Country garden design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect country garden?

A perfect country garden should be somewhere you want to spend lots of time! The style should be peaceful and colourful while incorporating lots of country aspects. This could include a large lawn, if you have the space, lots of plants and comfortable country style chairs to relax in. Other ideas which would work well to create a perfect country garden would be having a white wooden fence and small pathways or patios. You should also incorporate tasteful furniture which is low maintenance to add an old fashioned look to the area. Options such as having a garden shed and small accessories dotted around the garden also work well for making your space feel country like. Whether you live in the suburbs or the country, this style should not be hard to recreate with a little imagination and forethought.

Where can I find country garden design ideas?

There are now hundreds of places which you can get country garden design ideas, from magazines to online. Many garden magazines have a brought range of choices and this way you can keep your favourite pictures all in one place to refer back to later. You should also take ideas from gardening shops, friend’s houses and even the countryside itself – choosing your favourite plants is easy this way. One of the best places to find ideas for country style gardens is on homify. This way you are able to easily filter your choices to make sure you are only looking at the styles which you prefer. Once you have found pictures which you like, you can save them into an ideabook which can later be referred back to in order to help you plan and design your perfect country style garden. You can even use homify to find experts who can give you additional tips and advice in planning, designing and creating!

How do I create a functional country garden?

Before you begin planning your country style garden, you should do your homework and make sure you know what you need for a garden of your size and how best you can create the country style. Research is an important part of home planning as you will have to live with results or suffer through expensive changes! Depending on what you want to use your garden for, there are many different decisions to make. For example, if you hope to use the space to spend a lot of time socialising, then you should consider having a large table and many chairs so that you have a relaxing place to spend time during the summer months. If you are more interested in having a space in which you can grow different plants and vegetables, then making sure you choose the right soil and have a dedicated space is very important. If you do not have a green thumb, then choosing many different plants to have to look after is a bad idea.

To have a truly functional space, you should consider the layout of your garden. Do you need a garden shed? In which case there are many country options to choose from, or should you consider just having good storage located in a garage to make sure your garden is clutter free. You should also consider having small pathways and rows in your garden to create a streamlined and welcoming space. Remember to make sure that your garden furniture is placed in accessible areas and does not hinder the growth of your lawn or plants.

Where can I find small garden ideas?

There are many ideas which suit a small garden very well. You may need to spend more time planning your garden choices, from plants to furniture, but you will also find that your options are not limited too much by space if you are wise with your options. A small garden is great for houses which are in the city as they require less maintenance but are still an inviting place to sit during the summer months. For ideas on how to decorate a garden in the city, you should keep your eyes peeled and check out your neighbours, friends’ and family’s gardens to draw inspiration from! A smaller garden can be much easier to turn into a small paradise. With homify you will be able to find many different ideas! Check out some of the ideabooks which are based on small gardens and you will be amazed by what you can do with such a small space. You should also spend time browsing through the category of small garden ideas to find something suitable for your taste too.

How do I effectively plan a country garden?

Planning is very important when it comes to having a garden which you enjoy spending time in. Effective planning involves doing your research, finding out exactly what you like and then determining the best way to do this on your budget and with your space. If you are hoping to create a beautiful lawn and garden with many plants, then you should know all the details which are involved in doing this. This could include making sure you have the perfect soil, what the weather conditions in your town allow for and whether you need a hose pipe too. Checking out many different flower options is wise too - you need to know whether your country style choices will grow properly in your area of the country! If you are serious about having a garden which can be used for growing plants and vegetables, then you could even look into getting a green house. This may be expensive but would effectively grow your plants! Make sure you feel the purchase is worth it in advance.

What about a country patio, terrace and garden decking ideas?

In order to create a cosy garden in which you can enjoy relaxing in; a patio, terrace or decking would work brilliantly. You can create a place to sit with your family and friends this way and if done right then it does not have to cost you too much money either! Make sure that your patio or terrace design complements your country style garden – this could involve a white coating or wood. Once you have chosen which patio, terrace or garden decking you prefer – you should consider speaking to a professional to make sure that you can get the work done quickly and for a good price!

What country garden furniture can I use?

There are hundreds of options to choose from for garden furniture from tables, chairs, hammocks and benches. Country garden furniture should be kept simple and classic to tie in with the style. You should try incorporating a table and chairs for a comfortable place for your friends and family to enjoy sitting outside. A great idea which you can use to incorporate some country style aspects is to bring in cushions and linen in patters which work well with this look. Another great option which you can use if you have old furniture is to paint your chairs and tables to create a new look – this way you don’t have to spend money on new furniture either. The use of old-fashioned cane chairs or metal patio furniture is another option which works well here, but remember to keep your budget in mind.

What is the right garden decor for me?

The country style works very well for anyone who prefers an old-fashioned look. Although the country style can be updated with simple tricks and brighter colours, it often works best with floral prints and classic flowers. With homify you will be able to find talented garden experts and professionals who can help make sure your garden is perfect for you!

How do I know which plants are right for my garden?

If you intend on growing a beautiful, large garden, then knowing which plants are right should be one of your top priorities! If you have not grown your own garden before then remember to check online to find out which are the best choices for you. Another option is to speak to a professional – you can find many different professionals on homify! Remember to consider the weather conditions in your county while designing your country garden. Another consideration is how much time you are willing to spend outside throughout the year! If you do not want to maintain a large garden, the perhaps a low maintenance lawn is a better choice for you!

How can I put together other popular garden designs?

If you are unsure about whether the country style is the best choice for you, then perhaps you should consider some of the many different options which you can find on homify! Belo are some of the popular choices which are often used when styling gardens. You should make sure to save your favourite pictures into an ideabook so that you can refer back to them when you are buying pieces for your garden!

How to: Modern style gardens

The modern style is one which is becoming very popular amongst home owners. For this look, you can choose lavish pieces or accessories which may not work for the country style or a minimalist look. The modern look is about creating a streamlined appearance in a chic way. Perhaps you could consider including fountains, bird feeders or statues.

How to: Scandinavian style gardens

A Scandinavian style garden should involve bright coloured flowers in small patches, white picketed fences and comfortable tables and chairs – perhaps with blue or green cushions! This look is very popular as it creates a modern look with a more personalised twist! Check out some of the best Scandinavian home designs on homify!