Modern kitchen design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect modern kitchen?

Due to the fact that kitchen design trends are constantly changing, it is interesting that today’s idea of a modern kitchen is one that has a relatively simply design, and it easy to maintain.  Putting forethought into your planning and storage means you can easily create a modern kitchen which is not only a lovely place to cook, but also to socialise and host guests, dine and even enjoy just hanging out. The trend of open plan kitchens allows a perfect place to chill during evenings or weekends. This style of kitchen may include furnishings such as breakfast bars, kitchen islands and breakfast stools. Modern kitchen designs work well with frameless cabinets, strong lines, sleek and simple hardware, and very few accessories. It is important to use quality materials which then come through and are the main focal points of the room.

Where can I find modern kitchen ideas?  

Looking around showrooms is often a useful idea; they have a lot of inspiration for worktops, storage and flooring. They may also be able to guide you on price ranges and which lighting is best for your kitchen in order to create a natural and inviting environment.  It is also extremely easy to find a lot of great ideas online. On the homify website, with just one click of a button we have made it easy, and the process simple. Our site allows you to utilise a function in which you are able to save pictures and ideas for future reference. You can even save a photo into an ideabook and draw inspiration from there – like a virtual scrapbook. This photo is then automatically stored in your profile with the possibility to add text to remind you of what you liked about that image. On homify we have everything from worktops to flooring ideas, light features to interesting modern accessories. Take a look at some of our brilliant interior designers and furniture designers to gain some inspiration for your kitchen plan!

What exactly can I do to my modern kitchen?

This question can often depend on the space and budget that you are dealing with. Popular for this style are clean lines, lots of storage in subtle ways, and stone work surfaces. Keeping things on a budget with designing a kitchen is often a good idea. Cheap kitchens often benefit from forethought but it is possible to create something extremely chic without breaking the bank. Matching wall tiles with kitchen tables or accessories can also unify the whole look and create a chic environment. Ideas such as painting cabinets, having a sleek look through the introduction of marble, grey palettes, and wooden floors all work well here. Another great way to keep your budget down are DIY kitchens. Finding everything you need online and speaking to professionals first is highly recommended but even for those without any experience, there are always ways which you can do things cheaper.

What wall colour should I choose for my modern kitchen? 

Choosing a theme for your kitchen is the best way to keep it looking modern for a longer time. Colours which are popular are often more neutral, however, if done correctly, black and white kitchens can also look great. It all depends on your personal style, but keeping colours to a minimum here works best.  Modern kitchen wallpaper may also work well. It is possible to create a great style with one wall of a different pattern, or colour. Wallpaper is a viable option as there is a huge variety and the styles you can choose are almost endless! 

What type of flooring should I put in my modern kitchen? 

Due to kitchens often being the busiest room of the house, it is important to not only base your decision on aesthetic, but also on which material is most hard wearing. Choosing flooring and cabinetry at the same time is a good idea for having a theme that works throughout. Wooden floors are often chosen for a modern home as they create a chic look but can be used also throughout the house. Adding style with a rug is also a good idea.  With homify you’re able to find experts who can help you with all of these decisions and advise you on which flooring will suit your home at just one click of a button.

Which modern kitchen design is right for me? 

Factors such as whether you use your kitchen a lot, how large the room is, whether you have a big family or love entertaining, should all be taken into account. With a room which is used every day, such as the kitchen, it is important to consider exactly what it is that you need the most. Do you need a room which always looks modern and clean? Do you do a lot of cooking – meaning the oven and a lot of worktop space are extremely important? Maybe you more interested in the aesthetic of the room? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you save a lot of time when speaking to professionals about exactly what it is you would like to achieve.  There are many quirky tricks and tips which you can achieve within a kitchen to create a neat and tidy look which lasts. For example, prints within sinks provide a great interjection of colour but also prevent marks and scratches from showing. The colour for the walls is important, but another feature to keep in mind is the splashback behind the cooker – which colour is best for the messy meals you may create? Black, grey or white all work well for a modern kitchen, however, here may be a great place to inject that colour! Injecting your own personality and playing with the style is important for keeping the whole process fun. Keeping a calm colour scheme will keep everything clean and fresh in your modern kitchen design, which is then an inviting place for family and friends to hang out. 

Are there any specific tips for decorating my modern kitchen?

The style of a modern kitchen may be important, but the very first thing you should consider is the function – having a beautiful kitchen that does not function very well is not ideal! Making room for storage is also extremely important as it means having a clutter-free kitchen worktop and adding to the modern look. Modern kitchen lighting is also something worth considering, from cabinet lighting, which can add a great ambiance, to overhead pendant lights, there are so many options to explore, and it is definitely worth deciding before you begin! Kitchen lighting should also be bright and natural. Thinking about surfaces and the materials which you would like to use before you begin is useful for future reference. Do you prefer stainless steel worktops, wooden boards, or brick walls? Are good looks important to you or do you want to focus on having something which is low maintenance and durable? 

Other kitchen styles

How to: Rustic style kitchens

rustic style kitchen is a style that incorporates country style elements, all in muted tones and pastel colours. Think rustic, worn timber benchtops and timber furniture, paired with pastel coloured appliances and timber floorboards. A rustic style kitchen needs to feel breezy and fresh, using antique pieces to add an air of history and charm.

How to: Eclectic style kitchens

You can really play around with eclectic style kitchens. Injections of colour create a fashionable eclectic modern kitchen environment, from different colour chairs to quirky accessories, this style has no defined must-haves. Vintage pieces work well in eclectic modern kitchens; accessories such as mismatched chairs, pipe shelving in open pantries and even traditional rugs work well here to create a homely feel. An eclectic style kitchen need not focus on storage as much as other styles, as pots, pans, plates, cutlery and all other kitchen essentials can be left out on display, to be made a feature of, rather than trying to be hidden out of sight.

How to: Scandinavian style kitchens

Scandinavian style kitchens are often bright, open plan rooms which create storage facilities so that everything has an organised feel. The colour scheme is often kept extremely neutral, but can be dressed up with the addition of small indoor plants for a tiny splash of colour. The use of interestingly shaped or subway style tiles also works well. Many home owners use wooden flooring for this theme, always in a light tone to keep the room modern and fresh. Light pine wood and butcher block counters are also fashionable for this style.

How to: Industrial style kitchens

For industrial style kitchens, ideas such as adding a chalkboard and having stainless steel appliances work well, as does the introduction of concrete. Tiled floors create an industrial, yet lightly coloured space. It is possible to add more black and grey into this mixture, but keeping white walls also adds to the modern style. Large kitchen appliances work well as they appear industrial but create a functional and modern kitchen. Accessories that work well here are ideas such as large clocks, occasional plants to interject colour, and industrial style lampshades.