Country kitchen design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Country kitchen ideas and inspiration

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home so choosing a theme which suits your whole family is very important. The country theme is one which inspires the feeling of homeliness. You should incorporate organic materials and wooden artistry to truly create this look. A country style kitchen should be a place which you enjoy spending time cooking on a large stove, socialising with family and, if the space allows, even eating meals together. There are many different places where you can find inspiration for your country style kitchen, from online to magazines. There are many different classic country looks which work very well here – such as having large wooden tables, butcher block counter tops and even a large range cooker.

One of the best places to find inspiration and ideas, as well as tips and tricks is on homify! Here you can find many different pictures in whichever style you prefer. There are many options to choose from for a country style kitchen, if you see something you like then you are even able to save this into an ideabook which you can refer back to later. Make sure to add text to the picture you like so that you remember why you saved it in the first place! This is a fantastic tool to help you design your perfect country style kitchen!

Another benefit of homify is that the experts can help make sure you are happy with your plan before any work goes underway. After finalising your design, you can contact a group of highly skilled homify professionals who will help plan your kitchen with you!

Country kitchen design tips

Taking into account country design tips before you begin creating your dream kitchen is a great idea. Check out the many different ideas on homify to help reassure you that the process is manageable and not too overwhelming. Although there is a lot to consider, if you make sure to have a checklist of everything you need then you will find that it becomes a lot more manageable. For example, which worktops do you prefer? Which kitchen appliances are right for you? Which colours would you prefer to use in your home? The process can be very exciting if you know where to begin – there are many personal touches you can bring such as including oversized furniture, large kitchen worktops and rustic décor.

What will a country kitchen cost?

As with everything when it comes to home building, it is hard to put an exact figure on how much your country kitchen will cost as it entirely depends on your choices and plans! If you hire a professional, then the work will also be more expensive, but it may help you prevent reparation costs in the future. If you need an idea of where to begin then you will find that homify brings you a variety of designs and patterns to choose from whether these are cheap kitchen designs and accessories or high-end classic designs. Remember that you can create a beautiful country kitchen without breaking the bank – you could also include many DIY aspects in order to create a kitchen pattern which is cosy and welcoming!

What should I consider when buying a kitchen? 

There are numerous factors to consider while buying a kitchen. First, careful consideration should be given to the kitchen design. You should be well aware of the space available in your household for carving out a kitchen area. Second, the kitchen design should fit in your budget. It should be affordable and should not burn a hole in your pocket. The third point to keep in mind is to foresee if the design is for a short duration or a long duration. If it is for a long duration, you can go for heavy, sturdy and firmly fixed designs. But, if it is for a short duration, you might not want to spend much on firm designs and instead opt for temporary fixtures. Also, prioritizing on your kitchen accessories will also save you a lot of time and money.  

Kitchen planning made easy

When you begin planning your kitchen, you should make sure that you know exactly what you want, this involves doing ample research before you start. A kitchen should be an attractive but functional room so you should make sure that everything is in place for this! Making sure you choose your oven, fridge and sink well in advance is important for the rest of your planning. You should also make sure that everything fits properly in your room, that you know the size of every appliance and also that you know how much space will be left over once your kitchen is installed! If you have a small kitchen, then it is especially important to know this. Your design should be beautiful so that your family and friends want to spend time here. For a country style, you have many options to take into consideration and you will find that extensive use of wooden kitchen furniture along with large glass windows with wooden frames or stone based slabs and frames work very well for this look. Always remember to include your favourite personal touches too in order to give off warmth and togetherness!

Advantages of a kitchen island

If your kitchen is large enough, then having a kitchen island can really improve your kitchen experience. If you have a place to sit which is comfortable, then you will find yourself with company when cooking. The kitchen island works very well if you are interested in having a space in which you can eat in the morning, having a place for your friends and family to sit or also having extra work space if you’re cooking a large dinner!

Make sure to do your research before you choose your kitchen island; it should fit with the rest of your design well - ideal kitchen islands may be made in tile, wood or stainless steel but if you do not know where to begin then you should consider speaking to a professional!

Ideas for country kitchenettes

If you have a small kitchen, you do not need to worry about whether you can create the country style – if you do your homework, you should be able to create the style easily! With homify you will be able to find hundreds of great ideas for creating a country kitchenette – whether this is just incorporating accessories into a kitchen, or creating your own country kitchen from scratch. One of the most important aspects for creating your kitchenette is to make sure that it has enough light – this could be by incorporating a large window, if you are building from scratch, or having the perfect lights! You should consider using light coloured walls and leaving aspects such as brick walls showing!

What country kitchen worktop is right for me? 

The worktop in your kitchen is one which should be strong and sturdy, especially if you are cooking every day! If you are precious about expensive choices, then make sure to go for something which is not easily scratched such as ornate stone. Make sure to do your research in advance as there are hundreds of different choices here and you will find that some are far more expensive than others – always keep your budget in mind! A country kitchen worktop could work well from choices such as marble or granite for complementing the style.

What other styles could I use for my kitchen?

A country style kitchen may be the best style for a family who want to create a cosy and homely atmosphere, however, remember to make sure that you have checked some of the other options available to you too. With homify you are able to view many different styles for your kitchen, from modern to Scandinavian so it is worth making sure you know for certain that the country style is right for you! Below are some of the more popular options for you to consider too!

How to: Modern style kitchens 

A modern kitchen is one which should be bright and streamlined. You should not clutter a modern kitchen, but this does not mean that it cannot feel homely too. You can create a modern kitchen in any sized space by using a few simple tricks and tips such as making sure to only use neutral colours and also having storage which is compact! A great idea for a modern kitchen is to include intricate kitchen lighting and matching kitchen accessories. The whole look should appear to be state of the art so remember to make careful choices if your budget does not allow for this.

How to: Classic style kitchens

A classic style kitchen should be one which feels classy and functional. Your classic style kitchen should create a warm and welcoming ambiance and have traditional style amenities with light coloured walls. The classic style is one which is popular but may sometimes be more expensive to put together as everything from the lighting to the worktops needs to work together to create this theme. If you have little experience with creating a perfect kitchen then check out the ideas for a classic style on homify to help you out!

How to: Industrial style kitchens

The industrial style is becoming increasingly popular and an industrial style kitchen can be a very interesting choice. Ideas for this look should include having stainless steel cabinets, wooden counter-tops and a drop-in sink. You can include accessories such as a large clock or chalk board too just to give an extra industrial feel!