Kitchen design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Bishops Park SW6: modern Kitchen by CATO creative
  2. Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones: classic Kitchen by Harvey Jones Kitchens
  3. Need help with your kitchen?
    Need help with your kitchen?
  4. Open Plan Kitchen and Dining Room: classic Kitchen by Resi
  5. Pembroke Gardens Close W8: minimalistic Kitchen by Kuche Design
  6. Kitchen remodelling in South Bristol: modern Kitchen by Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects
  7. Showroom: country Kitchen by Willow Tree Interiors
  8. Need help with your kitchen?
    Need help with your kitchen?
  9. Shaker Kitchen Liverpool:  Built-in kitchens by Cleveland Kitchens
  10. Kitchen- view from the living area: modern Kitchen by Katie Malik Interiors
  11. A large island for food prep and eat: modern Kitchen by ADORNAS KITCHENS
  12. modern Kitchen by 남다른디자인
  13. modern Kitchen by 남다른디자인
  14. The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork: country Kitchen by Humphrey Munson
  15. Dining: industrial Kitchen by Cassidy Hughes Interior Design
  16. Fridge, Freezer, and Ovens housed in tall units:  Kitchen units by John Gauld Photography
  17. Grosvenor  |  Walnut And Marble Elegance : modern Kitchen by Davonport
  18. Minimalist Kitchen:  Built-in kitchens by Resi
  19. Private Residence, Surrey: modern Kitchen by Nice Brew Interior Design
  20. Kitchen Interior Design: industrial Kitchen by Quirke McNamara
  21. Design Classic : modern Kitchen by Kitchen Architecture
  22. Design Classic :  Kitchen units by Kitchen Architecture
  23. Mr & Mrs McIver:  Built-in kitchens by Diane Berry Kitchens
  24. pivot window: modern Kitchen by Thomas & Spiers Architects
  25. Kitchen: modern Kitchen by A2studio
  26. The London Basement Kitchen by deVOL : industrial Kitchen by deVOL Kitchens
  27. ​kitchen extension dulwich with flat roof and open brickwork: modern Kitchen by nuspace
  28. Flairlight Project 1 Oxshott, Tudor House: modern Kitchen by Flairlight Designs Ltd
  29.  New Malden, Surrey: modern Kitchen by Consultant Line Architects Ltd
  30. classic Kitchen by Lux Design Associates
  31. ​Grey and white matt kitchen island design: minimalistic Kitchen by LWK Kitchens
  32. Cocina + ventanas: eclectic Kitchen by Radrizzani Rioja Arquitectos
  33. Contemporary Kitchen in Huddersfield at Bradley: modern Kitchen by Twenty 5 Design

How do I start planning a new kitchen?

Ah, kitchens. The heart of the home in pretty much every sense,  where family and friends convene for a hearty meal after a long day. Not only are they a hub for dining and drinking, they usually wind up being the home’s social focal point too. This makes it all the more reason to plan your's carefully! You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this room, so make sure you love it. The best place to start when planning a kitchen is to do your research—thoroughly. Look through brochures, ask around and get inspired. It’s also wise to seek recommendations from friends if they’ve recently had work done themselves. Next up, set out your goals and budget. Are you going for a complete overhaul? Or just a few low-cost cosmetic changes? Will you be doing any of the work yourself, or hiring professionals for all aspects? Also, don’t forget to factor in the size of the space you’re working with. Small kitchens come with a very different set of considerations to their larger counterparts. Next up, think about the style you’re after. Is chic and classic your look? Or would you prefer some rustic charm? Scandinavian minimalism is all the rage these days—does that float your boat? Once that’s decided, it’s time to think about the component parts. Do you want your floor to be tiled? Laminate? Wood or concrete? There are a multitude of choices out there. It’s also time to think about the layout; U-shaped, L-shaped, linear or with an island? And then, last but not least, you have the fun job of picking all the aesthetic details that’ll make this kitchen yours.

How do I design the kitchen walls?

Being a room where food is prepared, and water is constantly in use, it is essential to first choose a wall that is resistant, durable, and long lasting. As not every section of the wall needs to be tiled, you are open to an array of materials and textures to suit the look and feel of your kitchen. Modern designers are now able to implement almost any material into kitchens these days; from brick to timber and everything in between, the choices are endless. Even kitchen wallpaper is an option nowadays, with technology ensuring it is hard wearing and long lasting— two phrases not often associated with wallpaper. Don't forget to also find some ideas for kitchen cabinets to put on those walls.

How can I choose the perfect kitchen flooring?

In many aspects, this is one of the most important choices you will make when it comes to new kitchens. Again, there are many materials and styles to suit all tastes and budgets, and there are a number of key considerations to think about. Certain flooring materials are more sound proof than others, so these are important points to think about. Solid hardwood flooring works perfectly with an array of styles; everything from modern and sleek, to country style, industrial, rustic, and everything in between, a solid timber floor is elegant and timeless. Parquet timber floors are also popular, and the patterns they create are ultra stylish and instantly eye catching. Non-resilient kitchen flooring options are also just as popular and well-loved, and for good reason. Tiles are affordable, stylish, and more than functional when it comes to cleaning for a busy household. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to both resilient and non-resilient kitchen flooring choices, so be prepared to do your research.

What should I consider when buying a kitchen?

There are obviously many considerations that need to be acknowledged when buying a new kitchen, and these considerations will differ for every household. The cost is an obvious factor, as is the overall look and feel of the home. Consider the the future of your home, and the changing demands it will need to adapt to. Will your home be sold in the coming years, or are you there to stay? Will your family grow or shrink, or is it only for a couple? If children are a part of your family, it would be important to consider safety aspects, as accidents in the can easily happen. A new kitchen is not a project to lightly consider, as they are usually a costly and long-term investment. Homify specializes in helping home renovators and home builders alike, design and build the kitchen of their dreams.