Country living room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Country style living room ideas & inspiration

A country style living room should be somewhere which you look forward to coming home to after a long day. It should create a comfortable and welcoming feeling for you and your family. There are many aspects to incorporate in order for your country style room to feel this way – whether this is having a large, comfortable sofas or more classical pieces, there are many options which all depend on your tastes. If you are wondering where to find country style living room ideas, then there are many places in which you can do this – whether this is online, in magazines or books, or even speaking to your friends and family. Once you open your eyes, you will find that there are hundreds of sources of inspiration. One of the best places online, though, is homify. Here you can find expert tips, suggestions and many different pictures in order to give you some great ideas for your own home. Make sure to use the filters so that you can see the room and style which you prefer! Once you have found a picture you like, you’re also able to save this into an ideabook, from here you can add text to help you remember why you liked the picture in the first place! This way, your designing process will be a whole lot easier too.

Country style living room design made easy

If you are struggling with creating your perfect country style living room, there is no need to panic. With homify you’re able to find some great ideas for your home and, if that doesn’t help you enough, you can even find the professionals who are best at creating beautiful interiors. This includes interior designers and interior architects – depending on your home, you should research their roles here on homify and check out whether they can help you! Although an interior designer is not cheap, they may be invaluable if you are at a loss for how to create your perfect country style living room.

Remember that your country style living room should reflect your tastes and personality. It should be a cosy and comfortable place so searching for the right furniture is important and should be done well in advance. If you find a picture on homify which you like, then remember to save it into an ideabook so that the whole designing process is much easier at a later date. Our team of skilled professionals and experts will make every effort to make this process easy for you!

Which colours should I pick for a country style living room?

A country style living room can come in a variety of colours depending on your personal taste. If you prefer something which is darker and more traditional then richer colours can be used, however, if you prefer the more modern country style look, then go for lighter options to make sure your space is bright and up to date! Oranges, yellows and creams often work best for this look as then you can mix in natural woods and country style accessories a lot more easily. Another great option is the use of white and nude shades as this exudes cosiness and homeliness. Remember, you are trying to create an open and inviting space where you can see yourself spending time with friends and family.

What needs to be considered when decorating living room walls?

As well as the colour of your walls, which is very important, you should take into account the finish of your living room. If you are unsure of how to do this, then check out the professional painters on homify. They will help ensure that your country style living room has a beautiful finish and is a place which you are proud to call home. An ideal country style living room will have white or ivory shade walls with immense use of simple and plain wooden shelves and beams.

Remember that the storage which you include is extremely important. If you have a lot of accessories that you want to include, then the storage is the best way to make sure you are able to create a welcoming space which does not appear cluttered. Including wooden shelves and beams (where possible) is a great way to create a country style look easily. Remember to add pictures of your family and friends or even your favourite country style art work. Country style living room walls should show your guests the warmth of your home!

Which flooring should I choose for a country style living room?

As with everything, there are many different choices when it comes to creating a perfect country style living room floor. A typical country style living room may have a wooden floor with an old fashioned rug. However, other great choices include tiles or stones. If you feel that you will get carried away with your choices, then make sure to keep a close eye on your budget as a lot of money can easily be blown on flooring! If you want something which is more cosy, then perhaps consider including carpet too – this can be a cheaper option than an expensive hard wood floor. However, speaking to a local professional is the best way to make sure you are getting a good deal for your floor.

How do I decorate a country style living room?

In order to create a truly country style living room, there are many different factors for you to take into account. From the walls, to the floors, the accessories and the furniture, there are many different aspects. If you have a small living room then you should remember to make sure that you have measured the space properly in order to make sure your room is not too cramped. Another great idea for a small living room is to strategically place mirrors so that your room reflects light and appears bigger than it actually is. Remember to include lighting which is bright but also with softer elements for evenings spent reading and chatting with friends. There are many lighting ideas on homify which are worth checking out too!

A great idea if you have hard floors is to incorporate cosy rugs, which work very well for the country look, and also make sure that your curtains and cushions have a beautiful country style pattern. You will be able to check out many different ideas on blogs and in magazines, so keep your eyes peeled for country styles which you can recreate!

How should I furnish a country style living room?

The furniture in your country style living room is very important and should reflect your tastes. If you have furniture which you feel works in the country style, but you do not personally like – then you may not enjoy spending time in your conservatory. So make sure you have a mixture of both and most importantly that you have a room which you are proud to spend time in! With your furniture it is essential that you make sure your room is the right size for the pieces you choose – make sure to measure everything well in advance so you are not left with a room which is too cramped! You should also make sure that your conservatory style furniture is comfortable so that you want to relax here after a long day!

What other style guides are available for my living room?

You will find that for your living room, the choices for which style you would like to include are limitless, depending on your personal tastes. If you like the country look, but feel that you would prefer something a bit more modern, then check out this style guide on homify too – remember you can also incorporate two styles together with a bit of effort! Another important idea is to make sure you have viewed many different options so that you know exactly how you would like your living room to look!

How to: Modern living room

A modern living room, often makes use of light colours, streamlined and expensive looking furniture in order to create a look of elegance. This style of living room is very chic and you will find that the accessories and furniture may be expensive to update, if you really want to keep up with the look. However, a modern living room can also incorporate many different colours and patterns which is often very desirable for a modern family! Remember to take into account the flooring and lighting especially as these can really open up your space and help make it look larger than it is!

How to: Scandinavian style living room

A Scandinavian style living room is one which appears modern but has many aspects which are more personal and eclectic. Choosing colours such as blues and greens is a great idea here as it really works well for the look. Having large, white comfortable sofas is a great idea, so long as you don’t have young or messy children! Check out all your options on homify to really understand what makes the Scandinavian look work!

How to: Classic style living room

A classic living room is one which you can really enjoy sitting down in after a long day, with a glass of wine and a book. It should inspire a feeling of elegance and warmth in order to truly work. Many homeowners are often put off the classic style as they believe it is too expensive to recreate, but with some extra research and trips to many antique shops, you will find that there are many choices for you which do not need to be too expensive at all!