Modern house design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How do I give my home a modern look?

A modern-looking home is what most of us covet these days, with sleek, functional decor and elegant contemporary touches. Rustic and traditional homes have their charms, of course, but in today’s fast-paced world we’re increasingly drawn towards clean design and neutral colours in a bid to stay ahead of the game. But just what constitutes modern interior design, and how do we add it to our homes? First up, it’s all about the basic room features. Take a look at your curtains or blinds and ask yourself whether they look clean and sharp or like some terrible ‘70s throwback. Then consider your sofas, chairs, beds, tables and cabinets. If they’re looking worn and shabby or overly fussy, it’s probably time for an overhaul. Think minimal, chic and practical for the basics, and you can’t go too far wrong. Next up, time to focus on the underlying palette. Nothing says dated like clashing or gaudy wallpaper, so try and settle on some complementary neutral tones to form the backdrop for your decor. Once this is decided, you can start thinking about the finer details like plants and artwork for your walls. It’s these details that will lift the whole look and feel of your home, allowing you to impart your personality without overdoing it. You could even try adding a bold feature wall or some vibrant stencils if that’s your vibe - just remember not to deviate too far from your overall aesthetic.

What are some modern home lighting ideas?

The key to modern home lighting is to keep it varied and adjustable. Gone are the days when one solitary bulb hanging from the ceiling would suffice! If you take a look around any enviable contemporary home, you’re sure to notice a wealth of lighting features which allow the room to change ambience at the touch of a button. One particular popular option these days, especially in practical rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, is ceiling spotlights. They’ll ensure sufficient illumination for any tasks you may be undertaking, and can usually be adjusted if you require a more gentle glow. Another big trend over the last few years has been for recessed ceiling or wall lights. These give a room depth and character without imposing too much on the decor or space. For a more creative approach, there are then myriad LED options to consider, from ceiling strips to coloured shower cubicles or glowing kitchen islands. Pick a tone that works for you and give your room an instant uplift! Then of course there are a dizzying array of modern chandeliers, pendant lights and table lamps to finish each room according to your taste. If you’re need of further guidance, get yourself a free consultation from one of our professionals - they’ll be able to guide you through the whole process!

How do I give my home a modern look on a budget?

Giving your home a modern makeover can seem like an intimidatingly expensive task, but with a bit of creativity and common sense you can get the look for less! First things first; keep it simple. Less is more when it comes to contemporary design so don’t be tempted to go overly flashy or extravagant. Focus on a few key, good-quality furniture items and they’ll save you money in the long run. Next up, look for ways you can make things yourself. Could you paint yourself a feature wall this weekend? Or maybe you’d like to sew some new curtains or make yourself a bed base from wooden pallets? Scandi-industrial chic is all the rage, you know. It’s also definitely worth rummaging through a few jumble sales or flea markets - it’s amazing what people throw away! And just because something’s not brand new, doesn’t mean it can’t fit very nicely into a modern-looking home. One final tip is to keep your home clean and organised. This will give it a much more chic and sophisticated look, even if your decor wasn’t high-end.

How do I make a large room look modern?

A common problem when decorating a large room is that your furniture can appear too small for the space. Making sure you have furniture which fits your room is essential. It can be easy to overcrowd a small room - however, the luxury of a large room means you don’t have this worry!

You may also find that using furniture to create zones or sections in a room is a good way to ensure the space doesn’t look too empty. Perhaps you could create a reading corner using a chair and bookshelves? You’ll find that once you start looking, your options are endless.

How do I make a small room look modern?

There are obvious challenges associated with furnishing a small room in a certain style, however, with planning it’s definitely doable! You can easily create the illusion of a larger space when you’re designing your room in a modern style. Remember that lighter colours open up a space and that mirrors are also a brilliant way of creating the illusion of more space. Less is more, kids.

How do I make a modern house look homely?

A modern home can often feel empty and cold if you don’t plan your refurb carefully. Modern palettes usually feature neutral tones, which is the opposite of what we might consider a homely aesthetic. Therefore, when choosing your modern pieces and furniture, it’s essential that you really like these pieces, otherwise you may feel that you are living in a stranger’s home!

Touches that really work with an understated modern style are pictures of family or friends, meaningful artwork or throws and rugs to create warmth and character. It’s also definitely possible to select furniture which is not only space efficient, but comfy too.

Other house styles

Classic style houses

classic style house is often chosen by the more refined homeowner. This style opts for a timeless look, and one that has withstood the test of time, outliving any other house design trends and styles. By choosing a classic style house, you will be choosing something that will not date, and has proven popular for many years. This style will use traditional building materials and practices, although building a classic style house in the 21st century means adhering to modern building techniques that are sensitive to the environment.

Eclectic style houses

The best thing about an eclectic style house is that there are no ’rules’ to stick to, and really, anything goes. An eclectic style home is easy to spot, as it is completely unique and individual, and is totally representative of its owners. You will find a mismatch of all other styles, coming together to create a home that is all about you. Often you will see big and bold forms. bright colours, obscure decorative elements, and an interior design scheme that is a mix of modern and classic, Scandinavian, Asian, and industrial and minimal, and everything in between.

Scandinavian style houses

Scandinavian style house is all about creating a home that is entirely functional, practical, well thought-out, and of course, stylish. The design features of a Scandinavian style house go hand-in-hand with modern furniture, fittings, and spatial layout. Maximum natural light, tones of bright white, and lightly stained finishes of timber are essential for achieving this highly revered look. When you think of Scandinavian design, you might think of expensive pieces to complete the look, but there are many companies out there who will allow you to achieve this clean and minimal look without breaking the bank.

Industrial style houses

The industrial style house trend is one that has grown increasingly popular and fashionable recently. From metal appearances, such as copper or silver finishes to decoration, to visible brickwork and industrial styled lights hanging down from the ceiling, there is so much to explore, particularly for the more eccentric of you. Mainly grey colour palettes and floor tiles are used to give a more chic industrial appearance and draw attention to the unique decoration, whilst furnishings are often kept minimal to accentuate the open spaces and high ceilings. 

Rustic style houses

rustic style house almost gives a cabin-like feel to your home. Wooden furniture, beams and floorboards are generally used to achieve this look, in addition to large fireplaces, expansive windows and visible brickwork. Colour palettes for this style include different shades of brown to add to the cabin feel. In addition, decoration and furnishings can add to the rustic look by using log piles and statement pieces like antique animal heads/rugs for the more eccentric of you. However, contrasting the rustic look with rather modern furniture is a popular choice for this style as it beautifully compliments the natural, cabin-like feel of the home.