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homify has a lot to offer for home gym ideas. If you are feeling out of shape, then surely the best way to ensure you do exercise is to have a fitness room right in your own home. Whether you start your regime at morning or night, having a fitness room means you’re more likely to enjoy your workout. However, for many this option has to remain a dream. Thankfully, there are different ways you can bring fitness into your home without spending too much. Checking out ideas online is a great way to be inspired.

From yoga mats in the corner of a room to expensive elliptical equipment there is something for everyone. Reading fitness and home magazines may give you some good ideas as well as checking out your local gym and speaking to professionals. With homify there are hundreds of pictures and ideas which you can use to give you a good idea of the direction you should go in! From here you can save all of your inspiration into one place: the ideabook! This helps you collate all your favourite pictures so that you can reference it in the future, this way you are also able to add text so you remember what you liked about the picture!

What is the perfect home gym design?

The perfect home gym design is one which you know you will want to use. There is no point in spending a lot of money on elliptical equipment if you prefer to do yoga or dance! Every home gym should be personal to the home owner; otherwise you are unlikely to want to spend any time in there and may end up resenting the cost!

Another important factor of a beautiful home gym is to make sure you have enough storage space so the room does not become cluttered. Whether this is a place to store your weights or bikes, the proper storage is definitely worth researching! Of course, everything depends on personal taste, but with homify’s pictures, you’ll be able to find a brilliant option for you! Brwose through homify's home gym images to find the perfect one for your style.

Where can I find home gym ideas?

There are many brilliant options for finding home gym ideas. If you regularly visit a gym then finding out which equipment and models are your favourite is a good idea so you can research these options. You can also speak to others who have home gyms, or even trainers who know some of the best equipment to buy.

Most of your decisions should be based on which sports you prefer doing. Spending time researching the best ideas, whether this is a yoga room, which should be calm and relaxing, or a fast paced spinning room, there are hundreds of different options. Your budget also factors highly in this decision. If you are unable to afford expensive equipment then wasting time researching this is not a good idea!

A great idea is to use the homify website in order to find some inspiration for your home gym. With the directory you can easily filter your search to find themes and styles which suit your own personal tastes. Whether you are hoping to find eclectic home gyms, classic styles or modern ideas, there is definitely something for everyone.

How do I go about building a home gym?

When building your home gym, you will come across many different issues. Does all the equipment you want to buy fit in the room? Do you have the right storage? Each specific issue should be addressed properly. If you feel that you do not have the expertise or experience needed to create your home gym then you are able to hire a professional; whether this is an interior architect or designer, they will know how to help you.

Choosing the right flooring, wall colours and accessories for your room is also important. Creating an atmosphere which you enjoy spending time in is essential. You may also find that if you are buying expensive equipment then it is worth having someone to measure up the room and fit the equipment of your choice.

What wall colour should I choose for my home gym?

Whether you are continuing one theme throughout your house, which you would like to run into your gym as well, or whether you want to create a certain look with your gym, researching colours is important! Buying paint, or hiring a painter, can be an expensive process, especially if you do not like the colour after it has been painted. It is said that dark colours can create a depressing atmosphere, which is not desirable for a fitness room. The best option is something which creates a calm atmosphere which you are able to motivate yourself in! Having a lot of natural light in the room is also important; if you are able to have your home gym in a brightly lit room then you are more likely to want to do the exercise!

What flooring should I use for my home gym?

You may find that having the wrong flooring in your home gym can be disastrous and cost you a lot of money to replace in the long run, so doing your research in advance is essential. The material you choose needs to be able to withstand heavy equipment or many jumping jacks, depending on how you choose to use your room. If you need to drag weights or equipment around the room then making sure your flooring is scratch resistant is also very important. It is definitely worth consulting with a professional before you start work on your flooring. For this you are able to use homify, using the directory you can make sure that they have good reviews and even that they are close to you too!

What home gym equipment do I need?

The answer to this question is dependent on every person and the sports that they prefer. In many home gyms, you will find that there are some pieces of equipment which are essential – from weights to exercise mats; these cheaper options can still make your gym appear professional!

In order to truly know which pieces of equipment you will use, it is worth asking yourself questions such as; do you prefer running outside or inside? Do you prefer more or less intensive workouts? Would you use weights in your home? From here you can decide whether or not it is worth investing in the more expensive pieces of equipment. The range of exercise machines is huge, so making sure you have thoroughly researched the ones you would like to buy is a good idea.

How do I convert a spare room into a home gym?

If you have a spare room which you never use, then having a functional gym put in instead can be a much better idea for many home owners! This will often mean you are likely to live a healthier lifestyle, as you have the ability to exercise in comfort at the bottom of a corridor.

There are a few important steps to follow when converting a spare room into a home gym. If you already like the colour of the room then this can make the process a lot easier. However, stripping down the room, removing curtains and changing flooring can be a much bigger job which may require more work. This may also call for professionals; from interior architects who can model the room to how you like it, to painters required to make the room aesthetically pleasing. Another option is to hire a professional to fit your home gym equipment. If you choose a professional company then they may be willing to install the pieces for you. It is important to make sure that everything is secure before you start using it!

You will find that adding accessories is also a great way to make your home gym aesthetically pleasing and look more like a gym than a spare room! Useful accessories could include a sound system, TV or even a water cooler and mini fridge to store your drinks.

What style should I pick for my home gym?

Depending on the rest of your home, you may often find that choosing a style for your home gym should be based on this. Making sure you know what you would like your gym to look like before you begin is an important way to make sure you do not waste any money! With homify you are easily able to find inspiring pictures and you can exclusively search for the styles you like the most. This is the best way to make sure you are looking at and saving pictures that you like the most! Below are some of the styles which are most popular when people decide to build their own home gym.

More home gym stlyes

Modern style home gym

For a modern style home gym, you will be able to find many ideas on homify. The most obvious choice for this style is to have white, or neutral coloured walls and open spaces. Making sure the room is not cluttered is essential! Many homeowners enjoy having large mirrors in their modern style gyms; these can also be great for motivation! If you choose to have large pieces of equipment then choosing the modern style is a good idea as it often means that your home gym looks professional.

Rustic style home gym

Having a rustic style home gym may be a great way to add your own personality to the room and make you want to spend more time there. The use of pine and wood is often a great way to make a room look more rustic. If you have a lot of space, perhaps a garage, which you can convert into a home gym then you may consider creating a basketball rustic room. If you have a high ceiling then it is a brilliant place to have a hoop!

Minimalist style home gym

The minimalist style home gym is great for if you are interested in doing more relaxing exercises. Having

a minimalist style is a very popular option. If you are particularly interested in more relaxing exercises, such as yoga and pilates, then this option can work well. The colour scheme is often more neutral, perhaps with a few splashes of colour. Having a bright open space is important. You may also find that accessories for this style include plants and statues.

Eclectic style home gym

The eclectic style is often very popular amongst families as you can incorporate many different personalities within it. Bringing in different colours and accessories is great for this style too. Whether you decide to have one piece of elliptical equipment which is the main focus of the room and then surround this with smaller pieces of equipment, this can be a great family workout room. Another great thing about this look, as opposed to a classical style, is it doesn’t need to be too expensive!

Scandinavian style home gym

For the Scandinavian style home gym there are many brilliant options. If you have decided to create a home in the Scandinavian style then you will know that having neutral walls with splashes of colour are the best way to go. Having interesting pieces of home gym equipment and a decent sound system will really encourage you to get a sweat on every day!