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Modern study/office design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect modern home office?

As it is slowly becoming a lot more popular to work from home, the need for a home office has become greater. A perfect home office should be somewhere in which you feel happy working – but not somewhere too comfortable! In order to get a lot of work done, most people find they cannot be in a cluttered space, so the perfect home office must have good storage! Investing in furniture which you like is also a good idea, as is making sure your home office is in a brightly lit room. Natural light does a lot more for motivation than lamps! If you have space in your home, then you could renovate an unused space into a perfect modern home office quite easily! The style is one which works very well with concentration as it calls for a lack of clutter and calming, neutral colours.

However, before you begin designing your home office, it is worth asking yourself many questions such as; will you be able to work well in the room you have chosen? How much space do you need for your home office? Is it worth investing in an expensive desk chair and table? The space should have privacy and silence if you have hard work to do! Taking into account some of these questions is a good place to start when creating your perfect modern home office.

Where can I find modern home office ideas & inspiration?

There are hundreds of different places in which you can find inspiration and ideas for your modern home office. Whether you like the design at your work, or whether your friends or family have modern styled home offices – you can draw upon anything you see or like. The modern style will often require some work in order to make sure it looks well put together and sophisticated.

You also have the option of using homify, here you can find hundreds of different pictures to help you! If you find a picture that you like, then you can simply save it to an ideabook. This works as an online scrapbook to help you keep all of your ideas in one place! You can even add text to help you remember why you chose the picture in the first place!

Before designing a home office, it is worth researching as many ideas and styles as possible to make sure you have made the right choice! This research could help you to save precious time and money

What exactly can I do to make my home office modern?

In order to create a modern home office, there are many tips and tricks which can be followed. For example, having neutral coloured walls with the odd splash of colour can really help to create a professional modern feel. If you are working with clients in your home, then it is important to create a feel of professional style!

Other ideas for creating a modern home office include choosing furnishing which fits in with the theme – there are many ides for this on homify. You may also consider having a separate entry for your office. However, if you have little experience with interior design, then working with a professional is a good idea! Last but not the least, it is a good idea to keep the decor of the room minimal as this helps to create a neat and spacious look.

What wall colour should I choose for my modern home office?

Wall colour is very important when it comes to modern, the colours chosen can easily change the look and feel of room! If you choose colours which are too cold, such as blue or navy, then you may find you do not want to spend time working there! Often the best choice is something as neutral as possible, whether this is white or cream – you have many different options. Adding colour is easy with the use of rugs or paintings if you would really like to add a splash in your modern room! Many people often consider colouring just one wall in a bright colour as this can something give the illusion of space, however, it is wise to choose carefully!

What type of flooring should I put in my modern home office?

Often you will find that many rooms in modern homes have wooden floors – this is sometimes because the floor can work effortlessly throughout the house, unlike carpet which does not work in many rooms! A modern home office can benefit from a wooden floor too as they look less homely and more professional than other alternatives. However, they do not often come at a cheap price. If you are unsure of what floor to choose then it is worth speaking to a professional in order to make sure your needs are accommodated. With hardwood floors you also have to decide on the colour which you will be using. A dark floor may not look as professional as something which is lighter and makes the room appear brighter!

What home office design is right for me?

As there are so many different design options available to you, it can often be very overwhelming when it comes to deciding on just one option. The right design should be somewhere you feel comfortable working in. There are hundreds of ideas here though; would you prefer a more contemporary modern style or something which is more classically modern? The right design for a home office should also be influenced by the type of work you are doing and clientele you are addressing.

You should also take into account your budget – it is not worth over spending to then have a room which you will not use often! Having an open and bright room which has a comfortable desk and chair as well as ample storage space should work perfectly!

Are there any specific tips for decorating my home office in modern style?

When creating a modern home office, it is worth remembering that it does not necessarily have to flow from the rest of the house as it is a place in which you will be getting away from the world in order to focus on important work! So having an office which is modern in an eclectic style home does not need to matter!

It is worth selecting affordable and comfortable furniture and using accessories which create a more open space is also advisable. For example, mirrors are a great tool for making a room look bigger but you may also find that having a bookshelf in order to store away all of your prized books is a great idea instead of piling them up in corners! If you are unsure of exactly what you would like, then a good idea is to slow and incorporate items in a gradual manner.

How do I use accessories in my modern home office?

A modern home office should have few accessories if you are hoping to stay try to the style! However, the right accessories can be an integral part of the décor! Options such as wall clocks could complement the room and are also useful! If you choose a modern style, this works perfectly too. However, having too many paintings and pictures on your walls can appear cluttered which is not ideal for this particular style. There are hundreds of different options for modern home office accessories but it is worth remembering that less is usually more.

What happens if I have a small home office?

So long as your modern home office inspires you to work, there should be no problem if the room is small! You can work around the size of a room through the use of different furniture or by creating storage which keeps your office uncluttered. There are now lots of options available in the form of inbuilt furniture and affordable furniture. You should also consider using glass to make an office look bigger, whether this is a glass table, including a mirror in the room or making sure you have enough natural light through windows! It is wise to keep further home office decor to a minimal.

Are there any specific tips for decorating a modern home office?

Before you begin decorating your modern home office, it is worth researching other options and styles to make sure that you have made the right decision for you! Planning a home office shouldn’t be difficult if you know where to search for inspiration, using homify is the best way to peruse different options! You’re even able to browse, pick ideas, mix and match your thoughts and ideas, find competitive prices and service providers and start working from your home office!

Some types of Modern Home Office:

Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian Style is becoming increasingly popular as it advocates minimalist décor and furniture but also creates a stylish overall look and feel! This style could work perfectly for a modern home office as white walls and dark furniture would create a clean and open space to work in!

Minimalist Style

The minimalist style décor creates a stylish look and gives a brilliant illusion of space. Incorporating mirrors and other features which can help make a room bigger is a great idea for this style. Otherwise furniture should be kept to an absolute minimum, perhaps with just an expensive desk or chair!

Classic style 

If you will have clients coming to your home office, then the classic style is a great choice. Options for this style include using traditional wood work, antique artifacts and impressive art painting and upholstery. There are hundreds of ideas on homify.