Wall design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Far from being a decorating dilemma, beautifying a blank white wall is one of the most enthralling projects you can tackle. From creating feature or statement walls to just doing something different to giving expression to your inner artistic impulses, approach your wall as a blank space brimming with possibility.

Finding wall décor inspiration

There are numerous blogs, websites, and picture forums you could scour to inform your own idea book, and even more real-life inspirations too. In fact, replicating what you see around you and love – whether that be nature, an art exhibition or an eye-catching texture – often leads to some of the most one-of-a-kind, unforgettable wall finishes.

So, where to go in the non-virtual world? Think everything, from restaurants, art-deco cafes, art exhibitions, décor exhibits, to bookstores, the outdoors and even religious places of worship, which are always some of the most or ornately decorated on the inside.

3D Wall trends to die for

Some of the newest and most statement-making wall trends involve 3D trends such as textured wall paper, 3D wall paneling and 3D wall paintings.

3D Textured wall paper comes in just about any ‘texture’ you could think of, from crushed velvet to brick, retro, wood effect and countless more. Most suppliers will also let you customize designs or create bespoke ones for you, including turning your own photographs into a design. Prices average at £36m2, excluding installation. As with all 3D options, this is best reserved for a statement wall in the likes of the living room or bedroom.

3D Wall paneling comprises wall panels that create a 3D effect, such as a pattern, when installed next to each other. Panels can be made of wood, tin, plaster and an array of other materials. Prices average about £120 for a 600cm by 60cm tile.

These tiles are strikingly effective that you need not clad the entire wall with them, especially if you’re on a smaller budget. You could always opt for a few single tiles, or put a few together on a central or other patch of wall. The tiles are paintable too, so you can always change the colour when you next feel like redecorating!

3D Murals are no longer the stuff of interior cathedrals. Love how the soothing feeling of sitting next to a Khoi pond surrounded by lush trees? Why not bring that into one of your bedroom walls and fall asleep to the most tranquil of images.

Objectify your wall

Closely following on from the 3D wall trend, is the object-d’-anything trend! Again, this is best left for a statement wall in the living room, dining room or perhaps something like a hallway, to set an inviting tone to what is otherwise usually a neglected aspect of wall in the home.

Some unique but easy and highly effective object ideas include hanging a tapestry or rug on the wall, or even drapery. This is a wonderful way of creating warmth in an otherwise minimalist space. Mosaics on the wall too are intriguing as is stained glass applications – modern décor ideas mean you can take what is traditionally meant for a window and move it to the wall, no questions asked.

Another thing to consider is statement wall lighting. That beautiful crystal dome or square-shaped light fixture on your ceiling could just as easily be in an eye-catching vertical placement on the wall.

Antiques, headboards, sculptures and collections such as plates also make for wonderful wall adornments.

Traditional wall décor that’s stood the test of time

Of course, there are some formulae for sprucing up a wall that never goes out of fashion. Statement mirrors, headboards, photograph sequences and beautifully framed paintings all come to mind.

Books are another brilliant idea. If you don’t have enormous space, a few floating bookshelves will do the trick. If you have slightly more space and want to create a cosy feel, go for traditional, preferably wooden bookshelves and fill them with books as well as all your favourite objects d’art.

Which colour walls are best for me?

There’s nothing like a coat of paint on a wall to do the trick, and it’s perfectly fine if that’s all you intend to do to your wall as well.

It’s often difficult to pick a shade right away. You may know you want something neutral, but picking just the right shade of cream, sand or ivory could prove tricky. Consult your in-store paint specialists, and take with pictures of your existing décor. There are also apps that allow you to virtually see which shade will look great in your space before purchasing it.

Neutrals are a perennial favourite throughout the house, but there’s nothing wrong with going with two complimentary tones in a room, or choosing a bold colour for just one wall.

A rule of thumb to remember though is that painting all the walls in bold colours usually makes a space appear smaller, unless this is deftly set off with the help of interior decorating touches such as mirrors, skylights and more. Light, warm colours create the illusion of increased space.

Do I need an Interior designer to design my walls?

You don’t need to get an interior designer to decorate your wall but they could certainly help you source bespoke elements. When it comes to colour and colour coding though, there’s no doubt that a consultation with an interior decorator could save you tears and frustration afterwards. Enjoy the collaboration – ultimately, it is still an expression of your style and no one else’s.