Mediterranean design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What is the Mediterranean style?

The Mediterranean style is the result of a combination of several trends. As you can imagine, this style is derived from the traditions of the many cultures which have developed around the Mediterranean Sea, and includes influences from Southern Europe, such as the Iberian Peninsula and Italy; Turkish influences, and influences from the Balkan countries. There are also elements from North Africa, specifically from Moroccan culture, present in the Mediterranean style. 

Although the style retains characteristics specific to each region, it also consists of common elements which consistently inform architectural and interior design.

What are the characteristics of Mediterranean-style houses?

Mediterranean-style homes are recognisable from the use of pure materials such as wood, stone, and white lime: elements which also determine the colours of these houses. Roofs covered with terracotta tiles, pillars, porches, stucco walls, and arched windows are just some of the features that define the exteriors of Mediterranean-style homes.

What are the characteristics of Mediterranean-style interiors?

Mediterranean-style décor is characterised by the dominance of light. For this reason, warm tones or colours associated with the sea and nature (light or dark blue) are used for furnishings. The walls of the house, as an alternative to white, can be painted ochre yellow or turquoise. Surfaces including plaster walls and floors are often left rough with their imperfections on display. The ceiling is often characterised by wooden beams, while terracotta or handmade tiles are typically used for the floors. However, it is also common to see wooden or ceramic floors.

How to decorate a house in Mediterranean style ? 

Mediterranean-style furniture is made from simple materials, specifically wood and wrought iron. The furniture can be distinguished by its rough, handmade appearance, but also by intricate detailing such as hand-carved wooden inlays. The interior, where we find evidence of North African style combined with Greek or Italian inspired furniture, also reflects this rich combination of influences.

How do you decorate the interior of a Mediterranean style house?

Mediterranean homes are decorated with fresh and light fabrics, mainly linen and cotton, with lots of of natural, neutral colours. It makes extensive use of handicrafts like amphora ceramics or terracotta pots to exhibit plants and flowers: lavender can be used to decorate, for example, and rosemary and basil can be used in the kitchen.