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Home design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  2. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  4. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?

The house – Building, Furnishing, Living

From luxury houses in the suburbs, rural farmhouses in the countryside, or Victorian terrace houses in the city, the range of of houses we can choose to live in is broad. A house is so much more than just a roof above our heads; it is a place to create a home, to raise a family, and place that should reflect our individual tastes, character, and personality. On top of this, it should be a place to create memories, relax, and retreat. First impressions count, so if you are aiming to make an impact, be sure to consider the look and feel of your house and garden as much as the interior of your home. When people outside your immediate family visit your house, they should automatically feel a sense of a homely and personal space that reflects the character of its occupants. Whilst the home should be reflective of our tastes, it also needs to be equally as functional and practical. As Walter Gropius from the famed German design school Bauhaus famously quoted, “form ever follows function”, a functional room or piece of furniture can still be aesthetically pleasing whilst serving a totally practical purpose. This is a simple but effective notion to keep in mind when making your house a home.

Home ideas, decor and inspiration

Embarking on the journey of building your own house is one of the greatest things you can ever do. Whilst it is highly rewarding, it is also undoubtedly stressful. It for this reason that you should take your time, do your research, be patient, and enlist the help of a professional, in regards to every aspect of designing a house. homify is the ideal place to help you draw inspiration from experts from all parts of the world, whose influences can help you curate the house of your dreams. Whether you are looking for inspiration of home interiors and home decor for your family's first house, your summer house, a mobile house, or even a grand manor house to retire in once you have made your millions, the house designs on homify are almost endless!

Which house is right for me?

Generally, people have an idea of what they want to gain from their house. There is an almost endless amount of styles, shapes and sizes when it comes to finding a house that is right for you. Do you want to live in the country or the city? Do you want a large and spacious house, or do you want something smaller with less maintenance? Will you be in your home short-term, or are you there for the long haul? Do you want something affordable, or is money not much of an issue? Is resale value a big consideration, or do you want something completely personalised? Be it over-the-top designs, or more considerate eco-house designs, homify has all bases covered.

How do I design my dream home?

The best way to help you create the house of your dreams is to make lists and budgets. A dream home is no good if it is going to cost you the earth. Whilst a dream home should always look beautiful, be sure to include smart storage and other essential elements that may not look “dreamy”, but are vital to a functional household. Check out our many professionals who can help you with home architecture and create the perfect home designs.

What needs to be considered when planning a house?

There really is a lot to consider when planning a house, and each individual's situation will be different. Gaining planning from local authorities can become a tedious task, so be prepared to compensate, and to be patient. The location of your home is an obvious consideration, as is your price range. Be sure to set a budget, and stick to it. The environment is also a huge consideration when building a modern home, so be sure to only deal with home building professionals who are considerate of the environment in both their materials and their practices. When planning how your house will function, consider if you are willing to spend more in the beginning to create an eco-friendly house that will save you money in the long run. The design and layout is crucial, so as to serve your family well. The aspect of your home is also vital, to ensure maximum access to natural light.

Should I rent, buy, or build a house?

This is a very personal question, and one that goes hand-in-hand with “which house is right for me?”. Consider the market, and if it is a feasible time to take the plunge and buy. Depending on where you live, there can often be government incentives to build or buy a house, especially for first home buyers. The cost of each is an obvious consideration, and depending on your financial situation, the cost of a mortgage may not be much more than renting.

House prices

Just like shares on an open market, house prices are going to be forever shifting. Most of the time, buying a house is an investment, so whatever the house price may be, hopefully you will make a return on the outlay you make. Buying in cities like London has almost become out the question for the majority of the average population, so many are looking elsewhere. As mentioned earlier, the cost of buying can be offset by government incentives to encourage building and economic growth, especially for those first home builders looking to enter the market. Many governments are also willing to offset the cost of building a new home or extension that is eco-friendly. When considering something like solar panels for example, some governments may be willing to contribute to their cost, due to their high energy efficiency. With careful planning and research, the cost of buying or building the house of your dreams may be more affordable than you initially thought.

How large should a house be?

There are a number of key considerations when considering a house that is the right size for you. If your family is going to grow in the future, are you going to be able to accommodate them comfortably? Is the size of your home and garden going to be maintainable? And of course, can you afford the size? As growing family's needs change, a house should also be able to change and adapt. Consider if your home can be extended now or in the future.

How do I find the right house?

There are many places to find inspiration to help your find the right house for you and your family, and homify is certainly one of them. By browsing the thousands of categorised images from professionals around the world, you are able to gain insight into the homes of others to help you decide what is right for you. Locally, it is always a great idea to go to as many open house inspections as possible, to gain an insight into the local market. Attending house auctions, and regularly checking listings from real estate agents will also help you see what is currently available, and how much they cost. Knowledge is power, so always be on the lookout for information to help you find a suitable house at an affordable price.

How do I go about building a house?

There are numerous ways to go about building a house, with a range of options to suit all tastes and budgets. The first time you turn the key to the front door of your brand new home is a special moment, so be sure you are doing so, knowing you have built a home that is suitable and hasn't broken the bank. By enlisting trusted builders and architects, you know you are going to create a home that is unique and special, but this isn't the most cost-effective route. If you are on a tight budget, prefabricated houses are no longer the tired and boring structures they once were, so this could be a potential option for those looking for a smaller home that is affordable, without sacrificing on style. Shipping container housing is another trend that has taken off in big ways, and for good reason. Shipping containers are cheap, easy to obtain, and can be arranged in an endless array of configurations.

How do I find the right architect for my building project?

The architect-client relationship is crucial to creating the house of your dreams, so it is imperative to get this step right. By finding an architect you can trust, you are well on the way to creating a home that is perfectly suited to you. There are many ways to go about finding an architect to help design, plan and build your house, and homify is one of them. With a directory of thousands of architects, you are sure to find one close to you and that is suited to your house building needs. As with any service, word of mouth is an ideal way for an architect to be found. By asking friends or family for recommendations, the air of uncertainty is taken out of the equation. Experts in related fields such as building, interior design or interior architecture will also be a good starting point. Always check an architect's credentials, and be sure to view their portfolio to gain an insight into their previous projects.

How do I decide if I should renovate my house, or build a new one?

This is part of the dilemma many families face: “Do we renovate, or relocate?” If relocating means building a new house, there are a few points to consider. Is a renovation that suits your needs possible in your current house? Renovating means staying put, and staying in the neighbourhood you know. Children in school and commute times may change, if you decide to move. Moving house is no easy task, let alone building and moving together. Building a new house is obviously the more expensive choice, but could see a solid return on your investment in the future.

Small Houses

Small houses and the small house movement, often referred to as the tiny house movement, is a social movement that advocates living a more simple, less materialistic lifestyle in smaller houses. Having taken off in North America, it is now making waves throughout Europe and the UK. Going against the grain of a consumerist lifestyle, followers of the small house movement aim to live a life that is free of the stresses related to mortgages, and in homes that are highly respectful to the natural environment.

Which style for my house?

Modern houses 

Modern houses can be defined by forward thinking architecture and interior design, with an emphasis placed on light, both natural and artificial, and that are highly eco-conscious. Think of bright white rooms drowned in sunlight, with splashes of colour to create a personalised space.

Country style houses 

We all know a country style house when we see one, but what makes this style so definitive? Think of rustic timbers, breezy curtains, floral prints, and pastel colours. You won't find any bold, in-your-face colours in a country style house. Using vintage pieces of furniture to create a romantic, countryside feeling, this style of home is achievable living in the country and city alike.

Classic style houses

Classic style houses remind us of a sophisticated and timeless elegance, that has, and will continue, to surpass any architectural or interior design trends.

Minimalist style houses

Minimalist style houses draw inspiration from a number of styles, and lean towards a modern style house. Minimal homes are a style pioneered by Scandinavian and Japanese design, and have a number of elements (or lack there of) that characterise this style. Think of big spaces with little to no decorative elements, that are dominated by bright whites and light tones of timber.