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Eclectic design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What is the Eclectic style?

The term Eclectic derives from the Ancient Greek terms of ek and legein, which roughly translate to something similar to pick and choose. In today’s world, eclectic used a term for an interior design theme that is a mix of all styles simultaneously.  Think of a mix of modern, classic, 2nd hand, brand new, and everything in between,  all morphed into one. Sound confusing? Well, home interiors are as individual as we are, and no two homes will ever be the same. As many try and copy an interior design style, a lover of eclectic interiors will do the exact opposite, and create something very personal, unique, and bursting with character. It is surprising how well completely different styles can fit together, without looking like they are trying to too hard to be something they are not.

What are the main characteristics of this style? 

The one main characteristic when it comes to the eclectic style is that there is no typical eclectic interior. While minimalism is often characterised by all-white, and a country theme brings to mind timber, each eclectic interior can exude a completely different feeling. A varying combination of materials, textures, unique one-off items of furniture or decoration, and a using a wide array of colours are all part of what make the eclectic theme so individual.

How do I bring the Eclectic style into my home?

In order to adapt this style into your home, you do not have to seek inspiration from catalogues or showrooms, you just have to go with what feels best. There are a few questions you may ask yourself, in order to help you on your way to bring an eclectic style into your home. First, what do you like? When it comes to eclectic interior design, almost anything goes. Do you have a piece of furniture handed down to you through the family? Do you have some favoured armchairs you can’t seem to let go of? How about that whacky wall hanging you saw online? Go for it! Use these treasured items as the basis, and go from there. The best part about eclectic interiors is that they are never quite finished, and can always be added to, or changed when you get bored. Do not be afraid of things not matching, as the beauty of an eclectic interior comes from its quirky and mismatched feeling.