Spa design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect spa?

The perfect spa is a place you can’t wait to go to at the end of a long day. If you find yourself really looking forward to getting home to your spa then you know you have the perfect one! Having a calming place to spend your time and relax in your favourite way is a great way to invest your money! Although this luxury may actually only be a dream for many, if you are truly dedicated to having a spa in your home then there are some things which you should first consider. Creating a beautiful ambiance is essential when having a home spa, whether you have the typical equipment or not. A popular choice for home spas is a hot tub. This luxury is one that many people know they would use on a daily basis so often the expenditure is worthwhile. Many people may not consider having a home spa but with simple tricks it may be easier than you think!

Spa ideas and inspiration

If you are planning on having a spa in your home then it is likely that you already have an idea of what you would like. However, if you need help with inspiration then there are many places you can find this. From magazines to local spa resorts, it is worth keeping in mind exactly what it is you enjoy most about the spa experience so that you can recreate it in your own home. Home spa ideas are easier to come across than you may realise. With homify you also have the ability to check out many spa ideas and even save these into an Ideabook. Creating an Ideabook means you have a great way of reminding yourself exactly what you would like to create yourself. You can even add text!

How do I design a spa at home?

The purpose of a home spa is to bring a sense of well-being. A place for you to relax and enjoy yourself. Therefore, it is important to consider these things before you start designing. Would you benefit from a massage table or chair? Or a hot tub? Everything depends on personal taste and the brilliant part of having a spa in your home is that you get to choose! If you are intending on having a whole room dedicated to your spa then it is worth keeping in mind small tips and tricks, from having interesting tile patterns to including candles and scents. Hiring a professional is often the best way to make sure that you don’t have any problems when you are putting your spa together. Whether you would like a steam room or a sauna, it is extremely important to make sure that this work is done properly, saving your repair costs in future. The design of your spa can be a fun process if you have the budget to allow for all the best of what spas have to offer, so get researching some options and you are bound to find the spa of your dreams.

What do I need to consider when building a spa at home?

Having a spa in your home is not cheap so it’s  important to consider whether you would actually use the room. It is also well worth considering hiring an interior architect who specialises in spas. This way you are likely to have a room that is well put together with your favourite spa equipment.The atmosphere within your spa is something extremely important to consider. Ideally a home spa will be away from the rest of the house and in a quiet spot. If you have young children then this may seem like a very difficult task. However, in order to truly relax it is essential.

What equipment do I need for my home spa?

There are many different options when it comes to equipment for your home spa. Whether you would rather the option of a heated lounger, which can be a brilliant way to relax without relying on a massage, or if you would prefer something as simple as a foot massager, there are options for everyone. Home spa equipment doesn’t need to be expensive and you may choose cheaper options but so long as the room is a relaxing and comfortable place to stay, you have done a good job!

What facilities does a spa need?

In order to have a home spa that is worthwhile it is recommended investing in the right facilities to ensure your home is properly equipped. There are many different options when it comes to equipment you can have in your home and once it is properly installed then you can pass many hours enjoying your luxurious little room.


Many people often pay for gym memberships every month just to be able to use a sauna. Having a home sauna is a great way to sweat away your problems! However, if you have children then it is essential that you have the right safety measures in place. Hiring a professional to install your sauna will mean you are less likely to have to deal with problems in the future.

Hot tub:

Hot tubs are a wonderful way to relax and are often associated with holidays in expensive resorts. Installing a hot tub is a great way to know your home will be filled with friends and family every time you want to socialise! A hot tub is a luxurious way to relax and enjoy yourself and can also be an extremely romantic choice too.

Steam room:

If you often have a cold then perhaps one of the home steam room benefits would be that you could spend more time relaxing and trying to cure this. Supposedly one of the best ways to cure a cold is to spend a long time steaming. So having one in your home could be the cure to your problems. One of the issues of a steam room is that they are often expensive to run so making sure you know the exact costs is important.

Sauna ideas and inspiration

Saunas can be an entire room or just a small part of your bathroom depending on how much you intend on spending and how big your home is. You can find hundreds of saunas ideas in a range of places from magazines to your local gym. With homify there are many different pictures of saunas showing the range of options you have when creating one in your own home.

What is the best sauna design?

The best sauna design is often one which is large enough to enjoy with more than one person! Whether you would prefer a sauna that has different levels, is all wooden, includes more glass or is an extension of your bathroom, there is a perfect choice for everyone. Another option is a portable home sauna. This may be a more economical idea for people who do not want to dedicate an entire room to a spa. You may find that the best way to choose the right sauna design is to hire a professional. Finding someone to design your sauna often means you will save money in the long run as they will be trained properly. Using homify you are easily able to find and contact people who are close to you who can help create your dream.

How can I build a custom sauna?

Buying a custom sauna can either be a brilliant way to save money or a risky situation that will cost you extra to repair. There are unlimited options for what you can choose and often the materials are pre-cut especially to a very high quality. Keeping in mind all of the most important steps, from lighting to properly attaching the sauna heater, is essential. If you feel that you are unable to do the work properly yourself then there are many professionals in your area who are willing to help.

What do I need to consider when buying a spa?

There are many things to consider before you buy a spa. The real question is whether you have the funds to afford expensive equipment or whether it is worth first investing in some choices such as massager shower heads and portable foot spas. These can easily add a luxurious feel to your bathroom without the expense.

More spa styles

As with every room in your home, you have the choice of what you would like to do with your spa. Having a unified style from the previous room is often a great way to create a peaceful atmosphere. However, if you would prefer to have a haven just off your home then there are also options for this too!

Modern spas

Modern spas benefit from interesting pieces of equipment such as steam shower cabins, different coloured lighting and a lot of glass work! This style works extremely well in larger spas.

Eclectic spas

An eclectic spa may benefit from options such as quirky lighting, peaceful candles and a mismatched but serene atmosphere. Interesting tiles and patterns work well here too. A homemade spa could even be as simple as using scents and having somewhere comfortable to sit, practice wellness and meditation or simply reflect on the day.

Classic spas

Classic spas suit large rooms with high ceilings especially well. They give the appearance of a spa in a luxurious hotel so the price of having a classic style can be high. However, with touches such as large tiles in neutral colours or even pieces of classical artwork, you are able to recreate this style in a smaller room.