Modern nursery/kid's room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Modern kids room ideas & inspiration

When choosing a style for a child’s room it is worth taking into account how the room will be used! A modern style can be a brilliant option for children’s bedrooms as they are easier to clean and can involve many different colours! Many modern rooms use neutral colours which may not work so well with children, however, different coloured walls can work too!

The point of a modern style is to keep the room as minimalist as possible, this means not over cluttering a space. Giving your child a choice in what their room looks like is a great idea as their imaginative and creative sides may make the job easier for you too!

Ideas and inspiration are everywhere: in magazines, books, blogs, and dreams. These are inspirational tools. You are also able to use homify in order to create an ideabook which allows you to save your favourite pictures from the site into one place so you can check back later. You can also add captions so that you know exactly what it was that you liked about that picture!

How do I decorate a nursery in modern style?

Creating a modern style baby room is easily managed. Using neutral colours for your walls is a great idea for a modern style, you may also choose furniture which is neutral too. From different coloured walls to cots which have simple patterns, there are many different options when it comes to decorating your baby’s room. Whether you use mobiles and decorations which are aimed for children, or decide to keep the room more modern and adult, everything depends on your personal preference.

How do I design a kids room in modern style?

Taking into consideration your child’s favourite things is a great way to know how to design their room. With homify you’re able to find many different modern children’s rooms styles, whether you decide to use all neutral colours or keep everything white is your choice. However, if your children are messy – this may not last for long! There are many styles for children’s furniture which you could use, from sleek beds to metal bunk beds. You may also use a white board in their room, for both fun and a great way for them to bring colours and patterns onto the wall without defacing the paint!

How do I design a modern teenager’s room?

In order to design a room for your teenager, you should take into account how much time they will spend there – which is likely to be a lot. You should choose colours which they like, and keep the room modern by having good storage and a central but comfortable bed. In order to create a modern style, you may want to bring in more whites and neutral colours, however, you will also find that bringing some colour into the space can also work very well.

Setting tips for a modern kids rooms

In order to set a modern children’s room, there are some necessary choices. If you are hoping to create a homely and cosy feel then having a comfortable bed and modern decorations is a good idea. A modern children’s bedroom should appear spacious and bright, which is best achieved by keeping windows uncluttered, however, mirrors and the right colours can also work well for this.

Which wall colour should I use for a modern kids room?

Having a simple wall colour is a great idea when it comes to a child’s room as they are likely to want to change this at some point too! For a modern style it is a good idea to just use one neutral colour as a background and then bring in more colours if you would like them. This way your child also gets a choice over what the room will look like without having to stray too far from the modern style. Choosing artwork for the room is a great way to work a modern style and bring in interesting colour. There are hundreds of ideas on homify which you are able to peruse!

You should also not rule out the option of using bright wall papers with different designs to suit the child’s liking.

Which floor is suitable for a child’s room?

Depending on the activities your child likes the most, you may want to take into account the hardness and colour of the flooring. For example, having a white carpet could be a nightmare if your child loves to paint and colour. There are many different professionals on homify who would be willing to talk to you about your choices. For example, wooden floors are the safest for the kids as they are not slippery and have a very modern look. If you have a tiled floor in the kid’s room, carpeting the area is a good option to keep the children from slipping while playing in the room. You can also decorate the room with different rugs or low bed in order to keep it comfortable and modern together for the kids.

Which modern decor fits my child?

In order to answer this question you should take into account your child’s preferences. Do they prefer bright colours and different pieces of artwork, or would the prefer a classical modern style? You should coordinate your child’s room with the rest of the house but without stifling their ideas!

Depending upon the child’s likes and dislikes and what makes the kid happy one should use various decor ideas. The age group of the child, if the child is a boy or a girl, the fears a child has and the safety of the child is what matters the most while deciding what all to keep and decorate with in the kid’s room. For the young kids of age 5yrs to 12yrs the furniture pieces like the children’s cabin beds are very exciting for the kids. Similarly the different and bright color attracts the children of this age. For the teenage kids, a decent and minimalistic room fits pretty much. Giving them space to decorate the room as per their choice is a good idea to make them learn and innovate things. Similarly, adding your bit to it one can easily add the modern children’s furniture in the room of the teenage children. 

Transforming the children’s room into a teenager’s room

This can be a huge transformation if your child’s tastes drastically change – which they often do. Modern children’s bedrooms can be transformed by changing the furniture – however, if you are hoping to spend little money then this could be a problem. Perhaps, just by changing the colours of the room you could be sufficient. However, having an outdated bedroom as a teenager is not desirable so it is worth asking your child what they would like! The modern style is often popular as many different styles and colours can be integrated into this too. Having good storage is also important, whether you use a cupboard or different boxes, there are many different options.

A professional who would be great help in this department would be an interior designer. You could even use homify to find someone who is close to you and check their reviews and Facebook profile before you even call them! They will be able to advise you on many different aspects of your room – from flooring to colours and may have some great ideas for storage too.

Which style for the kids?

Depending on the likes of the children, creating the room makes it easier and the kids happier. Let the room stay in sync with the look of the house and still be a special space for the kids. 

Industrial Style Kids Room 

An industrial style may not work perfectly in a child’s room, however, this depends on you and their tastes entirely. The colours are often harsher for this style which does not create a welcoming place to play. However, using a chalk board and nice rugs may be a way to add colour to an industrial room.

You could also add beautiful lights which hang from the ceiling, this will add to the brightness of the room which makes it even easy for the kids to concentrate and study.

Rustic Style Kids Room

A rustic style is a great way to make sure your child’s room has a homely feel. Including flowery prints, warmer colours and a modern twist is a great way to do this. Using homify is a brilliant idea as it means you can view many pictures of rustic styles in different rooms too. Remember to try and bring in as much natural light as possible for this look too, large windows are a huge bonus, but using different interesting style lights also works! Using wooden elements works wonderfully – whether this is a wooden bed frame or a wooden floor – there are many different choices!

Minimalist Style Kids Room

The minimalist style is very popular among homeowners now as it is usually associated with a clean and tidy space which is modern and aesthetically pleasing. This means that having a minimalist style children’s room may be difficult as children are not known for trying to keep their bedroom’s tidy! However, if you have sufficient storage, then this job may be made easier for them too. There are many different minimalist options to choose from, if you are unsure of where to begin then check out homify to help you out and remember to save everything you like to an ideabook so you can check back on your choices later!