Modern gym design ideas & pictures l homify Modern gym design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Modern gym design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes a perfect modern home gym?

In order to create a perfect home gym, you need to assess many different factors before you begin designing. For example, the size of your room is very important so taking measurements to allow you to know which equipment will fit is a good idea. You should also take into account where the room is within your home – if you are able to have your home gym in a room which has large windows, then this will help for motivation! Otherwise, choosing the right lighting is very important. A perfect modern home gym should be somewhere which inspires you to work out even after a long day! Hopefully, you will want to spend time in this space so investing in the right equipment, flooring and wall colour is essential to ensure you have a space which is bright and modern!

Where can I find modern home gym design, ideas & inspiration 

In order to create a perfect gym, it is worthwhile putting in the time to research ideas in advance! There are hundreds of options for a modern home gym, from a small exercise corner of your office to a basement filled with exercise machines! Working out is a top priority of many people and so making sure your modern gym is right for you is important.

With homify you’ll be able to find many different ideas for your home gym. If you are feeling out of shape, then the best idea is to have some fitness equipment in your home to encourage you at any time of day! If you begin your research early then you will find that there are many different ways you can ensure that your home has a perfect modern gym, without spending too much money! Options such as just including a yoga matt can work very well and are a cheap choice! However, if you prefer to include something more high tech then you could also choose more expensive elliptical equipment!

If you are unsure of where to begin, then ideas could come from reading fitness and home magazines as they can give you some great ideas. Or you could also speak to a professional! With homify you’re able to find many different professionals in your area who can help you out!

How do I go about building a modern home gym?

Before you start building your home gym, it is essential that you know what you want to invest in. A modern home gym should be bright and airy as well as full of all the essentials which you need to create a perfect fitness room. You should measure the size of your room in advance to make sure that you can create a modern home gym properly! If you are hoping to include equipment which your whole family can use, then you should make sure to include necessities such as a yoga matt, elliptical machines, televisions and even a fridge. If you can build the room from scratch then a great idea is to have large windows in your room as this way you can make sure the light is natural!

Depending on which sport you practice, you should make sure you have enough space for this – if you would like to do yoga or dance, there should be room for movements!

What wall colour should I choose for a modern home gym?

Wall colours are very important in a modern style home. You should make sure that your choices are neutral and light in order to really fit in with the look. A modern home gym is a great idea as it can encourage a soothing feel and relaxation, which can be great after a long work out. Another great idea is to include mirrors in your home gym so you’re able to see yourself while working out, this should encourage you to work harder too! The modern style has a huge variety of options to choose from, you could include one wall of colour and mirrors, or keep the whole space neutral. Checking out your wall colour options in advance is advisable and always remember that you should invest in high quality paint now so that the look remains fresh for a longer period of time. Hiring a painter to do the work in your home is also a good idea as this means you will have a quality look, unlike if you have little experience and do it yourself!

What flooring should I put into a modern home gym?

Making sure you choose the right flooring for a modern home gym is essential as if you make the wrong choice, you could find that it could cost you a lot of money to replace in the long run. In order to prevent this you should remember to do research in advance. Things which you should look into include the colour of your floor, the material you would like to use and whether this can withstand heavy equipment which may even need to be dragged across the floor. Remember it is worth making sure your flooring is scratch resistant!

Choice for your modern home gym range from cork flooring to wood, or a choice which can be cheap and scratch resistant is laminate floor too. If you are unsure of where to begin, then you can find many professionals on homify who are able to help you with the best flooring choices for your modern home gym. Wood is a very popular choice for this look as it is both modern and stylish.

What home gym equipment do I need?

Before you can answer this question, you need to decide on which sports you would prefer to do in your home. It can be a very exciting task to create a place which you are able to get fit! For a modern home gym, you should include lighter coloured machines, if possible, and streamlined pieces to keep up with the look. You could also include weights along one wall as they are adaptable to any size room and also any form of exercise too. Another great option for if you have a small space is a pull up bar – make sure that your room is able to accommodate for this before you begin screwing holes into the ceiling though! A pull up bar is very useful for many different exercises though. Smaller ideas also include investing in resistance bands or jumping ropes as they are very versatile and can also provide a brilliant cardio routine. Another cheap option which does not rely on a lot of space is a medicinal ball as it can work very well if you intend on working out your core!

If you are hoping to have a very high tech room, then make sure you research some of the options available to you as this can be a very over whelming choice. You may also be wise to hire a professional in order to put your pieces together, otherwise you could end up with very expensive repairs having to be made!

How do I convert a spare room into a home gym?

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room, then converting it into a home gym should not be too difficult with the right amount of work. A home gym can be a lot more useful than just having a spare bedroom, so this could be the right choice for many people! If your spare room is already in the modern style, then your job should just include adding pieces of equipment from weights to medicinal balls. However, if you are hoping to create a modern style from an old fashioned room then it may be wise to repaint and strip the whole room bare before you begin including your equipment.

You could be spending a lot of time in your home gym, so you should make sure that everything you include in this room is useful in your work out process!

What style should I pick for my home gym?

There are many different styles which you can choose for your home. Choosing something which will encourage you to work out is important, so bring your own personal taste to the room! If you intend on spending a long time working out, then it is essential you like the place in which you could spend hours at a time! Below are some of the other popular choices on homify which it may be worth exploring!

Industrial Style Home Gym:

The Industrial style home gym is one which is becoming more and more popular with homeowners. It depends on having a tough and raw ambiance which can be difficult to create in a tasteful way if you are inexperienced. Ideas such as including exposed brick work very well though and so long as the room is naturally bright and large, you should have no problems

Classic Style Home Gym:

The classic style home gym is sometimes alike a modern styled home gym as it depends on having large spacious rooms and elegant floors. The key is to make your room look as expensive as possible and, if you do enough research, you may not have to spend too much money either. Including colours such as golds and creams works very well for this look.

Eclectic style home gym: 

An eclectic style home gym is one which you can bring your own personal tastes to easily. It is a quirkier style than many of the others and allows you to include accessories and perhaps more yoga matts. If you want to create a meditation space which is relaxing, then this style can work very well!