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Modern pool design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the Perfect Swimming Pool?

If you are one of the fortunate few in the world who is able to have a swimming pool in their home, then making sure the space is perfect for relaxing and exercising is important! Another feature which is essential when planning your perfect swimming pool is making sure there are safety features! Another thing which should always be considered is the cleanliness of your pool.

Having the right size swimming pool is also important. It is worth researching the size and depth that would work best for you. If you have a large space, then you may also consider having options such as a changing room, sauna or comfortable chairs.

Modern swimming pool ideas and inspiration: 

There are many places in which you can find inspiration for a modern pool. There are hundreds of different options from blogs online to friends or family homes. Everything comes down to what you would prefer your swimming pool to look like, once you have a vague idea then getting inspiration and ideas for specifics is a great plan. Creating a pool which is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing is important.

If your pool will be outside then remember that lighting is crucial if you intend on using it throughout the year. Finding ideas for the right style heating may mean you need to search for specific options, rather than just getting a good idea of what would work for you.

How do I design a modern swimming pool?

When you are designing a modern swimming pool, you’ll find that there are many steps to be taken into consideration. These can range from deciding on the shape and size of your pool, making measurements and ensuring you will have enough space for the pool of your dreams! Investing in technology for your pool is also very important; choosing a heater or a salt generator is a good idea. Choosing technology for a modern style can be easy – so long as you choose white or metal pieces then your heater wont ruin the aesthetic of your pool! However, if you have no experience with pools then it is worthwhile to speak to professionals in order to make sure everything is done correctly. With homify you’re able to search for professionals easily without having to leave your home!

Next, it is worth looking into the specific aesthetics of your modern pool so you can decide on what it is you would like your overall appearance to be. Your choices here are endless - you could have coloured lighting, changing effects, water ripples, slides, vanishing edges, fireplaces or even outdoor kitchens!

What you decide to surround your pool with is also important, if you have wooden decking or paving stones, there are many options as to size, shape or colour! Everything comes down to taste, but remember to keep up with a modern style it is worth doing your research first! The aim is to have a pool which you enjoy spending time in.

What do I need to consider when planning a swimming pool?

There are many considerations for when you begin planning your swimming pool, this can be very overwhelming for first timers. However, with enough time and determination, you’ll be able to create the pool of your dreams. There are many professionals in the industry who are also able to help you; whether this is a designer or an architect! Always remember to keep your budget in mind when you begin planning so that you don’t run over, you should also take into account the size of your space and your choices. When trying to create a modern style, it is worth researching the key elements so that you can implement them in your own design!

What do I need to consider when building a swimming pool?

There are many factors which need to be accounted for before you begin building your swimming pool. With a swimming pool there are many problems which could occur if you do not plan properly! For example, do you have the right heating and safety features? Do you know how large your pool should be? Have you planned the floors and walls? You should also look into which colours would work well for your pool and make sure you stick with a theme – for a modern swimming pool, having neutral colours may be the best option.

You should also consider the construction aspects of building your pool, for example, you should consider the material and accessories that will be used as well as whether your pool will be open or closed. This consideration will affect the choice of installations as well as the installation process. You will find that steel structures are durable and save money, prefabricated structures save time and labour cost. Always remember to look for the warranty of the installed machines and structures.

What do I need to consider when remodelling a modern swimming pool?

In order to answer this question, there are many considerations for you to take into account – for example, do you want to change your swimming pool entirely or just update its features in order to be a more modern style? Having a complete remodel can add an impressive look, however, it is not a cheap option!

There are so many aspects to consider that it is definitely worth keeping track of the things you like! With homify you’re able to find hundreds of ideas for your pool. Once you have found a picture you like, you can save this to your ideabook and come back to it later when you need inspiration or reminding exactly what you want your swimming pool to look like!

What does a modern swimming pool cost?

You will find that the cost of a swimming pool will drastically differ on the basis of the type you are about to install! This is pool is the largest factor in finding out how much it will cost. You should also consider the depth of your pool separately, if you would like a deeper pool then it is worth keeping in mind that this will require more labour time and materials. Another choice is to decide what you want to line your pool with, whether this be vinyl, concrete or fiberglass, the options can vary hugely in price.

A way in which you are able to keep prices down is to decide to renovate or model your pool by yourself. However, the work of a professional can be invaluable if you do not know what you’re doing. Although their work may cost you more at the time, in the long run you may find that your pool is more sustainable. Another factor which a professional will be able to help you with is how to maintain a swimming pool.

You should take into consideration the materials you hope to use for your pool, whether you use fibreglass, concrete or vinyl will severely affect your prices. Getting quotes before you begin any work is a good way to go.

How do you maintain a home swimming pool?

A home swimming pool can be a lot of work if you are uninterested in using it often. However, they can also be very rewarding and so weighing up the benefits and negatives is worthwhile. Your pool will require regular attention, whether you decide to pay someone to clean it and maintain it, or whether you learn how to do it yourself.

The first thing is that you should take into account is the water needs of the pool. Knowing the pH level of the pool is essential to maintain the quality. It ranges from 0 and 14, with a neutral pH  7. Pool water should be near neutral between the pH range of 7.2-7.8. Chlorine should be used to disinfect the water of the swimming pool and also to sanitize it. The water can be tested by using strips that will be able to identify chlorine, alkalinity, p H and cyanuric acid. These strips can be dipped in water and the corresponding colour range shows the level of chemicals in the water.

Another important consideration is maintaining the pool filters. For this the swimming pool should be manually cleaned daily. The water level of the pool should be maintained between 1/3 and ½ way up the opening of the pool. Take care to pour in water before vacuuming it. There are several types of filters available like sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth filter. Whichever filter is used in the swimming pool, one should know how to use and maintain it properly.

More swimming pool styles

You will find that there are many different swimming pool styles besides modern, this means you have a huge choice to make before you even begin designing your space. Taking into account some of the other options is a great idea before you start so that you can really make sure you know the modern style works best for you!

Industrial style swimming pool:  

An industrial style swimming pool is an interesting choice. You should really take into account the different elements of the construction which is shown. This style works really well with a lot of metal and brickwork on display, which can be tricky if you are already living in a modern home. However, having exposed beams or bricks can work well. This style is unusual and so has become popular with recent homeowners.

Country style swimming pool: 

A country style swimming pool can take you away from the stresses of everyday life and into a cosy environment where you can relax! Taking into account warm colours and cosy chairs is a good idea. You may also consider having a steam room or sauna. Yellows, oranges and reds work very well here so perhaps consider having coloured lights in your pool too!

Mediterranean style swimming pool: 

The Mediterranean style swimming pool style is a great idea if you hope to host parties and impress your friends. It can really feel like a great place to party and take you to the middle of the Mediterranean! You should consider the colours you are using, the lights and even plants which you could use to decorate the room. Pool lights with mystic looks can be used to create an informal environment!