Country gym design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect country style home gym?

The perfect country style home gym should be a place which encourages you to work out, even when you don’t particularly want to! You will find that a country style home gym is somewhere which you are able to push yourself while also being in comfort. This style is not one which is hard to recreate and you may even find that decorating is cheaper than many other looks as it does not require you having many high tech gadgets.

If you have a small budget then a good idea is to just make sure that there is enough space for laying a yoga mat or two down to ensure you can do exercise, even if you can’t afford high quality elliptical machines. There are many other factors which you may want to take into consideration too, including the lighting which you will be using – it is important to have a well-lit gym! You may also want to incorporate many other tricks such as having a mirrors or a bar to work out on too!

Country style home gym ideas & inspiration

In order to find ideas for your country style home gym, you will not have to look far! The country style is one which is very popular and so has been replicated in homes all over the world! Checking online should be your first port of call – there are hundreds of sites which can help you out, from personal blogs to right here on homify! We are dedicated to making it easy for you to find different ideas to help create a beautiful country style gym. By using the filters, you will be able to make sure you are only looking at the pictures which are relevant to you. Another great idea is to save all of your favourite pictures into an ideabook, this is an online scrapbook which can help you remember exactly what it was that you liked about each picture! You should also remember to add text to your pictures, which is possible with homify, as you will then know exactly what it was that you liked about this picture! Having a country style gym is the best way to keep fit in your favourite style, whether you decide to include a large amount of technology or simply just include a few pieces, such as a yoga matt and medicine ball. A country style gym should also inspire a feeling of cosiness which will encourage you to exercise even during the harsh winter months! If you feel that you have the space for a country style gym but are worried that you do not have the money to create a high tech gym, you should check out some of the cheaper options – many machines can now be found for cheaper prices! Go to your local gym and speak to fitness professionals to work out which of the exercise machines you are more likely to use!

How do I build a country style home gym?

If you intend on building a home from scratch, then you will have the luxury of being able to create a country style home gym to your tastes. A country style home gym should be a place which you want to spend time in! So make sure you have built it to match your needs. There are many different things to take into consideration, from wall colour to the size of the room! If you can afford to have a high tech country style home gym, then you will want to have a lot of space to ensure you can fit in all of your equipment.

If you have the space then you may also want to include some wooden furniture for storing your workout DVDs and a TV to help you out with motivation! Once your home has been built, you will find that there are many tips and tricks to help turn your home into a perfect country style haven.

What wall colour should I choose for my country style home gym?

The perfect country style wall colour should be one which inspires you to work out! Your wall colour should create a room which is light and welcoming. Having an old fashioned country style home gym will not work well with high tech equipment, so make sure you have a room which is bright! If you are building your home from scratch, then you may want to consider having a country style brick wall – this works perfectly for the look but may be very difficult to construct if you already have a plastered and painted wall! Another brilliant option for a country style home gym is to add different shades of wood to create added charm and brightness.

What flooring should I put in my home gym?

For a country style home gym, you will find that your flooring needs to be sturdy and non-slip, especially if you will have a lot of equipment! Depending on your tastes, you should be able to find a huge range of flooring which works brilliantly for your home, whether you prefer wood, tiles or laminate. You should keep your budget in mind and make sure you do not choose a floor which is likely to need replacing within a short amount of time. You should also consider the texture and impact resistance. On homify you will be able to find many brilliant ideas to choose from such as a rubber matt flooring, cork flooring, or cabin wood flooring. Remember to keep your country style in mind!

What home gym equipment do I need?

You will find that choosing the right gym equipment can be a long process. It is important to make sure you have pieces which make you want to spend time exercising, rather than wasting money and never entering your gym! There are many common fitness machines which you may want to consider – from cross trainers to rowing machines, if you have the budget your home gym could be extremely modern, even with a country theme! You should also take into account the exercise which you are going to want to do – if you’re unlikely to spend hours running, then perhaps having a yoga matt and exercise ball may work better for you!

How do I convert a spare room into a home gym?

Transforming a spare room into a home gym can be a very easy process if you already have wall colours and flooring which you like! You will find that a spare room only needs to be spruced up in order to be a place in which you want to spend your time. You should consider how much space you have in your spare room and whether this will warrant a fully equipped gym or whether having smaller equipment will have to suffice. Then, you will have to make a decision about the other technology which you may want to include such as a music system of TV. If you have a spare room with large glass windows, then make sure your equipment is facing these! A spare room is a place which is unlikely to be used very often, so changing it into a home gym could mean you have a space which is great for everyday use – you’ll just have to ask guests to sleep in your living room!

What style should I pick for my home gym?

If you’re just starting out with designing your dream home, then it is important to make sure you have chosen a style which you will still love in a few years’ time! So make sure to do enough research into all of your options. With homify you may find that it can be overwhelming to have so many different choices, however, the filter option should make everything easier as you will be able to find many different pictures in your favourite style without having to search through the rest! Below are some of the more popular options for home gyms which you can find on homify!

How to: Modern style home gym

A modern style home gym is one which you are happy to spend lots of time working out in. It should have up to date technology, wooden flooring and bright wall colours. You may even want to incorporate accessories such as a plant, a water cooler and a TV. This style works very well with neutral colours and the occasional statement piece.

How to: Rustic style home gym

A rustic style home gym is one which should feel welcoming and spacious. It should be a place which is brightly lit. If you are a dancer, then you may want to incorporate a large mirror and a bar in order to practice. If the room is large enough, then you could also include high-tech pieces which contrast with the old school rustic style

How to: Classic style home gym

A classic style home gym should be a place which appears expensive, even if it is not. Always keep your budget in mind when it comes to creating a classic style home as you will find that it is very easy to get carried away with the huge amount of choices you have. You will find that big glass windows and a simple yet chic ambiance are the best way to go here. Your home gym should be an elegant place with just the right amount of technology! Check out some of the best ideas on homify to give you an idea of what makes a perfect classic style home gym.