Country style design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect country style room?

The aim of the country style is to try and create a comfortable and cosy interior. A “perfect” country style room should feel both inviting and homely. There are many techniques you can use to create such a style and you don’t necessarily need to live in the countryside to achieve this look.

Creating a cosy and snug atmosphere to enjoy spending time relaxing or socialising in is the main aim for this style. Ideas such as oversized fireplaces, large and comfortable furniture, wood burning stoves or even decorative hearth and mantels all have their place.

It is worth spending a lot of time deciding exactly what you would like in your country style home decor before you begin buying, as with this style is it possible to appear outdated quickly and this is definitely something that you should try and avoid! At homify we have hundreds of professionals who can help you choose design ideas that are perfect for your country home and help create a homely look worth spending all your free time in!

Where can I find country style room ideas?

Antique markets are a great place to seek inspiration for this look as there are so many key pieces to be found which can easily add to your country style home. You could also try searching around flea markets to decide on which patterns you prefer for your rooms, and even for picking out accessories and smaller pieces. It is also possible to take ideas from country houses – perhaps spend a day wandering around a local old farmhouse property and picking up hints and tips there!

Spending time browsing online is a great idea as there are so many ideas for mixing this style in with your own tastes or what will suit your room most. At homify we have made sure that you can use our site in an easy way to gain ideas. With a simple click you can view hundreds of country style ideas. Remembering these ideas has also been made simple - you can click and save your country decorating ideas into an ideabook and even add text to help you create a broad range of design ideas.

What exactly can I do to my country style room

Country decorating ideas are easy to come by and should be fun to research and create. When shopping at flea markets, estate sales, and home stores, keep your eye out for signs, posters, and paintings which add to the style!

An AGA cooker is a brilliant way to add the feel of an old country house to any space. It can provide a brilliant focal point for a kitchen as well as creating warmth and the opportunity for home cooked, country-inspired meals!

Larger furniture, such as leather sofas for a country style living room, are a great way to add to this style. You may want to choose patterned tartan cushions, which give the feeling of a countryside home. If you are building your own country style home, then large windows and features such as wooden beams or being able to see the brickwork of the building, are also a great idea.

What wall colour should I choose for my country style rooms?

Country style homes are able to get away with a broad range of different colours as it is really about creating a homely feel. Soft greys or greens can bring a farmhouse feel, white walls with the addition of skirting board and door frame detailing can create a sophisticated effect, or colours that look brilliant in different lightings such as French Grey, work brilliantly for this style.

What type of flooring should I put in my country style house?

Sticking to the original flooring in a country style home is ideal. For example, rustic stone flooring or stripped wooden floors work perfectly to create a homely, country feel.

Wooden flooring in kitchens works just as well as in a living room, and it is then possible to use a rug to accessorise and add colour and homeliness! You can even use homify to find a flooring expert to help you choose the best option for one of the most used rooms in any house.

What country style room design is right for me?

The country style should give the impression of a relaxed rural life but they don't necessarily have to be just casual though as they can be elegant, too!

Country style designs work well for anyone who prefers having a homely effect to a polished and pristine look. The look works best if it appears to have been assembled over time with cherished pieces, making the home feel as though it has been lived in for a long time. It is possible to create this look with small touches, such as choosing an assortment of cabinet colours and mixing in different finishes.

Are there any specific tips for decorating my country style rooms?

Take inspiration from historic farmhouses with ideas such as keeping rooms white to highlight new country textiles, posters or even antiques. Create an organic outlook with wooden vintage schoolhouse light fixtures and wooden tables and chairs.

Try to add age and country charm to your new kitchen by using different textures and simple ideas such as tin breadboxes, fresh flowers, and hanging pot racks.

Keeping the country style in mind while you choose furniture for every room is important. For example, ideas for a bedroom may include a large headboard in an earthy colour but choosing a more feminine floral print for the bedspread creates a perfectly country style look.

It is also important with this look to try and keep it fresh and not outdated. Bathroom ideas to try and provide a relaxing, homely and country style should include a freestanding bathtub, lighter colours and exposed rafters. Choosing the correct softer lighting can also help to create a great place to lie back and relax.

How do I accessorise my country style room?

Accessoring a country style room can actually be more fun than any other style, as there are a broad range of places you can shop from! Flea markets at the weekend, antique stores and even boutique shops all have accessories which work perfectly for this style.

Vintage country artifacts include anything from pitchforks on the walls, cuckoo clocks, assorted pretty tins and cans, seltzer bottles and antique boards. You can get away with lots with this style, so long as everything appears to have come together over a long period of time.

What happens if I have a small country style room?

Choosing the right paintwork for small country style home decor is essential, as it will help create a seemingly larger space and add an elegant impression. For this style, many homeowners are tempted to use bold and bright colours, however, it may be worth using these with care as they can make a room appear out of style and date very quickly. These colours may also make a room look a lot smaller than it actually is.

It may be worth choosing a lighter colour and accessoring with bright pieces, as then you are able to change your style a lot more easily! However, make sure that you do not clutter a room as this can also make a room smaller. Techniques such as framed mirrors bring can help make a room look brighter.

Other room styles

How to: Modern room style

The modern room style uses sharp, clean lines, lighter colours, and natural light-filled spaces. Wooden floors are often a popular option for this style and large open rooms – from kitchen diners to bathrooms. Adding these styles to a country room can also create a great mix – a modern country style home is a popular choice for homeowners with large families. How to: Eclectic room style The eclectic room style is one of the more fun styles to create as it has no defined must-haves. You can mix in vintage pieces, various patterns and colours, and generally choose whatever it is that you prefer! You can use many accessories such as posters or a variety of wall hangings, mismatched furniture such as sofas or chairs, ideas such as open pantries and even traditional rugs. The overall aim is to create a homely feel! Injections of colour create a fashionable eclectic modern environment.

How to: Scandinavian house style

Scandinavian house styles often include bright, open plan rooms with plenty of storage facilities so that everything has an organised yet still homely feel. The colour scheme is often kept extremely neutral, but can be dressed up with the addition of accessories. Blues and greens work well in this style. Many homeowners use wooden flooring for this theme, always in a light tone to keep the room modern and fresh.

How to: Industrial house style

For industrial style houses, materials such as stainless steel work perfectly. Tiled floors can create an industrial, yet more colourful space but another option is the introduction of concrete as flooring. It is possible to add more black and grey into the style, as darker colours work well. Large appliances and furniture work well as they appear industrial but create a functional and comfortable home. Accessories that work well here are often large - such as clocks of plants and lampshades. Adding quirky coloured pieces interjects some life into the style, too. 

How to: Rustic style house

A rustic style house creates a lived-in but still relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The style works best in older properties as exposed stonework and timbers fit perfectly. However, it may also be used in newer homes to create a quirky feel and give the impression that the home has been lived in with every piece having been gathered over time.