Glass door design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Why choose glass doors?

Glass doors are a wonderful option for your home as they allow for great light flow, don’t divide your interior into small proportions and can lend themselves perfectly to a number of styles and aesthetics. They also offer a great connection to external spaces, even when you don’t want to physically be outside, especially when you select glass patio doors.

What designs are possible with glass doors?

Well, how long is a piece of string? Don’t get bogged down by the fact that glass used to be considered as a delicate material, as these days, it is wonderfully hardy, which means that it can be tempered and used to create striking visuals, for both interior doors and those leading to external spaces. Some of the most popular glass door designs include:

Clear: Perfect for any style of frame, clear glass panels offer a crystal clear view into a space, which is why they are frequently used in wooden doors that are inside a home.

Square leaded: For period homes that have a lot of traditional glazing in place, square leaded door designs are very popular. These can even be imitated in uPVC frames, which means this design is suitable for interior and exterior doors, without negating on privacy. Leaded style can be tricky to clean though.

Diamond leaded: As the name suggests, these are exceptionally similar to square leaded doors, but with a slightly different pattern. These are often thought to be a little prettier.

Georgian bar: A particularly chunky and dramatic style of glass leading that is often used in interior French doors.

Obscured: For rooms that need a little more privacy, such as your bathroom, obscured doors are particularly popular. You will find that the glass itself is often frosted or impregnated with a complex pattern, so as to not block light flow, but distort the clarity of vision. Sliding glass doors and pocket doors are often finished with obscured glazing, so as to prevent people walking into them.

Half-glass: In the UK, we are particularly fond of half-glazed doors, which mean that a patterned or clear pane of glass is inset into the top section of a doorframe. Front doors, in particular, went through a phase of being designed like this.

Cleaning and maintaining glass doors.

While glass doors are an undeniably attractive and stylish addition to a home, they will need a little more care and maintenance than say solid wood varieties. This is because the surface will be prone to smears and greasy marks, not to mention damage, so what will you need to commit to, to enjoy longevity?

Cleaning your glass: We would say that you will need to clean your glass doors at least once a week, but in reality, it will be more often than that. You should expect to give your glass a quick spritz and wipe over roughly every other day, as greasy fingerprints will quickly collect. Be sure to not attempt glass cleaning during the hottest or sunniest part of a day, however, as your liquid will dry too quickly and leave you with sun spots.

Frame cleaning: Before you clean your glass, give your frame a perfunctory wipe as well. If you do this the other way around, you might get your glass wet again and need to buff out any smears.

Lubricate your mechanisms: In order to prevent stiff operating, which could lead to slamming and damaged glass panels, you should make sure that you lubricate your door mechanism once a year. This will include hinges or roller rails.

Why safety glass is recommended.

Safety glass is absolutely the best option when you are considering glass doors for your home, as it has been specifically manufactured to minimise fallout, should a door be broken. You might think that the likelihood of breaking a door made of glass is low, but you might be surprised to learn that the most common cause of breakage is people walking into them, when they can’t see that they are there. If you have children, this will obviously be a huge concern, but you can still embrace the classy aesthetic that glass doors offer, by choosing safety glass, which is laminated to remain in one easy to remove piece, even when shattered.

How much do glass doors cost?

Complexity of design, decoration and surrounding frame materials will all play a part in the costs associated with glass doors, but in general, you should expect to pay anything from £60 for a very basic, single door, up to thousands of pounds for sliding doors and folding patio door designs. Researching reputable door manufacturers and suppliers will give you a more exact idea of how much you are likely to need to spend and the homify professionals directory is a great place to start.