Country wine cellar design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect country style wine cellar?

If you have a love for wine, then the perfect country style wine cellar should be a place which incorporates your passion with the country theme. Your wine cellar should be a place in which you enjoy spending time. It should be an inviting space which has place to sit, if possible, and enough storage for all of your favourite wine bottles. The space should be light and welcoming – this is very important for the country theme. A great idea for a perfect country style wine cellar is to use a lot of wood as this complements the look very well – use wooden shelves and wine racks, wooden tables (if you have the space) and even wooden beams if you are building your home from scratch. With little work, you could create a beautiful wine cellar which is a joy to spend time in.

Of course, there are restraints to this look – everything depends on your individual ideas and budget. So before you begin any work make sure that you can afford your lavish ideas. In order to store wine, you need certain conditions such as temperature and storage. Having the right temperature in your wine cellar is essential so make sure you know how to create this before you begin building. Often you will find the best way to maintain the perfect temperature is to use a climate control system which should be incorporated within your country style wine cellar.

Country style wine cellar ideas & inspiration

There are many different places where you can find inspiration and ideas for your wine cellar – if you are an avid wine enthusiast, then having a perfect place to store your bottles is important and you may already have some great ideas. If you spend time at your local wine shops, you will be able to pick up some great ideas here, and once you have chosen the country style, incorporating aspects of this look work easily. If you do not have the space in your home for a whole wine cellar, you may still find that including wine racks in a country style in your kitchen or dining room work sufficiently well and you can dream of the day you can build your own cellar for your wine!

If you are lucky enough to have ample space in which you can create your perfect wine cellar, then you should make sure to do your research first – whether this is checking through magazines, reading up about wine cellars online or checking out the many pictures and tips for wine cellars on homify. Here you will be able to find inspiration, professionals to help you and some of the best tricks of the trade. Your wine cellar should be an investment so making sure you have an aesthetically pleasing place is highly important!

It is important to take into account such considerations as; how you will store your wine, whether you would like to include place to sit in your wine cellar and, if you are building your home from scratch, where in your house the wine cellar will be. For the country look, you will find that wood works wonderfully for every aspect. If you can incorporate wooden beams into your home then this works brilliantly for the country style.

Where can I find the best wine cellar ideas? 

Looking for the perfect wine cellar can be time consuming, if you are unsure of where to begin, then start simple! Google some ideas, check out the hundreds of ideas on homify and save your favourite pictures into an ideabook. Once you have created an ideabook, you will have a brilliant place to refer back to once you begin planning your wine cellar. Here, you will be able to add text to the pictures which you like the most too so that you know exactly what it was that inspired you! Once you begin searching for ideas, you will find that inspiration may come from anywhere, even old museums or local shops. Make sure you have an idea of the wine racks and cabinets which you would like to incorporate as well as the furniture which works best for the country style. If you really need extra help, then our experts are here to guide you in your decisions and make sure you end up with a country style wine cellar which reflects your tastes and is a comfortable place for you and your family to enjoy.

How do I build a country style wine cellar?

If you intend on building your wine cellar in an existing home, then the process can be a difficult one – make sure to speak to an architect as they will be able to help you plan a structurally safe space. If you are building your home from scratch, then you will have more control over what the room should look this. For a country wine cellar, including beams and brick walls is a great way to easily create the look with little effort. Remember that you should also choose the best equipment for storing your expensive and vintage wine in your country style wine cellar but always keep your budget in mind!

What kind of walls should I choose for a country style wine cellar?

Your choice of walls is very important for this look. If you want a truly rustic, country style home, then having brick walls is the best way to go as this can look chic. However, if you would prefer a look which is more finished then consider having white or more neutral tones and then integrating your accessories. Make sure that your wine racks are secure on your walls!

What type of flooring should I put in a wine cellar?

For your country style wine cellar flooring, there are some obvious choices, such as including tiles. This works very well here and, if you choose correctly, does not need to be an expensive option either! Wood is a choice which many people often choice for modern country style homes, but make sure to speak to a professional to ensure you make a choice which works well. There are many different flooring options on homify and you will also be able to find many professionals who are able to help you too! Make sure you use the filters to ensure you are looking at the pictures in the style which you prefer!

Where can I find wine cellar storage ideas?

If you are at a loss for where to begin looking for wine cellar storage ideas, then the best place to start is checking the internet. There are hundreds of places where you can buy the perfect coolers, racks and cabinets for your wine. Make sure to measure the space before you begin so that you know exactly what you should be buying! You should also make sure that your storage is ample and that you do not have to have bottles lined up on the floor! Make sure your country style wine cellar is a place which you are proud to show off!

Are there any specific tips for decorating a wine cellar in a country style?

When you begin decorating your wine cellar, you should have a good idea of how you want the finished room to look. This should involve how much storage you would prefer to have, the lighting you intend on using and the accessories which you would like to adorn the space with! Another option for your country style wine cellar is to include furniture – if you have the space, then a great tip is to create a small bar area which you can enjoy drinking your wine in with friends and family! Make sure to spend time perusing the best tips and tricks on homify to ensure you have a wine cellar which you love!

What other styles could I consider for my wine cellar?

If you are unsure of whether the country style is right for you, then a great idea is to check out some other options before you make your final decision, this way you will know you have made the right choice before you begin designing! The country style is brilliant as it can also be incorporated into other styles too. For example, aspects of the modern style work very well when mixed with a country style. Below are some of the more popular options on homify for you to check out before you begin your planning process. You can check out these styles easily and remember to save your favourite pictures into an ideabook if you see something you like!

How to: Modern style wine cellar

A modern style wine cellar is one which should use white or neutral walls, hard wood floors and streamlined storage. It should be a place which exudes a classy and chic feel but is also a welcoming space for you to spend time picking your favourite bottle. You may want to consider glass cabinets and high end furniture. Your modern wine cellar should be a place which is up to date, so make sure you look into having the right equipment for storing your wine at the right temperature! With this style you can easily integrate artistic and decorative patterns too.

How to: Scandinavian style wine cellar

The Scandinavian style is one which has been come increasingly more popular. The look works well if you like a minimalist space with personal touches. A Scandinavian wine cellar should be a place which is well designed and up to date! Check out some of the best ideas on homify in order to get a good idea of what you can do with your Scandinavian wine cellar!

How to: Eclectic style wine cellar

An eclectic wine cellar is one which you can really bring your own creative flair into! Choose from interesting wine racks to interesting patterns and pictures for your walls. Consider including a bar and comfortable places to sit and enjoy your wine! With this look you can play with different wall and floor patterns for making your eclectic wine cellar beautiful!