. There really isn’t an upper limit as to what you can spend, if money is no option, but remember that these base prices do not include any fitting or fixtures.

Things to consider when calculating the cost of your potential garage doors include:

- Materials

- Technology (are the doors electric)

- Security fixtures

- How easy they will be to fit

Who should install garage doors?

While it might seem like a simple task, fitting garage doors properly really is a job for the professionals. The amount of precision measuring and the sheer weight of some of the doors alone means that you don’t want to risk getting things wrong. Generally, the company that you buy your doors from will offer a fitting service as well, so be sure to look for reviews and use them as part of your final decision making process.

If you decide to fit your doors yourself, always make sure that your garage is clear of debris, that you have easy access to the frame and have all your components and tools laid out, close to hand.