Pool design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Is a swimming pool right for me?

We might not have the most swimming pool-friendly weather here in Britain, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. A sparkling blue pool would surely top the garden wish-list of pretty much everyone, were money and space no object. So for a minute, let’s pretend that one day we’ll all be rich enough and the sun will shine enough to warrant planning a pool of our own! And for those lucky souls for whom it’s a realistic proposition, here’s our handy guide to getting started. First up, what makes the perfect pool? Well, it’s one you know that you’ll actually use! A place to unwind, play or indeed, exercise. But, jokes aside, having a swimming pool in your home or garden is a serious commitment, and there are many things that need to be done to make it safe and to keep it clean and warm. However, if you have your heart set on a pool, there are many brilliant options in a range of price brackets. Doing your research before any construction or installation begins is the best way to ensure you make the perfect choice for your home.

How do I design a swimming pool?

There are many important steps to follow when designing your dream pool. The first is to decide on the shape and size of your pool, which, of course, is entirely dependent on the room or outdoor area in which you’ll be installing it - so remember to measure everything carefully. The next step is finding the right pool technology, whether this be a heater, a more energy-efficient option or a salt generator. Having the correct technology is extremely important and it’s therefore definitely worth consulting with a professional at this point to make sure you don’t encounter any problems. Next up, it’s worth looking into the aesthetics of the pool and deciding what it is that you would like to add to the overall appearance. The options here are numerous. You could have coloured lighting, changing effects, water ripples, slides, vanishing edges, fireplaces or even outdoor kitchens!

What you decide to surround your pool with is also important. If you have wooden decking or paving stones, there are many options regarding size, shape and colour. Everything comes down to personal taste and having a pool that you enjoy spending time in is essential when investing in this wonderful addition.

Do I need planning permission for a pool?

As building a pool is a pretty hefty undertaking, it’s important to know where you stand in terms of legalities if you’re planning to install one. If you’re after an outdoor pool - good news! You usually won’t need planning permission as it’s considered more of a garden project. Indoor pools might require a little more manoeuvring, so make sure you consult with reputable professionals who are well versed in the relevant technicalities. It’s also important to know that all swimming pools have building regulations, taking into account factors such as ground conditions, insulation and construction methods used. Again, any experienced construction company will know their stuff, so simply follow their lead. A good first step would be to obtain a free consultation from one of our registered professionals.

What do I need to consider when building a swimming pool?

There are many things to take into consideration when you are design your pool. For example, if you have children then do you have proper safety measures in place? Do you have the time and energy to maintain a swimming pool? This work can sometimes be tedious if you feel that you never even use the pool. Home swimming pool maintenance can involve everything from trying to keep it clean to fixing up linings or leaks – these jobs can sometimes be expensive.

You should keep in mind home swimming pool costs, too. There are many expenses associated with having a pool and if you’re dedicating a lot of space to it, then it’s definitely worth making sure you’re ready for this commitment.

How much does a swimming pool cost?

As with everything, the cost of your swimming pool depends entirely on the choices you make during the process. For example, if you decide to hire a professional then although their work may cost you more at the time, in the long run you may find that your pool is more sustainable. Maintenance of the swimming pool is also a factor that should be taken into account. Home swimming pool prices can vary hugely but size of your pool is the largest influence in determining how much it will cost. You should also consider the depth of your pool separately—if you’d like a deeper pool then it’s worth bearing in mind that this will require more labour time and materials. Another task is to decide what you want to line your pool with, whether this be vinyl, concrete or fibreglass. The options can vary hugely in price. In terms of ballpark figures, you’ll be looking at around £2.5k for a 12 x 24ft above-ground outdoor pool. This is the cheapest of all standard options, and could be installed by a reasonably experienced DIYer. For a higher-end, professionally-installed outdoor pool, prices start from £25k upwards. Indoor pools, being a more formidable undertaking, will set you back anything from £60 to £150K.

How do I maintain a home swimming pool?

Having the perfect swimming pool means paying careful attention to its maintenance. Thankfully, there are many people who are able to help you. Professionals in pool cleaning may be the best option - however, they’re not the cheapest. If you’d like to do the work yourself then you should keep in mind many things. For example, knowing the pH level of the water you are swimming in is important. Disinfecting your water is also essential, so keep in mind the pool’s chlorine levels, calcium hardness and total dissolved solids and, most importantly, know when you should be checking them and how often. This process may take a while to get right, but it’s essential that you do your research first.

Why types of swimming pools exist?

There are two types of pools which exist and both have their positives and negatives. Depending on how often you will use your home swimming pool, how much you intend on spending and even whether you have a young family or pets, it is worth researching both to make sure you don’t make the wrong choice.

In-ground swimming pools

The cost of in-ground swimming pools is usually a lot more than an above ground one. You may find that if you are not certain about having a swimming pool in your home then the expense of an in-ground swimming pool is not the best option. They usually look a lot more professional than an above ground one but renovating or changing the room after you have had an in-ground swimming pool is a lot more work.

Above-ground swimming pools

Of the two options, above-ground swimming pools are definitely the more economical choice. They can save you hundreds each year but many find that they are not as aesthetically pleasing. Although they may sometimes look smaller, you will find that there is still the possibility of adding slides, diving boards and the accessories of in-ground pools if you choose the right size. They also save you a lot of time and money in construction costs and if you get bored of having a pool in your garden then they are much easier to remove. Due to the nature of the pool it is often that they are a lot safer than an in-ground swimming pool as young children or pets are unable to use the ladder. This will mean a lot less worry for you!

More swimming pool styles

Modern swimming pools

To design your home swimming pool there are many types you can choose from. For example, if you have an indoor pool then creating a modern swimming pool atmosphere can be a great idea. Having a theme that flows through your home can make spending time there a lot more enjoyable. If you have a modern kitchen then having your modern swimming pool just off this room could be a great way to socialise and spend time there.

Eclectic swimming pools

Having an eclectic swimming pool is usually the perfect choice for a family pool. Interesting cushions, different coloured walls and pool lights all work with this theme. There is the freedom to create a personalised family room which you are likely to spend a lot of time in. However, something extremely important to remember is the safety of your children. So making sure you keep this in mind whilst you design is essential! Remember that you may want to remodel your swimming pool when choosing more garish pieces!

Classic swimming pools

One of the many types of swimming pools is a classic one. Having a classic swimming pool style is often the most popular option as they can create a very elegant and appealing feel to a room. The benefits of a classic swimming pool are that they add value to your home, thus making the whole feel more chic and expensive. Having an in-ground swimming pool is usually the most popular choice as well as accessories, such as plants and classy lighting.