Modern garage and shed ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect modern garage?

A perfect modern garage should be a place which you are able to store everything that you do not want in your home in a tidy and organised way! A perfect modern garage should have sufficient storage and be aesthetically pleasing. Making sure you do not have a cluttered space is also very important but this can take a lot of work to get right, especially if you do not have a large space but a lot of stuff! However, by using homify you will be able to find many ideas from built­ins like shelves to drawers, cabinets and labels.

Modern garage storage ideas and inspiration

The modern style is a very popular style currently, so finding ideas for your modern garage should not be too difficult. You can draw inspiration from many different places, such as friends’ homes, family or magazines. One of the best places to find inspiration if here on homify. There are hundreds of storage ideas on homify, you will be able to use the filters to make sure you are only looking at the pictures which help you! Another benefit of using homify is that you will be able to save your favourite pictures into an ideabook which you can then use later. This will help you remember which storage ideas are best for you!

You will also find that just by looking around different shops, you will be able to find storage ideas which are great for your garage. Depending on the materials you prefer, there are many different options for everyone!

Modern garage shelving comes mainly in three types:

Metal Shelves: These are often the most popular choice as they are strong, which works well for a garage. They are also easy to clean, which means storing heavy tools and dirtier outdoor items is not a problem. They work best if you have lots to store and choosing the right colour can give a very modern look.

Wooden Shelves: These shelves work well for the modern look but are often a lot more difficult to clean if you end up spilling on them! A good idea is to make sure you don’t spend too much money on your shelves as you will often find that this is a waste, unless you spend a lot of time here.

Plastic Shelves: If you intend on storing light items in your garage, then plastic shelves are a good way to go. They are also a cheaper alternative too. If you do not have a lot of space in your garage, then plastic shelves can help save a lot of space.

How can I set up my garage in a modern style?

In order to set your garage up in a modern style, there are many tips and tricks which you should follow. For example, making sure your space is not cluttered before you begin creating a perfect modern style is essential. Clutter can severely ruin the look of your garage! If you have a large garage, then you will be able to use the space to enjoy rather than just for storage. Ideas include having a snooker table or a table tennis table so that you have somewhere to enjoy playing which does not clutter up your home. Modern garage ideas are often simple, you should incorporate light colours and streamlined pieces! If you intend on keeping your car in your garage, then make sure you have enough space to do this!

What does a modern garage cost?

A modern garage should not be too expensive as you may not often be using this room. However, you will find that it is very easy to spend a lot of money on shelves and equipment once you begin! If you choose expensive materials, then the bill for your garage may be pricier than you had hoped. Make sure your space reflects your tastes, but also look out for cheaper options and always do your research before you begin putting your garage together. This is the easiest way to make sure you do not spend too much or get ripped off! You will find that a garage conversion can be a very expensive choice but for the modern look you should remember that less is more – this mind set can help you not overspend! You can make a functional and aesthetically pleasing garage in small spaces too. There is absolutely no need for building materials which are too expensive!

What do I need to consider when building a modern garage?

When you begin building a modern garage, you should keep many things in mind – from the size to the shape of your space. If you need to leave space to fit your car in, then this needs to be taken into account – having to make space once you have already fitted shelves is not desirable! You should also make sure to keep your budget in mind throughout your planning to make sure you are not left surprised when you realise how much you have spent. When creating a perfect modern garage, you will find that your materials can quickly mount up in price if you are not careful with your options. A modern garage door could be as simple as having a stainless steel option or you could choose more sophisticated materials to use throughout your space such as including timber, oak and metals.

A very important point to consider for your modern garage is the storage which you will use and the items which need to be stored. If you need a lot of space to store sports equipment, then your storage will be very different to if you are storing heavy materials and gardening tools. If you are at a loss as to how to start designing your modern garage, then speaking to a professional such as an interior designer could really help! Check out some of your options on homify.

Tips for optimizing garage storage

If you have decided to create a modern garage, then one of the main aims for this look is to keep it as simplistic as possible. This can be very difficult if you have a lot to store and so making sure you have optimised storage is very important. Having intelligent space management is the way to go! It is wise to make sure you have enough space to store your car before you begin incorporating options for other storage. There are many different options to choose from such as have built in shelves or racks for bikes and sports equipment.

What to watch out for when converting a garage

Converting a garage can be a very costly process if you do not know where to begin. Keep your budget in mind at all times. You will find that converting a garage does not need to be expensive and there is a lot you can do with some paint and shelves! As you will not be spending a lot of time in your garage, creating a modern look here can be simple – unlike in your kitchen, for example, where having a flawless finish would be more important. You need to take into account, the door in your garage, the walls, the storage and also the flooring. Having strong and sturdy flooring is very important.

Modern garage conversion ideas

If you are converting your garage, you should make sure that you have done sufficient research before you begin spending any money! You will be able to find many different ideas on homify, from adding French doors to turning your garage into a gym; there are hundreds of options to choose from! A garage is also a great place to use your DIY skills, whether this is putting up shelves or painting the space yourself. You could also use the

garage as a family room – bring in comfortable places to sit or even games, such as table tennis, to play. The best way to make sure your garage truly works in the modern style is to make sure the space is not cluttered, so remember to throw out anything that you don’t need as soon as possible.

Which other styles could I choose for my garage?

There are many different styles to choose from for your home, it can often be overwhelming. If you are unsure of where to begin, you should check out some of the most popular looks on homify! Below are some of the options to choose from and you can easily use the filter to make sure you are only looking at the style and room you prefer!

How to: industrial style garage

The industrial style is becoming increasingly popular and it would work very well for a garage as it relies on having lots of metal and wood – darker colours work very well here. You can also incorporate exposed brick surfaces, which is an easy option for garages too.

How to: Scandinavian garage

The Scandinavian style is one which works very well in modern homes. Many homeowners choose this look as it is relaxing and easy to create. From choosing wooden doors, white walls and the occasional hint of colour – you can easily create a

How to: minimalist garage

A minimalist style garage is a lot like a modern style – it also should be uncluttered! You should take into account the storage in your minimalist garage and make sure that you discard anything that is unnecessary before you begin planning your home. White and neutral colours work well in a minimalist garage and you can also incorporate wooden doors too. On homify there are many ideas for your minimalist garage style!