Media room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect home theater room?

Many home owners now find that a home media room is essential! It can be a perfect way to relax, watch a film or hide away from the rest of the family to play video games. More and more families are finding that intersectional home styles work far better than open plans. This is usually because many families do not enjoy the same media! So perhaps, having a media room is a great way to spend time together as a family, but with different sections.

A home media room can be a brilliant luxury and you have many different choices for what you want to include too; do your family prefers relaxing with a film or playing games? It is essential that the room is comfortable and so investing in the right furniture is a wise idea; sofas, cushions and bean bags all work well here.

With homify you will be able to find hundreds of ideas for your media room! Whether you would like to use audio and video equipment to produce a movie theatre effect in your house or simply create a room in which you keep old games and a large table!

Where can I find modern home media room ideas & inspiration?

There are many different places in which you can find ideas and inspiration for your home media room. If you have decided that the modern style is the best choice for your home, then selecting this option on homify is a good way to go as you will be able to see many pictures which can give you a good idea of the types of furniture and colours that you will need to complete this look.

You will be able to use the internet in order to create your perfect design, but you may also consider using magazines and inspiration from other people’s homes. Depending on your budget, there are many choices for you – would you like to include a main TV, bookshelves or computers? The décor and overall look of the room will depend entirely on your tastes, but a modern room is a great way to make sure the space is light and comfortable!

What exactly can I do to my modern home theatre room?

A modern home theater room should include the right amount of storage so that your games are not all on display. Modern rooms need to include sufficient places to store away clutter as this does not work with the overall look you are hoping to achieve! In order to have a home cinema, you would need to invest in a good sound system and television – this can get very expensive and so if you do not have the budget then other options for a modern media room would include a games table. Often, you may be able to find that a pool table makes a room look grand, but may be picked up cheaply second hand.

Lighting is also important in a modern media room as you will find that the style requires a clean and bright look. Neutral colours are often most popular and lighting which is natural also works very well.

Remember that the furniture, chairs and tables can be placed, so as to let everybody view the screen from a similar height and comfort. If you can afford a home theatre system then a great option is to have a surround sound effect and a Blu Ray DVD player for maximum definition of movie quality!

What wall colour should I choose for my modern media room?

A modern media room may require darkness at many times – especially if you are hoping to create a home cinema. However, in order to maintain the style, walls should often be kept light. White or neutral colours work very well for the modern look; you may bring in a splash of colour by changing one wall – perhaps that which has the TV! In order to create a true modern room, you should focus on trying to keep the space light and open. If you are unsure of how to do this then you may want to hire a professional – there are many different people who can help you from painters to interior decorators. With homify you can check out all of these options before you begin designing.

Keeping the walls simple is often the best idea, however, if you want an artistic touch, then going in for textured dark colour paint is suggested/.

What type of flooring should I put in my modern home theater room?

In order to create a cosy atmosphere, you may want to consider carpet. This way if your media room becomes overrun with family and guests, sitting on the floor isn’t too unwelcoming! However, one of the most popular looks for a modern room is a hardwood floor – this may be a more expensive option depending on the type of wood you use, however, it will survive popcorn and drink spills! Although wooden floor is recommended for the look, it may also be worth remembering what you intend to use your room for - a carpet fabric absorbs sound and so you will be able to enjoy the surround sound effect much better if you are creating a home cinema!

What technical equipment do I need for a modern media room?

The answer to this question entirely depends on your budget and what you intend on doing with the space. If you would prefer to have a home cinema, then to have an equipped and efficient system is a must if you can afford it! If you have a big room then having a projector and a screen is great idea. For smaller rooms and gatherings having a large screen TV with DVD or CD player. Surround sound speakers work very well in both cases! Other options for a media room include having a desk and computer and comfortable chairs for hours of gaming!

Are there any specific tips for decorating a modern media room?

There are many tips which could be used when decorating a modern media room. You should take into account options such as lighting, flooring, wall colours and furniture. It is also very important to make sure that the media in the room works for the whole family, whether you have a large TV or computers to fill the room – a media room would not work without any media!

If you can afford a state of the art media room, then you may want to include recliners, comfortable sofas or bean bags. If you would really like to keep your modern media room up to date then, you coul also add a bar in the corner and a refrigerator at the back to provide drinks and refreshments to those enjoying the room!

In order to add decorations to your modern media room, you may find that minimal art pieces and paintings or movie posters on the walls would work well for the modern style!

What other styles could I have for my media room?

There are many different styles which you could choose for a media room. On homify there is an elaborate range of options.

is a very elaborate style guide for designing and decorating a home cinema at the homify. One can check for some very elegant and chic styles and décor at homify and improve the existing home cinema or make one in the house.

Minimalist media room

Many of the themes from a modern media room may also work well for a minimalist media room too – this includes keeping a bright and open space while also keeping furniture to a minimum. However, your furniture should be selected keeping the highest levels of comfort in mind. Also, the furniture should be placed in such a way that everyone sitting, should be able to view the screens! One of the most important things to remember when creating a minimalist home is that you should not clutter up a room, so keeping your style simple is essential!

Industrial style home media room

The industrial style home cinema may not appear to be the first choice of many as it does not often create the most welcoming atmosphere, however, with the right tips and tricks you will find that it can become a very stylish place to relax. If you create a large area in which you can add your media features, then it will be an accommodating space.

A great option for this style is to use leather sofas – these can be a comfortable place to relax as well as being very in with the style! Other options which work if you wish to follow this theme include the use of leather bean bags and dark coloured carpets as well as dark paint on the wall. Wood flooring would be a good option and the use of decorative items should be kept to a minimum

Country style home media room

A country style should create a homely and comfortable feel. This could include a comfortable seating area with a desk for different media from laptops to tablets to be stored.

The country style allows for more homely touches such as rugs, paintings and furniture which may appear less streamlined and up to date than that of a modern or minimalist style room. The room may have beautiful curtains and comfortable cushions in different patterns and colours – unlike that of the modern style. The comfort of the equipment, furniture, decor and the room on the whole make it a really enjoyable experience and the country style can work well here as you are not restricted by choices of colour or flooring!