Modern wine cellar design ideas & pictures l homify Modern wine cellar design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Modern wine cellar design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect modern wine cellar?

If you are an avid wine enthusiast, then having a perfect place to store your bottles is important! For many people a wine cellar is just a luxurious dream, but if you are lucky enough to have the space in your home to include such a place, then there are hundreds of great options for how you could decorate! There are many different factors that go into making the perfect wine cellar and the process is not as easy as it may seem. For example, making sure you have the right space, temperature and materials are all important. Your wine cellar should be aesthetically pleasing and should also be maintained at a cool temperature so that all your favourite wine is kept properly!

In order to have a perfect modern wine cellar, one of the most important choices you will make is how you want to store your wine! A perfect modern wine cellar should have sufficient storage to keep all of your best bottles off the ground! Popular choices may include wood and glass for this! Check out homify in order to find the best options for you!

Modern wine cellar ideas & inspiration

A wine cellar is one of the easiest rooms to think of ideas for, as storage is so important, this places a central role in your decisions! However, if you really do not know where to begin then you may find that homify are of great help! Here you can filter your results to make sure you are only looking at the pictures which suit you. There are many different wine cellar pictures and you can even filter the style. Better yet, it is possible to save your pictures to an ideabook so that they are all in one place for when you need them, you can even add text to help jog your memory!

However, there are also many other places in which you can find inspiration from wine shops to magazines and even friend’s homes. There are hundreds of beautiful wine cellars that you will come across once you start looking!

If you do not need a lot of space for storing alcohol in your house then there are other options you may want to explore, rather than creating a whole cellar. For example, in some cases a part of the kitchen can be converted into a wine storage space just by using different tiles or adding glass partitions and storage space. You may also find that in some cases a wine rack could be constructed in the centre of a dining room to serve the double purpose of becoming an attraction in the room and storing bottles.

How do I go about building a modern wine cellar?

Before you begin building your wine cellar, it is a good idea to make sure you know how you would like the finished room to look! Once you have a design or plan in place, then executing this should be fun and less stressful! If you do not have a creative mind, then you may consider hiring an interior architect as they will be able to make sure your wine cellar has the right amount of storage while ensuring it is also aesthetically pleasing.

One of the most important factors you should consider before you begin building your wine cellar is how you will control the temperature. It is important to have the facility of temperature control wherever the alcohol is stored. 

You may also want to consider speaking to a professional before you begin choosing materials for your wine cellar. Different options include stainless steel, wood or glass, but deciding which is right for you is important! The modern style works well with all of these choices!

Where can I find modern wine cellar ideas? 

There are many different places in which you can find modern wine cellar ideas. If the rest of your house is in the modern style, then keeping your cellar to this theme is a great idea. Having the same colours and choices throughout your home can mean it looks more professional. However, having a modern wine cellar in a country home may also add an interesting twist! When it comes to choosing wine cellar ideas, it is all about personal preference.

With homify you can find hundreds of modern ideas, from colours to materials. You should also consider talking to professional designers and interior decorators on the homify platform!

What walls and flooring should I choose for a modern wine cellar?

If you are hoping to create a modern feel in your wine cellar then, for walls, options such as stone or bare bricks are a great idea. You may also choose tiles; often darker colours work well here! Making sure you like your choice before you begin implementing it is important though!

For flooring in a modern wine cellar, using hardwood is a great idea. You will also find that other options such as stones or bricks work well too. A stone floor would be ideal from the point of view of maintenance. Make sure that you avoid a material which heats up easily - you should closely monitor the temperature in your wine cellar!

Are there any specific tips for decorating a wine cellar in modern style?

As the modern style can be very varied, there are many different tips and tricks which you could try. So long as you are true to your own personal tastes, then you will have a wine cellar which looks impressive!

If you are hoping to be able to show off your wine cellar then decorating options such as including a place to store glasses, interesting storage options, and impressive bottles, is a good idea. You can find many ideas on homify which can help you with designing this!

If you have enough space in your wine cellar, then the option of turning the entire area into a bar space where wine can be enjoyed with friends and family is a great idea.

If you do intend on using your wine cellar as a place to relax and drink wine, then choosing furniture for the room is a great idea. Options may include stools, a wooden or glass table, and shelves to store a collection of bar tools, glasses and other accessories which improve look of the cellar. For the modern style, wooden racks add a beautiful feel to a cellar and subtle lighting could heighten the experience of wine tasting!

How do I accessorize my modern wine cellar?

There are many ways in which you can accessorise your modern wine cellar. However, remember not to clutter the space as the wine should be the main focus!

Options for your modern wine cellar may include furniture, so you and your family can spend time drinking wine in comfort, or pictures and other smaller accessories. Ideas such as having pictures of famous alcohol brands or quirky wine bottles is an idea which could work well here. You may also consider using candles in your wine cellar as these can create a beautiful ambiance.

Other than small accessories, there is little your wine cellar should need other than storage for your wine! It is worth hiring an interior architect or designer if you do not know how to go about creating the wine cellar of your dreams! Wine holders in different shapes and sizes to store bottles are a great idea for the modern style.

What are the different styles of wine cellars?

The modern wine cellar is a great choice for those who have modern homes. If you create a modern wine cellar then you are likely to enjoy spending time in there! However, before you begin investing in your modern style, it is worth making sure that you have explored other options! You will find that the variety of designs is impressive and depending on your tastes and preferences it should not be hard to create the perfect space for you to enjoy your wine!

Rustic wine cellar style

A rustic wine cellar style could work beautifully in a large home. Having arched ceilings and doorways work perfectly here. A rustic style often creates a homely feel and so the use of warm colours, woods and comfortable chairs would mean spending hours here would be a great idea! Leaving your walls unpainted also works well to create a rustic cellar feel!

Minimalist wine cellar style

The minimalist style is becoming increasingly popular with home owners. In order to create a minimalist wine cellar, you should keep your choices of accessories to a minimum and choose neutral colours. Keeping everything simple is the best way to go! The focus of this design is to highlight the wine which is being stored in the room! Options such as glass fronted storage and light coloured furniture is a great way to implement this style. You can find many options for minimalist wine cellar styles on homify.

Eclectic cellar style

An eclectic wine cellar is a great way to combine different styles and colours in one place. It is a great way to bring out your own personal style as there are far fewer restrictions to create this look than with minimalism. The design of this room can be quirky and interesting from furniture to accessories, there are hundreds of different options. Colours may also be mixed and matched easily. Homeowners who follow this theme of design may choose garish or bright colour for their wine cellars rather than plain white and oak; which works well for the modern style.