House design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How do I start planning a new home?

The journey of procuring a new home is one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime. But while it is highly rewarding, it is also, unquestionably, stressful. It is for this reason that you should take your time, do your research, be patient, and enlist the help of a professional for every aspect of home design. Homify is a source of inspiration from experts the world over, whose influences can help you curate the house of your dreams. So whether you’re looking for home decor ideas for your family's first house, your summer house, a mobile home, or even a grand manor house to retire to once you’ve made your millions, the house designs on Homify are virtually endless!

What sort of house is right for me?

Generally, we all have a pretty good idea of what we want our home to be like. There’s an almost endless array of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from when it comes to finding a house that’s right for you. Do you want to live in the country or the city? Would you prefer a large and spacious house, or something smaller one that requires less maintenance? Will you be in your home short-term, or are you there for the long haul? Do you want something affordable, or is money not much of an issue? Is resale value a big consideration, or do you want something completely personalized? Be it over-the-top designs, or more considerate Eco-house designs, Homify has all bases covered.

Should I rent, buy, or build a house?

This is a very personal question, and one that goes hand in hand with ‘which house is right for me?’. Consider the market, and if it’s a feasible time to take the plunge and buy. Depending on where you live, there can often be government initiatives to build or buy a house, especially for first-time buyers. The cost of each is an obvious consideration, and, depending on your financial situation, the cost of a mortgage may not be much more than renting. In terms of roundabout figures, we’re talking a UK national average of £210k to buy a house, but of course this figure will vary hugely depending on the region. The average monthly rent on a new tenancy is now, as of May 2017, around £900. Of course you can expect prices to differ considerably between London and smaller towns in the north of England. The cost of building your own house is even more subject to variation, depending on the size, location, style, materials used and professionals hired. It’s best to consult an architect directly, or try calculating your costs in advance via a trusted website.

How large should my house be?

There are a number of key factors to consider when planning a house that’s the right size for you. If your family is going to grow in the future, are you going to be able to accommodate them comfortably? Is the size of your home and garden going to be maintainable? And of course, can you afford the size? As a growing family's needs change, a house should also be able to change and adapt. Consider these factors in advance. You also need to consider if your home can be extended now or in future.

How do I find the right house?

There are many places to look to help you find the right home for you and your family, and Homify is certainly one of them. By browsing the thousands of categorised images from professionals around the world, you’re able to gain insight into the homes of others to help you decide what’s right for you. Locally, it’s always a great idea to go to as many open house inspections as possible, to gain an insight into the local market. Attending house auctions, and regularly checking listings from real estate agents will also help you see what is currently available, and how much they cost. Knowledge is power, so always be on the lookout for information to help you find a suitable house at an affordable price.

How do I find the right architect for my building project?

The architect-client relationship is crucial to creating the house of your dreams, so it‘s imperative to get this step right. By finding an architect you can trust, you are well on the way to creating a home that is perfectly suited to you. There are many ways to go about finding an architect to help design, plan and build your house, and Homify is one of them. With a directory of thousands of architects, you’re sure to find one close to you that is suited to your house building needs. As with any service, word of mouth is an ideal way for an architect to be found. By asking friends or family for recommendations, the air of uncertainty is taken out of the equation. Experts in related fields such as building, interior design or interior architecture will also be a good starting point. Always check an architect's credentials, and be sure to view their portfolio to gain an insight into their previous projects. A great way to start is by getting a free consultation from one of our registered professionals.

Should I renovate my house, or build a new one?

This is part of the dilemma many families face: renovate or relocate? If relocating means building a new house, there are clearly many points to consider. Is a renovation that suits your needs possible in your current house? Renovating means staying put, and staying in the neighborhood you know. Moving house is no easy task, let alone building and moving combined. Building a new house is obviously the more expensive choice, but could see a solid return on your investment in the future.

Which house style is best for me?

Modern houses can be identified by forward-thinking architecture and interior design, with an emphasis placed on light, both natural and artificial, and an Eco-conscious outlook. Think of bright white rooms drowned in sunlight, with splashes of color to create a personalized space. 

We all know a country-style houses when we see one, but what makes this style so definitive? Think of timber beams, breezy curtains, floral prints, and pastel colors. You won't find any bold, in-your-face colors in a country-style house. Using vintage pieces of furniture to create a romantic, rustic feel, this home style is achievable in the country and city alike. 

Classic-style houses summon a sophisticated and timeless elegance that will, probably, continue to surpass any architectural or interior design trends. 

Minimalist houses draw inspiration from a number of aesthetics, most notably Scandinavian and Japanese design, and include a number of elements (or lack there of) that characterize this style. Think big spaces with little to no decorative elements, that are dominated by bright whites and light timber tones.