Modern design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Furnishing your home modern—Ideas & Inspiration

A modern home is a popular choice for many homeowners as it is one of the easiest to create on a limited budget. The modern style also allows room for personal taste; from colours to furniture, many options are considered modern.

In order to find ideas and inspiration, you have plenty of choices. A good idea is to research well in advance so that you know exactly what you would like before you spend any money. For example, you could use magazines and keep the cuttings of the styles you prefer, you could speak to family members and friends in order to check out their homes or you could even use homify.

With homify you are able to create and ideabook which allows you to save your favourite pictures from the site into one place so you can check back later. You can also add captions so that you know exactly what it was that you liked about that picture!

Where can I find modern furnishing ideas for my home?

You will find that, once you start looking, ideas are absolutely everywhere. From blogs to magazines there are new ideas every day, however, it is important to keep in consideration your own dreams for your ideal flat!

It is worth remembering that a flat is a smaller space than a home, so trying to stick to one theme or not overcrowding your home is essential. However, you may find that tastefully adding more than one theme could work perfectly too.

For modern flats, there are hundreds of options, whether you prefer to keep your choices more classical looking, or if you prefer horizontal lines and straight edges – there is always an answer!

Where can I find furnishing ideas & inspiration?

There are many ways in which you can find the best furnishing ideas. With homify you’re able to search for hundreds of different ideas in one place – just select the room you wish to furnish and the style you prefer. From here you’re able to save the pictures you prefer in an ideabook, peruse many different options and get an idea for the feel of a room in a particular style – modern rooms have such different trends that you have many ideas and options to choose from.

How do I refurbish my home in a modern way?

You may find that in order you fully refurbish your apartment you will need to spend a lot of money – especially if you do not plan everything in advance! However, if you are on a budget then there are still many tasteful ways in which you are able to create your dream home.

Modernising an apartment can be challenging, especially if you are working with décor which has not been changed in many years! If, however, you already have a modern apartment then you can easily update your home with just a few touches. These touches may be as simple as changing the lighting or objects in a room, rather than redoing a floor or wall!

Renovating your room 

Renovations allow for creativity, if you are hoping for a fresh start in your home, then this is the best way to achieve it! However, renovation is a more difficult process than refurbishing, however, it can often be necessary! It is often wise to hire a professional if you have never worked on a renovation project before. On homify you will be able to find interior designers, architects and many other professionals.

Decorating your flat in modern style

If you have decided that the modern style if your favourite look, then setting about decorating your flat this way can be exciting. Knowing that this is definitely your preferred decorating style is important before you begin spending money though!

However, it is one of the best designs when it comes to keeping your home bright and open. With homify, you can easily find many modern interior designs. Choosing your colours, furniture and flooring in advance are a great idea as this means you will be able to research the cheapest options available to you.

How to furnish large rooms

Often, it can be hard to furnish a room which is large as you may find that your furniture appears too small for the space. Making sure you have furniture which fits your room is essential. It can be easy to overcrowd a small room, however, the luxury of a large room means you don’t have this worry!

You may also find that using furniture to create sections in a room is a good way to make sure the space doesn’t look too empty. Perhaps you could create a reading corner using a chair and bookshelves! You will find that once you start looking, your options are endless.

How to furnish small rooms

There are challenges with furnishing a small room in a certain style, however, with planning it is definitely doable! You can often create the illusion of a larger space when you are designing your space in a modern style. Remember that lighter colours open up a space and that mirrors are also a brilliant way of creating the illusion of more space.

How do I make my home homely but modern?

A modern flat can often feel empty and cold if you do not plan carefully in advance of refurbishing your home. Modern colours involve neutral choices, which is the opposite of what we associate a homely look to be. Therefore, when choosing your modern pieces and furniture, it is essential that you really like these pieces, otherwise you may feel that you are living in a stranger’s home!

Options which still work with the modern style are hanging up pictures of family or friends, choosing meaningful artwork or having throws and rugs to create a warmer feeling space. It is also possible to select furniture which is comfortable and not space saving.

Modern decorating tips for small flats

If you have a small flat, then you may find that keeping your space decluttered is more difficult. Making sure you have a space which is clean-lined and homely is the best way to create a modern style home in a small flat. Excessive ornaments in a space do not work well for modern styles. In order to have a welcoming ambiance, it is worth choosing neutral tones. You could use neutral colours for the walls, mirrors to bring in more light and make sure that your windows are as uncluttered as possible so that natural light comes in!

Modern decorating tips for students

For students, the modern style can work brilliantly as it is not overly cluttered but can also be simple to achieve. Finding modern room ideas can also be fun especially when you find original options to make your room feel up to date!

Modern styles allow for creativity, whether this is having a plain background and adding pictures, faux finishing, stencilling or sponging to add a more personal touch. This kind of finish adds amazing texture to the walls too and is simpler to modify than a wallpaper. Modern interior designs involve easy tips that all students are easily able to learn and implement.

Tips for furnishing lofts

If you are hoping to create a modern style in a loft, then you don’t need to worry about creating a homely feel as this should come easily. Due to the lack of boundaries in a loft space, the spacious areas allow you to create the look you want. With solid floors, un-plastered walls, high ceiling, and uncovered pipes it can be an easier task to create a modern space. Remember that neutral colours are a great way to go and you can be as creative as you want!

You can opt for antique items such as chests, chandeliers, or richly designed upholstery furnishing, or aim for more modern home décor items such as furniture made up of glass, wood, chrome, and steel.

Which style should I choose for my flat?

When you are deciding on a style, it is worth making sure you have researched all the options available to you. There are many different choices to look through – from industrial style to minimalist, it is worth reviewing each to make sure you know that you’ve made the right choice!

Industrial style furnishings

Industrial style furnishings can be a great way to show personality in a kitchen especially. The colours and textures of an industrial style room are not for everyone as they include metals, tiles and often do not create a very homely feel. If you are interested in art, then having modern pieces or abstract pieces can work well with this look. However, remember not to over clutter the room as it should look seamless and chic.

Classic style furnishings

Often many homeowners believe that classic styles are harder to achieve because they are intended to look expensive. However, it may often be the case that there are many cheap alternatives to furnishings which are classically expensive. You will find that if you are able to create a symmetrical, formal and elegant room without spending a lot of money, then you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on expensive pieces! However, architectural details and antiques do work well!

Minimalist furnishings

Many people feel that minimalism is a desirable style for a home as it appears uncluttered and clean. The style requires white and plain spaces, but can also be tastefully decorated with furniture and art. In order to truly have a minimalist style, it is essential that you declutter your home first!