Study/office design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect office?

Considering most home owners spend many hours a day working in an office, perhaps having a home office is the most ideal choice. The most essential part of creating your own is to make sure it inspires you to work! If you are easily distracted, then having a cluttered room may not be the best idea. It is important to have a comfortable, welcoming and tidy room to work in.

With homify you also have the option of contacting people in the industry who can help you figure out what is best for you. Whether they are furniture designers, architects or builders you are able to view many profiles to check that you find someone who is perfect for your needs. Having a clear idea of what you would like is often the best way to proceed so remember to do your homework in advance!

Home office ideas & inspiration

There are many different places which you can draw inspiration from for your home office, whether this is the homes of your friends and family, magazines or, the most popular choice; online. It is easy to browse hundreds of ideas and pictures on homify to find your perfect office choices. With the use of the ideabook function, you are able to save all of your ideas into one place too. This way you can easily use them later when it comes to recreating your favourite style!

It can be overwhelming when you’re faced with such a wide variety of available designs and styles, but if you take a look at all the options out there, you will be able to choose your favourite pieces quickly and easily. For examples, there are many different styles which you can recreate from country styles, with large wooden desks and a welcoming environment, to eclectic choices which often work much better for families with younger children who need interesting storage options!

How do I design my office?

In order to provide a work space which is conducive to working, it is worth keeping in mind a few different options. For example, having lamps which create a natural light and a well lit space is important in terms of wanting to spend time in your office and not straining your eyes!

Taking into account the right furniture is essential. Having sofas or anything too comfortable is not an encouraging way to work either! An upright desk chair and desk are a better option. Choosing your colours and materials to match the décor of the room is also wise.

You will often find that the colour of a room can significantly change the mood. Make sure you like the colour of yours and that it is not too distracting for when you need to begin work! Usually green is one of the best choices as it is supposed to stop your vision from becoming tired. Having a decorative room may also help to create a fresh and focused space. If you want a warm atmosphere, then choosing oranges and reds may also work, as well as wooden options.

If you have a beautiful view from your home, then having your desk look out through a window is a great idea. This can bring in more natural light. However, if the scene outside is a busy one, then this option may not work for those who are easily distracted!

What accessories do I need for my office?

Accessorising your office can be fun if you have some good ideas in advance. Whether you would like a large TV in the room, a floor to ceiling bookshelf to just to keep things simple with a rug and curtains, there are many options.

Having shelves above your desk is a good idea, this way you can store books, folders and even have pictures to keep your motivated! Storage is one of the most important things in a home office, if you feel you don’t know where to begin or how best to address this issue then perhaps a good idea is to work with an interior designer or architect who can help you plan out your space properly and even install the storage you need. Their prices are variable, but using the homify directory you can find someone who is close to you, with good reviews and you can even check out their Facebook profile, without even leaving the site!

What do I need to create my own office? 

One of the most important options to consider when designing the perfect home office for you is the furniture. Having the right table and chair is essential as this is where you will spend most of your time! There are many different styles of desks, depending on whether you need a large work space or just a place to rest a laptop; you can find hundreds of options. This is also true of a desk chair; many homeowners enjoy having a proper swivel chair as it encourages the worker to sit up straight but also in comfort! Putting in some research before you invest in these options is the best idea!

You should also choose a desk lamp which as a focused light and natural outlook. Another great idea is a bookshelf to store books or papers. There are many different storage options which are available for this look too, it is worth checking these out on homify. You are able to create an ideabook with all of your favourite pictures so that choosing pieces for your office is easier!

Tips for furnishing a small office

You will often find that if you do not have the right storage or furniture for your office, then even a spacious room can be overly cramped quickly due to papers, books and technology filling the space! Measuring your space before you begin is essential, this way you are able to know that the desk you are buying will fit properly into the room and not over crowd it. You may also consider choosing lighter colours for your home office as these are the best way to create the impression of a larger and brighter space. If you are unsure of where to begin then you may want to consider hiring an interior architect or designer to help create your perfect office space!

More options, which open up any space, include simple tricks such buying mirrors for your room and not cluttering up the space with too many accessories.

Different styles for a home office

Choosing one theme for your home office can sometimes be a difficult choice. The best idea is to base your home office on the rest of your home. Do you have one theme running through your home, or do you have a different style for every room? There are many different options which you can choose from, whether this is a wall of books or an impressive desk in the centre of the room. If you invest enough time into choosing your furniture then you don’t necessarily have to blow your decorating budget on one room!

Remember a great way to choose your perfect home office design is to collect your ideas in an ideabook on homify. Here you can save the pictures which you like the most and you are also able to add text so that you can remember exactly what it was that you liked most about the picture.

Modern style office

This theme is definitely one of the most popular options among homeowners as it is easy to create. If you have neutral base colours then you are well on to way to having a modern style! Sharp horizontal lines and impressive desks are the best option for this look. However, if you truly want a modern home office then you may find that the style for furniture often changes, which can make keeping up to date an expensive task! One of the more popular choices for this look is to have hard wood floors which create a cosy atmosphere. Having large wooden bookshelves also works nicely. The space should be kept as light as possible, so make sure you either have natural light or good lamps!

Eclectic style office

An eclectic style for your home office is a great way to bring many different personal touches to a room without having to adhere to a certain style. The eclectic look is more about having different pieces that are brought together with colours that you like and pieces which make a fun space. This style is often the best option for families as it is less easily ruined than a modern white sofa! Having mismatching furniture and quirky lamps and lighting is great for this style too. If you have a large gaming computer which needs a huge desk, or intend on storing many textbooks, you can find many different options on homify to help inspire you! You can really be creative with the look, which many homeowners enjoy.

Classic style office

Creating a classic home office style is a great way to bring sophistication into your house. If you have large windows and a big space to work with then you may find that all you need to add are key pieces and cream colours! Using beautiful pieces of furniture, such as antique desks or shelving, also works well for this style. Having an antique armchair by a bookshelf creates a very classic and old fashioned look. Although this look often requires more money to be spent, if you shop around then you may be able to find many antique pieces which you can use in your study!