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Country study/office design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect country style home office?

A home office is a brilliant luxury if you have space in your house! It can mean you are a lot more productive if you have somewhere quiet to go while doing your work at home. You will have all the comforts of home around you but also the ability to get everything you need done! A perfect home office is a calm and uninterrupted area of the house, where you can work and study easily.

A country style home office may be one which has a combination of country patterns, furniture and decorations. The country style can be a very comfortable and homely style which is great to implement throughout your home or even in just one room.

Where can I find country style home office ideas and inspiration?

There are many places in which you can find ideas for your country style home office or study. Depending on how you prefer to do your research, you could check online for ideas or even visit other people’s homes in order to get some inspiration.

With homify you are able to browse hundreds of different pictures very easily which can all give you some idea of te types of country style pieces that you prefer. The homify website has gathered designs and patterns from all over the world and assimilated them in one place to make your life better.

You will find that with homify you are able to filter your choices so that you can easily just look at country style offices! Once you have found a picture that you like, you’re easily able to save it into an ideabook. From here you can then add text to remind yourself exactly what it was that you liked about each picture! This can be invaluable help when designing your home.

What can I do to make my home office country style?

There are different options when it comes to creating a country style. A home office should have a desk and so investing in a country style option is very important when trying to create this theme. A country style home office should invite you so that you are comfortable and want to spend time working! Some design tips which may come in useful when you are working on your country style home office include making use of natural light. You should also keep in mind that wooden frames work very well for the look, so having large windows with wooden window frames is a great idea.

You should also aim to keep your country style home office fresh and bright so including a desk lamp is important for evenings working. Furniture which works very well for this look includes tartan chairs or sofas, a large wooden desk and perhaps a patterned cushion for a desk chair. Use light and soothing wall colours for a refined look and make sure to add some colour with the country style home office accessories.

What wall colour should I choose for my country style home office?

In an office, it can be very distracting to have wall colours which are too dark. You should aim to use subtle and light colours in order to create a space which you are comfortable working in. Perhaps consider using light and soothing wall colours for a refined look and then add some colour with the country style home office accessories.

You should aim to exude a soothing and calm feel for your country style home office. However, having warmer tones also adds to a country style well and so having a balance of the two is a good idea if you prefer to have darker colours.

Another option which you may want to take into consideration is the use of wallpaper – this can be an interesting choice for your walls if you find a subtle country style pattern. However, do not go overboard with the wallpaper as this can be unappealing to work in.

What type of flooring should I put in my country style home office?

When it comes to flooring, you have many different options to choose from. Many types of flooring work well for the country style and so this really comes down to personal preference. One of the most popular choices for homes is wooden flooring as it runs well throughout your entire home. If you choose wooden flooring then you can decorate by using rugs in a country style to create a homely but stylish look. Wooden flooring creates a feeling of professionalism, unlike carpet. If you are unsure of where to begin then you should consider speaking to a professional as there are many people who are able to help you. You should consider checking the directory on homify as there are many different options here! With the directory you can also narrow down your search to make sure that everyone you look at is in your area.

Another option which works well for an office is to use tiles, the colour of which can create a very country feel if you get it right. Different colours of tiles work well here, but for a rustic country feel you will find that oranges, yellows and subtle options work better.

How should I furnish a country style home office?

There are some obvious choices which are very important for a home office, however, once you have chosen these, if you have a large enough space, your options will be entirely your choice. With the country style, a large wooden desk works very well, however, this can be an expensive choice! You may be able to find cheaper options, but remember to always keep an eye out, as bargains may be hard to come by.

Other furniture options for your country style home office include comfortable chairs and sofas; these create a homely feel and if you have the space in your office then they may be useful. However, try to make sure your home office is not too comfortable otherwise you will find that getting work done is a lot more difficult! It is a good idea to calculate the available space and then plan the suitable home office furniture based on your budget. Remember to check out your options on homify too!

Are there any specific tips for decorating my home office in a country style?

When decorating your home office in a country style, there are many different things which you should keep in mind. Decorating your home from scratch can be a huge process and so making sure you have planned far enough in advance is important!

With a country style home office you should be trying to create a cosy and comfortable feeling especially if you will be spending long working hours here. Keeping this in mind it is worth including straight, comfortable chairs that guarantee right posture and correct hand placement.

Another important factor is to have ample storage which suits the style. A cluttered room can be very difficult to work in and so having a cupboard or shelves where you can store your papers and folders is essential. Having a desk and shelves which can house all of your basic devices such as your computer, telephone and files is important too.

How should I accessorise my country style home office?

There are many ways in which you can accessorise your country style home office but your choice should depend entirely on personal preference. In order to spend a long time in a home office, it should be a place which can give you some respite as well as inspire you to work hard! Therefore, accessories may include pictures, posters or paintings to help inspire you. Unlike the modern theme, a country style works very well with accessories. Perhaps patterned cushions for your chair would help you too!

Always keep in mind the importance of having the right light. You should also consider having curtains of a country style pattern too. If you want to add colour to your home office then you may want to include planters and artificial flowers.

What if I have a small home office?

A small office can be a great way to make sure you do not get distracted by a comfortable sofa or a TV. Make sure that everything in your small home office is essential for your everyday use. You can still add cushions and rugs to chairs, but make sure you have space for a perfect desk and chair. You should also ensure that you have proficient storage in your home office! The use of subtle and nude wall colours will make your place look spacious! Always remember to keep your country style small home office free of clutter!

What other styles could I choose for my home office?

There are many different styles which you could choose for your whole home or just your home office. If you would like to have your home office as a retreat from the rest of your home then you may consider having a different theme here. Below are some other ideas which you may want to explore before you make your final choice!

Modern style home office

modern style home office is one which is kept uncluttered and bright. You should focus on the lighting in this room, from windows to lighting. A modern home office furniture should consist of a sturdy wooden desk, some highlighting chairs and a perhaps a book shelf. This look works well when it is kept simple.

Rustic style home office

rustic style home office should include wooden furniture and focus on creating a homely and welcoming feel. You can do this through use of comfortable chairs, cushions and rugs. Nude colours work very well for this look.