Living room Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. modern Living room by 봄디자인
  2. Cheyne Gardens: classic Living room by Will Eckersley
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  4. Orchard Hill: modern Living room by JAMIE FALLA ARCHITECTURE
  5. Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London: eclectic Living room by HollandGreen
  6. Floreat Residence, Perth, Western Australia: modern Living room by Moda Interiors
  7. Subramanian Residence: modern Living room by Cozy Nest Interiors
  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  9. Disraeli Road, Putney: modern Living room by Grand Design London Ltd
  10. The Nook: modern Living room by Hall + Bednarczyk Architects
  11. Printworks: modern Living room by Prestigious Textiles
  12. Living room open plan: modern Living room by Brown + Brown Architects
  13. Living room: minimalistic Living room by Tony Santos Arquitetura
  14. Dining & living area: industrial Living room by Fibi Interiors
  15. Basement Family Room: mediterranean Living room by SPACES Architects Planners Engineers
  18. Tier on Tier Shutters in the Living Room: modern Living room by Plantation Shutters Ltd
  19. library: country Living room by Tim Jasper
  20. Tora Blue Limestone floor tiles in a tumbled finish.: classic Living room by Artisans of Devizes
  21. Minimal living aera: minimalistic Living room by Fibi Interiors
  22. Formal Lounge: modern Living room by FALCHI INTERIORS LTD
  23. A Rented NY Apartment with a Sense of History: industrial Living room by Heart Home magazine
  24. Mysterious Woods: scandinavian Living room by Pixers
  25. ​Sitting room Bedford Gardens house. : modern Living room by Nash Baker Architects Ltd
  26. ALL ABOUT LEAVES: scandinavian Living room by Pixers
  27. Scandinavian coastal style - scandi: scandinavian Living room by THE FRESH INTERIOR COMPANY
  28. Scandinavian style lounge: scandinavian Living room by Katie Malik Interiors
  29. Living Room: modern Living room by Tailored Living Interiors
  30. Chalet Gstaad: rustic Living room by Ardesia Design
  31. Totteridge: modern Living room by Gregory Phillips Architects
  32. Warehouse Apartment Living: classic Living room by 4D Studio Architects and Interior Designers
  33. classic Living room by homify

What are some great living room ideas & living room designs?

As you would be aware, there are many different ways living rooms can be set up. Since we suggest that it’s best to be an individual, it’s essential to consider what fits your personality and lifestyle best. Once you’ve made decisions about the bigger elements, such as wall colour or flooring, you can begin to question the other features in the space. Do you prefer to splash out with bright colours or play it safe with muted tones? Functionality and long term usage is just as important as appearance, so do consider that your tastes may change. Of course, it is possible to combine different requirements and needs together. However, the more you know in advance, the easier it is to implement these ideas both now and in the future. browse through our images above for some great living room ideas as well as living room designs.

What wall colour should I choose for my living room?

Before settling on a wall colour, you should consider whether you want to give the entire living room a new coat of paint or accentuate sections of it through a feature wall. The size of the room should play a crucial role in the decision making process. As a general rule of thumb, pastels and pale colours are better suited to a small living room, whereas bolder and brighter colours can be used much more freely in a larger space. The other pivotal factor is determining how much sunlight enters the space. Think about testing a colour on a small, discreet area and see how it changes throughout the day.

What type of flooring should I put in my living room?

There are a variety of flooring options available for a living room. While floorboards have a warming effect and suit virtually any style, maintenance tends to be higher. To ensure your floorboards always look uniform, it is essential to re-stain and polish them to ensure any major dents or scratches don’t become permanent. Carpet on the other hand can be replaced easily, and is better suited to climates where the winters and long and cold. If you’re the sort of person to walk around without shoes on inside, carpet helps to keep your feet warm and radiates an aura of cosiness. Ultimately, what you choose should depends on the conditions of the room and your lifestyle. As we mentioned earlier, think about the effect you want to achieve. Is your living room your mecca of peace and comfort, or a statement room in your home?

What are some great small living room ideas?

While having a small living room presents more challenges than a bigger space, the design can often turn out to be better resolved and better planned thanks to the size restrictions. But don't worry as there are plenty of small living room ideas on homify to help you get inspired. Just because you have more room, doesn’t mean your design will automatically turn out better. The number of square metres you have has no influence on how cosy or inviting a the room can feel, but in principle, wild patterns and bold colours should be avoided if you want to visually enlarge the space as much as you can. It’s possible to create clever optical illusions with orientation, light, furniture layout, colour as well as living room storage space; fooling even the most discerning designer into thinking your room is much larger than it actually is.