Country nursery/kid's room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Country style children’s room ideas and inspiration

A child’s room is a very personal place and so the best way to find inspiration and ideas for here, is by asking them what they would like in their space. If you have a country style home and would like the theme to run throughout, then choosing small country style accessories for your home can help create a personal place with a country twist. Your child should be able to choose the colours, patterns and lights which they prefer in order to make sure they like spending time in their room! You can help your child with ideas and inspiration by using magazines, pictures online and homify. Here on homify you can find many different styles and pictures reflecting these options. A wise idea is to save your favourite pictures into an ideabook so that you can come back to them later when you are in the process of designing your child’s country style room. Another great feature about the ideabook is that you are able to add text to your pictures so that you remember exactly what it was that you liked about each idea.

How do I decorate a baby’s room in a country style?

In order to decorate a baby’s room in a country style, you need to take into account the furniture and space of the room. A country style relies on bright colours and wooden features, so having a nursery which reflects this can be a great way to continue the country style throughout your home. Choosing light colours is a great idea for a baby’s room and you can also incorporate beautiful toys and paintings on the wall to capture your baby’s attention.

A good idea is to spend time researching some of the best furniture and cots which you can use for your baby, they can often be an expensive purchase and if you want a particular type of style or wood, then you should make sure you do your research well in advance of the arrival! A beautiful choice for a baby’s room which works well with the country style is opting for subtle white or yellow walls and then having a centrally placed crib which is wooden and white! Remember to include colourful and bright cushions for this look too as they are a cheap way of making your room feel country without having to pay for the look!

How do I design a child’s room in a country style?

If you are hoping to creating a child’s room which is in the country style but do not know where to begin, then you should make sure to peruse all of your options on homify. There are hundreds of different pictures here which can help you think of ways to cheaply create a child’s room in a country style. However, if you have no idea where to begin then you should speak to a professional. An interior designer may be the best option for you as they will be able to guide you in your choices and will have worked with creating beautiful rooms before. You should always make sure that your professional has a lot of experience in the area in which you need them so that you are not left with a home which does not reflect your tastes. Although the work of a professional may be expensive, they can be invaluable if you do not know how to go about creating your perfect home. There are many aspects to take into account when you are designing your child’s perfect country room, these include making sure the room is well lit, spacious, comfortable and safe. Make use of country bright and bold colours by incorporating accessories such as cushions, curtains and wall stickers.

How do I design a teenager’s room in a country style?

The room of a teenager is a very personal place and so creating a space which they love spending time in is very important. You should make sure that they have style and comfort here, and they should also be an integral part of the designing process! Make sure that the space reflects their personality and if they like the country style, then there are many tips and tricks which you can use to bring this look into the space without dominating their choices. A bedroom should be somewhere that they want to spend time and so you should make sure it has a comfortable bed, a country wooden frame may work very well here, and also a space for studying. A country style desk may be expensive, but if you do your research then you will be able to find many different choices here which won’t break your budget. If your teen has a passion for music or dance, then you can make sure their room reflects this through your styling options too! Make sure there is enough space for them to enjoy their hobby. Remember to incorporate enough space for storing various items like books, clothes and accessories and keep the room well lit too!

Decorating tips for country style children’s rooms

There are many tips and tricks to be used to create a child’s room and with homify you have a create way of saving some of your favourite ideas too. Check out homify’s extensive list of decorating tips for a country style child’s room before you begin any work! Some of the best ideas to keep in mind when you are decorating is how you want the room to feel – keep the room spacious, cosy and comfortable. This means that you should make sure there is ample storage in order to make sure your child’s space is not cluttered. Ideas which work very well for the country look include exposed wooden shelves that can hold colourful collectibles and many different toys, to show your child’s personality too! Another great decorating tip is to include photos and pictures in the room to create a homely and cosy feel! If your child has a small room, then decorating tips such as including bunk beds work well and you will be able to find many different wooden country style pieces for this too.

Which wall colour should I use for a children’s room?

The wall colour of this room should depend on your child’s tastes. Wall colours are an important choice as they can make a room appear bright and cosy or dark and unpleasant to spend time in! Therefore, when choosing a colour which also works for the country style – you should consider light and bright colours which make the room feel larger and more comfortable too. Another great option which would work well for a child’s room is using bright wallpaper or children’s stickers for designing a perfect children’s room. With these stickers you can mix and match different colours and themes without always having to change the paint.

Which floor is suitable for a child’s room?

As your child will be using their room to play games, it is important to make sure you choose a safe option – this involves non slip options! You should consider choosing carpet and soft flooring for this. However, another thing to take into consideration is the colour of your flooring as you will find that having to clean a carpet which has paint or crayons spilled on it may be a costly business! If you already have a slippery floor, then options such as rugs are a great source of adding colour to the room as well as providing a nonslip surface. However, remember to make sure not to use rugs with loose ends as your child might trip over them.

Transforming the children’s room into a teenager’s room

Your teenager may want to drastically change their room from how it was when they were a child, so make sure you communicate with them to find out what they would prefer! A country style room can mean your teen’s space feels more grown up and elegant, so check out some of your choices on homify!

Setting up a small children’s room

A small room does not need to be an issue if you have enough time to research and plan the style properly so that the room is enjoyable. Tricks such as having light walls, mirrors and light carpets can mean your room appears large. Another trick to make use of is ample storage so that the floor is not cluttered! Finding an easy way for your child to tidy up is the best option here! You could also opt for bunk beds or foldable beds that can be easily converted into a seating area or study table when not in use.

Which other styles are available for the kids?

With homify you will find that there are many different choices for your child’s room and if they are not keen on the country style, then you are able to show them many different options! There are many choices depending on your child’s taste and your budget from simple minimalist to bright eclectic.

How to: Modern style child’s bedroom

A modern style child’s room is one which should mix and match neutral and the occasional bold colours. For a modern theme, you could include a white bed frame and themed curtains and lighting. Check out the style on homify to find out more of the best style tips.

How to: Classic style child’s bedroom

A classic style child’s bedroom should make use of pastel shades and elegant features. Having a classic bed frame works very well here as well as having subtle lighting and beautifully patterned wallpapers to help in maintaining a mute décor.