Teen bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How do I design a teen bedroom?

Teenagers can be notoriously tricky to deal with - which is why it’s particularly important to get their living space right. With hormones and strops at every turn, adolescents are feeling their way into adulthood and need a carefully balanced mix of childhood comforts and independence to guide them in the right direction. When the time is right, they’ll naturally shake off the pastel colours and cartoon characters of their childhood rooms and gravitate towards an aesthetic that helps express their burgeoning adult identity. If you’re wondering where to start, use their interests and hobbies as a guide. Are they music fans? If so, consider a music-themed room or try adorning the walls with posters of their creative heroes. If they’re into sport, try adding a motif or colour scheme that reflect their favourite team, or showcase any sporting achievements they’ve racked up. Similarly, if your teenager is into films, crafts or animals, use that as a guide to give their room the right dose of character. Finally, to ensure your offspring is truly down with the kids, always keep things fresh and modern.

What are some modern wall decoration ideas for a teen bedroom?

If you’re looking for teen bedroom decor ideas, where better to start than with the classic wall poster? Iconic images of pop singers, sports heroes and Hollywood stars have adorned adolescent bedrooms for decades and are an easy way to decorate a large space quickly. If your youngster has slightly more cultured tastes, try adding prints of their favourite artworks or architectural projects. A great practical addition to any teenage boy or girl’s bedroom is a whiteboard or cork messageboard on which they can pin their favourite pictures and keep track of appointments or social events - a great way of helping them start to manage their time independently. If you’re feeling creative, why not add some playful wall stickers displaying interesting quotes or facts? This is a crafty way to help your youngster learn without even realising. Finally, don’t forget a decent mirror or two, some plants (to encourage some degree of responsibility) as well as space for musical instruments, skateboards or any other hobby-related paraphernalia.

Which furniture items do I need for a teen bedroom?

When kitting out a teenager’s bedroom, the logical place to start is with a decent bed. Consult your youngster and find a design that suits both their tastes and practical needs. Remember they’re probably going to grow significantly over the next few years, so pick a model with plenty of legroom so it’ll last. Make sure your chosen design is suitably stylish and modern so that it passes your teenager’s exacting standards. Next up, you’ll need a desk or table to accommodate any creative pursuits or school projects. Pick one with plenty of storage space and a built-in organiser to keep stationery and rogue bits of paper under control. You’ll also need a good chair for the desk, as well as an armchair or sofa - depending on the size of the room, of course. You could even opt for a beanbag or some large cushions to create a comfy den in one corner. Finally, think about the storage items you’ll need. Is a wardrobe or open clothes rail the best option? Will you need a chest of drawers or separate cabinet? Make sure you also add plenty of shelves on which to house books, DVDs and other bits and bobs. These will be an invaluable addition when it comes to minimising clutter.

How do I furnish a small teenage bedroom?

Furnishing a compact teenage bedroom can be a tricky task. You’ll need to balance your youngster’s need for space with plentiful storage and enough accessories to give the room some real character. One great practical option for a small teenage room is a sofa bed - this can be used for seating during the day and then opened out at night. It’ll also come in handy when your child has friends to stay over. You could also plump for a bed with plenty of storage space underneath, adding boxes or folders to contain any loose items that need organising. Finally, make the most of the available wall space with hanging shelves, rails or cabinets. It’s also wise to pick up as much multifunctional furniture as possible in order to optimise the space you do have. When building or installing larger furniture items, don’t forget to enlist the help of a professional to get the job done properly.